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October 17, 2009
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Vita brevis breviter in brevi finietur,
Mors venit velociter quae neminem veretur,
Omnia mors perimit et nulli miseretur.
Ad mortem festinamus peccare desistamus.
Ni conversus fueris et sicut puer factus
Et vitam mutaveris in meliores actus,
Intrare non poteris regnum Dei beatus.
Ad mortem festinamus peccare desistamus.

Adding a list of shit I own, because I want to keep better track of it, but I'm leaving out all doujinshi, art books and similar stuff as it'd be too much to add. Everything is in Japanese.

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Pabloc | 04-05-14, 2:20 AM
Thanks man! Stuff stolen from children is the best. >:D

WStar | 02-20-14, 6:10 AM

Thanks matey, I hope we will be able somehow to celebrate our birthdays in next year in the same place \o/!

Eikiru | 02-16-14, 5:18 AM
Wow, that's really insightful, thank you very much! Hadn't considered starting off with doujinshi. Despite my preference being original stories only (and non-ero which is quite common in that scene)... making much more than a manga artist, that's quite enticing. However it's not my goal to cash some bucks as I do have a side job in mind which is not as time-demanding but profitable at the same time. Aim is really to get my stories published and communicate the messages I want to communicate on a broad range. But if I'm able to do that at the same time... Again, this is really useful and it's quality information I wouldn't have acquired so soon, and for that I am really grateful. I'll carry this in mind as I work on my manga.
I'm not so sure about comiket, since my work it's the kind that people wouldn't be looking for over there and it so does not fit with those two stores you highlighted. But still, can't disregard any information, I'll take all I can get.

Ah, if they hold such contests, those will work as great motivation to look forward to. I couldn't find Magajin's website though.

Thank you for your advice, I'd actually follow that route too if I hadn't established this one for me. Yours is really helpful but I guess I'm doing it the hard way hehe. But yeah, I won't shut off that doujinshi possibility as it might be fun in itself and most practical. For starters, what I need the most is to get this manga finished, further learn Japanese and a lot of research. This will be tough but such is life! Thank you!

Eikiru | 02-15-14, 7:00 AM
Bigger ones. The real deal. Yeah, I understand. Had in account as well so I'm approaching various people hoping to get lucky. If you can do that, I'll be very thankful! 頼むぜ!

Eikiru | 02-15-14, 1:59 AM
Well, too late to back out now It was just to know about manga contests around there and for when they'd be scheduled but as that would be too much of a hassle to you and in case you're not even willing to, I won't bother you anymore.
I'm still learning Japanese, for when I am there. Foolish, many can call me but it's either "with me or against me". We'll see in the bottom line.

Eikiru | 02-11-14, 8:41 AM Hello, pardon the randomness but are you really from Japan? There's an ordeal I'd like to carry out and would welcome a local for some guidance.

NightOfTheWolf | 05-07-13, 10:02 AM
Dear Azathoth,
I found you on the page of: Akame ga Kill!
I noticed you because of your interesting picture :)
Yours Sincerely,


NightOfTheWolf | 05-02-13, 10:00 AM
I want to thank you for.. Well, thanks to you I have found a fountain of awesomeness! (Yes I am talking about all the manga's you have read or are reading). So: thank you!
Yours Sincerely,


WStar | 06-26-12, 9:00 AM
Happy birthday mate \o.

Genzai-Sensei | 05-25-12, 9:20 PM
you still get on?

Hajin | 01-23-12, 12:07 PM
Thank you for working on translating Rance Quest. I love Alice Soft games especial the Rance games and wouldn't be able to play them if it weren't for people like you. So, thank you very much.

WStar | 01-02-12, 4:15 PM
I totally don't want to make it harder for you but that's actually the way I'm responding to your posts since the beginning of our dialogue. This way I can keep track of what topic I'm exactly responding to and I avoid getting lost in our post by highlighting the current thought in text. It's really making answering really easier.

At that presentation you just had to make it about every topic you wanted to talk about so it was pretty easy as everybody were going for topics they were quite knowledgeable about. I did presentation about attractions at Polish anime and manga conventions and as I were at quite a few of them I do know a bit about them so it was easy to talk and resist urge to just say the same things in my native language. And btw. the points were given for sticking to the exact points of presentation - I mean you were given one point for using some linking expressions (like "and now I will come to the next topic which is...") and etc. so if you just learned this kind of thing you will score even higher than me. I just use them occassionally and forgot to use it more than as per usual so my teacher took 1 or 2 points from me. Whatever :D. But yeah, I pretty much agree with you about oral skills. Sometimes my mouth become very relaxed and I can talk without stuttering for long time and sometime I just don't seem to be able to have a proper talk and can't even start it. That kinda suck but it happens too.

