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09-21-13, 3:04 PM
October 15, 1991
July 20, 2008
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i Fight For My Friends and Family Till The Day i die
i like to relax on a nice grass in a beautiful place close my eye and smell the lovely air while listen to some calm song~
if you got issues with me GTFO DIPSHIT! AND YES I HAVE issues...not.
Oh no, they be hating me, Cause im glamorous haters make me famous

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Hiiragi9 | 07-04-09, 8:08 PM
yo, slacker, u aren't updating ur list XD

oa | 05-24-09, 5:19 AM
how foolish O__O
maybe they're thinking those fillers are great and interesting? xD

oa | 05-23-09, 2:59 PM
So in Naruto now are fillers? xD Omg xD it's worse than everything :D But cover of Bleach are... boring too :D
why cannot they make anime without fillers? O.o

oa | 05-23-09, 1:39 PM
it's very easy to see that :D
aha ahah xD
So.. Sakura is similar to Lenalee too xD Weird, I like Sakura, but I don'tlike Lenalee... weird~ xD
But right, Bleach is much better than Naruto :D Who cares, I'm now on fillers and it's totally boring O__O

oa | 05-23-09, 11:23 AM
noobie? why? XD (my fav question - why xD)
but you're right, it's really annoying O__O I don't like it too, even Sakura is better than Naruto xD
But it's long anime, so we know, he'll be Hokage O__O

oa | 05-23-09, 11:15 AM
Ok, so now you're king xD
Naruto? why? :D For me Naruto is worse than Lenalee (weird, ne? xD)

oa | 05-23-09, 11:11 AM
why? :D You like this name? xD
Lenalee.. hm.. she cries a lot and screams all the time, ok, she's brave, but... I still don't like her :D and rest have to think about her, not about how to win or something else :3

oa | 05-23-09, 11:06 AM
King's King ahahah :D
Yeah, lucky you :D Canada <3 :D
Allen is great :D I love him, but I prefer Lavi, ok, sometimes I even can't choose better one :D I love both :D
But.. I don't like Lenalee :3

oa | 05-23-09, 10:57 AM
where are you living? :D
Kang.. It's similar to King :D nice too meet you too ^^ I'm Aneta ^_^
Yes, it's bad, I wanna new season :D But good, there's still manga, which is amazing :3
Who's your fav character? :D

oa | 05-23-09, 2:02 AM
Hey ^^
thx for the friend request :D but I'm going to accept that, after I get to know you much better ^^
So... what's your name? xD
anyway, I see you have DGM in you fav *.*

Grace96 | 01-08-09, 11:15 PM
WoOoW ,, cool picture .. i like lelouch ^^

MhITe | 12-30-08, 10:44 AM
oh thx for ad me ;D whats up ?? ^^

GREW | 12-29-08, 12:59 PM

I am fine too.

GREW | 12-28-08, 2:47 AM

And you are?

pavyisku | 11-18-08, 12:12 PM

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