There are also these kind of series when you just want to get to know more and they are kinda getting hype high enough to start becoming topic of conversation with other people. I mean, when Madoka was aired I talked about it with my friedns a lot and we had different views on it and on in which way will it end. There aren't many titles like this though, and that's a shame since it will be fun to talk about something interesting once again. I also had a friend who can watch whole 25 episode anime within one night and he actually find it very fun. I almost never were able to do this kind of marathon, though I had spent several hours on single VN when I got into it (for example in Heaven's Feel route of FSN).

I didn't exactly mean that you're going only into shaping your muscles to look fine but you know, sometimes it just happens. Muscle are developing when using them so it's normal for them to change their shape and start to look different than before. I don't exactly think that it's a bad thing, though there are people who think that the shape is what matter. You probably did see some pictures of people who overused "certain" substances which were supposed to make their muscles bigger. Deformed muscle definately doesn't look good. That's just disgusting and I still can't understand why some people are treating them as their biggest treasure. And as for PE - I loved it. I mean, while I was in school I loved when we were playing football or volleyball and other boys were always trying to get our teacher to allow us to play whole lesson. At uni it changed significantly - people here don't want to play anything, they just want to sit and do nothing through whole 1,5h. That's not exactly how I roll.

I'll sure ask you if I got hard moments anywhere in my story. Truth be told it's more of a comedy/sport story with some dramatic elements - it tells the story of young prodigy football coach who enroll in one of the richest school in Japan/Poland (didn't quite decide where will it happen, have to clarify that soon) and while being regular student he also become coach of a girl football team. Best comparison would be probably made by comparing it to some KEY's VN though of course I won't compete with them in terms of quality. I'm still learning how to write properly, cause I have a tendency to write long descriptions of things done by protagonist and it isn't exactly good for story as it happen to become boring because of that. Still, right now I have something along 150 pages of text, 7 choices by now, 3 heroines, 4 routes and probably something along 8 endings (2 endings for every girl - bad and good, 2 endings for "team route"). It's steadily progressing though it won't be anything soon when we will end it. My 150 pages of text aren't even proper beginning of game (it can be considered as a "chapter 1" of story) so you know. But yes, I'll talk with you if will come across any troubling issue so be prepared :D.

Let's say - if you spend all of your time on, for example, studying beetles anatomy and end up working as a car mechanic than of course - time spent on learning things about these animals would go to waste. Still people gather many data into their brains and then this data is kinda sticked to their brains so it could help you in any strange way. Of course, there also might be a data which you won't use throughout your whole life but well, it can't be helped. Still, of course I agree with you completely on topic of using your time to study things which will be more useful for you. If you have same means, you have the will and you actually can do both of things you would obviously go with the thing you find more useful. That's totally normal nad logical so I can't disagree with you :D.

Well, I didn't describe it since I thought you might get bored by it but if you want I can share some details with you:

Phew, that's all about boring stuff :D.

Well, I think we kinda agree on that stuff. But it'd be great if he would damage her in any way before going completely nuts - I obviously don't mean that he will kill her or anything, something more like a slap to her face or something like that. You know, this kind of childish behaviour when he won't know what to do and she will still getting closer to him. And well, struggling while being a god would be quite interesting. I mean, yes suicide is not possible but can god be hurt? I mean, physically? Would he want to do some pain to himself as a kind of punishment? And you know there is still Murumuru around there. I don't really know what person she really is. Would she try to help him? She was kinda eager to see him in action after all these year that went by while he was sitting in that white sphere. I mean, wouldn't it be fun if she was kinda badguy here? Like, she would be telling him what to do to make people more "human" and it will only make the matter worse? Maybe she will be in for taking his power from him and destroying him? Who would stop here where there's no Yuno around?

Another agree from me - I'd like to see it. His raw power and his futile efforts to make something decent out of this. And then he obviously is going to fail at that. And you know, that whole AI bussiness might be similiar to differnt OS'. Like, normal people had Windows and he made Linux or something. Similar functions but still this and that are different things. Not like he would be able to think about something like that anyway ;).

No problem at all, I didn't have time to reread those chapters too so I won't say anything new about that too xD.

Okay, you convinced me. I don't know when but I'll play that game. Gonna put it on my phone in Notes section to not forget about that. Vampyres are nowadays so... Ahhh, I won't even say anything about them. All of these Twilight's and other stuff is just to much for me. People going crazy about shining *pika pika* vampyres who didn't even stay near real vampyres. Even though I hate horror I'm no fool to like something like this. So yes, I'll play that game you have mentioned, only if for relieving my stress connected to Twilight.

Damn, I must've got it wrong then. But still I'm going to read what you had recommened me. And I know, this kind of stuff is quite pricey so I will wait some time to gather fund and then maybe I'll order something decent. I totally don't want to spent any money on some chinese fake figurines so I'll have to think about every purchase for a long time before making deal.

And you're looking for "absurdres" right? Dunno if it will help you but I there's whole tag for this kind of pictures, for example at Danbooru. And there are some decent pictures there, though I don't exactly know what you'll searching for so you'll have to look at it yourself or show me some example :D.

I'm sharing flat with 2 other guys, though I had my own room, quite spacious, not exactly large but still it's enough to feel good in it. Currently I have one big, dunno how to call it exactly... let's say poster from Lucky Star on my door and some posters prepared to be hang on walls and I'm hiding Flandre's Dakimakura in my room :D. That's pretty much all.

Pabloc | 12-30-11, 5:44 PM
As far as I know, max level is 100. I'm not sure though, I don't have my older characters (I only have lvl 78 Necro right now). As for interesting stuff, in every act there's at least one special dungeon with much stronger monsters and better loot (similar to the cow level in vanilla, only harder). They can be quite a challenge if you visit them too early. In Act 5 there's especially big and hard multi-level dungeon (Naraku), it's fun even on normal. I like Ghost Farm in Act 2 as well, horde of Ghost Cows is a funny sight (until they surround you, then it's less funny).

When it comes to additional cube recipes (forging, crafting, D-stoning, tinkering etc.), you gradually find better and better materials as you progress, so there's no real milestone here as well. Even at the very beginning you can create some useful stuff.

The real challenge starts on Hell difficulty. Monsters are much tougher and immune to at least 2 types of damage (physical immunities as well), they pack a punch and your resistances are significantly lowered. Without a very good gear, further upgraded with a cube, even a strong character won't last 5 sec. But you still have a few levels to gain, so it's not a WoW kind of real start.

That's what that I liked the most about ES - there's no point where it gets too easy. Even if you don't have any problems in normal areas, there are many special dungeons that are still challenging. Finishing Naraku on Hell is quite an achievement (I didn't reach it in this playthrough yet).

On a final note, make sure to visit, if you didn't already. There's all ES info you may ever need.

As for ruining my sleep today, I took care of it already. I decided to finally check out Minecraft, and as I like sandboxes, this will be a looong night. :D

Pabloc | 12-30-11, 11:41 AM
Damn you Aza, I slept a whole 4 hours today and it's all your fault. Not only you inspired me to read a manga that proved to be a bit too entertaining to put away, but also made me curious if you can reset stats in D2. And when I started it, it would be a shame not to run around a bit (totally forgetting about the stats thingy naturally). So I ended up going to sleep at 3am, being half asleep at work (fortunately I didn't have anything serious to do and finished early), and falling asleep for 3h as soon as I returned home.
It was totally worth it though. :D

I liked Tetragrammaton Labyrinth a lot. It had an awesome loli, shoujo-ai, gore & guro, rather interesting characters and nice fight scenes. The only serious flaw was the plot - some chapters aside, it was predictable and generic, and the ending lacked a serious emotional impact. Well, it was an action oriented manga, so it wasn't a great problem, but still I'd like a bit more complicated storyline. It could have some explicit yuri sex more focus on relationship between two main heroines too. Also, gore/guro is perfectly fine, but they were hurting poor, cute lolis a bit too much there. :P
Plot is usually the most important thing for me (H-mangas aside, of course), so I'm kinda surprised that I enjoyed this manga that much. Oh well, it's a good surprise. ^^

Pabloc | 12-29-11, 3:04 PM
That's good to know. I'll probably check some basic rules beforehand, to have a basic idea what is going on. Oh, and I learned most stuff I know about baseball from Little Busters, just a while ago, so I know what you mean.

Yes, it's Refrain from LB. But there's no need to feel bad, after all I'll be spending this time in a yuri world, so it's all good. ^^
Or very good actually, since TL is much better than I expected. While the plot sure is generic as hell so far, it's at least well executed. The loli is absolutely awesome (candidate for my favorite character), there are nice yuri vibes between her and the nun and the biggest surprise - a good amount of gore. Severed limbs, head, intestines and stuff. I just finished 2nd chapter, and it already steps into the guro territory. Very promising, I'll write my impressions when I finish it, probably tomorrow. Damn! Now, how am I supposed to got to sleep early enough to be in work on time?!

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