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Days: 106.2
Mean Score: 8.85
  • Total Entries150
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  • Episodes6,651
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Jan 2, 2:10 AM
Watching 5/25 · Scored 9
SKET Dance
SKET Dance
Jan 7, 2015 5:09 AM
Completed 77/77 · Scored 10
Golden Time
Golden Time
Jan 30, 2014 1:36 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 4.8
Mean Score: 8.75
  • Total Entries36
  • Reread12
  • Chapters415
  • Volumes71
Manga History Last Manga Updates
SKET Dance
SKET Dance
Jan 7, 2015 5:06 AM
Reading -/288 · Scored 10
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Feb 9, 2014 10:21 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Kono Mama ja Dame Mitai desu
Kono Mama ja Dame Mitai desu
Dec 11, 2012 12:38 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored -


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blueunicorns Jun 13, 3:00 AM

Taker6898 May 23, 6:31 PM
Atsu-chan!!! :o
Hime-sama May 7, 10:05 AM

AngelHana May 5, 7:16 AM

BunnyAyuki Apr 13, 11:46 PM
Hi Atsu-Chan! Have you finished some or all of the omcs and ombs? I'm asking because I wasn't sure if you sent my card and badge to me and I didn't see my name on any of the cards and badges when I looked for mine.
MomoKumon Mar 26, 2:35 PM
well. good to hear that. we have no need to reply to every comment tho.
if u find it unnecessary. or dont have anything to talk about.
i stopped commenting on hana-san after knowing she's really busy with the other stuff. its for betterment.
Syphora Mar 25, 3:51 PM
Haha well thank goodness there are always alternative ways. Do you have any interest in visual novels/light novels?
Whaatt why is it only in Chinese DD: what languages do you speak/understand?
Oh really? >< not even action huh... I suppose it's not for everyone but it's crazy how can she stick with one genre.
Oooh owo I'm interested to see how it will turn out!
Aww.. I hope you'll be okay ;A; sounds like it's something very serious.. did you not know the food was poisonous? ><
Lol oh that's good! So you got a new doctor now then?
Hehe that will be exciting tho c: it's in the summer time so you'll be able to go out lots :p Do you have your own car?
That'd be nice if they did hehe.. so many exciting things happening! It's definitely no fun to be reading textbooks all the time = =
Ah so like backup plans? Wow so much and they're all different from each other @-@. I know a lot of ppl going into computer science~ I definitely could never do it haha. It looks so difficult. What made you interested in it? :o I feel like you can combine graphics and computer science together too.. like you could go to graphics within computer science, maybe?
Yeah that's horrible ><..I would want to die as well. I dunno how you got through it but you're a tough cookie c; the good part is it's over now and at least with college you can choose your own schedule ^^
I get lots of rain here tho D:

AngelHana Mar 25, 5:49 AM
no prob.

la.. hahaha.
x de la. x keje pon. Just pergi kelas seni and kelas memandu je la (also kalau ade volunteering event, kadang2 join gak)
AngelHana Mar 25, 4:49 AM
oh okay :)

skrang tgh buat ape sepanjang tunggu result UPU keluar? keje ke?
MomoKumon Mar 20, 3:33 PM
HAHA its kinda bad of me to bear negative thought on what had happened to you D: glad that you are fine :3
I dont intend to ask the result anyway. just keep it private. either good or bad it wont decide our future. stay cheers XD
theres no need to rush to reply me tho. put your own life ahead. this MAL is just a virtual stop for fun.
who know when i will leaving soon too. ahha
well. my lil bro pick the same course too. but he started 2 years back. just pick whatever course which befit, not ur result, but yourself. :)
AngelHana Mar 19, 8:19 AM
your most welcome :)
haha takpe. sibuk eh? Nak saya letak on hiatus ke?
Syphora Mar 18, 3:45 AM
I'm the same as you. Don't really like reading stuff through screens. I prefer to have a hard copy but it is more convenient to read online. Really? That's so sad :( did you try other cities?
As a good friend should be ^^ Only those? O__O; Wow... what if she runs out? xD ah, are you liking it? c; I haven't watched that.
Hehe I know. It's such a nice color x) Perhaps do it based off another char or favorite anime?
I suppose the heat just made you feel sick then from lack of water? Oh? Was it that bad? >< What if it was just like a simple brush as in an accident.. I'm sure your touch didn't linger or anything, at least I hope not cause that'd be pretty awkward.
Driving in the heat :/ that'll be fun.. gl with that! Hopefully you pass :D
I'm sure they will call soon, just gotta give it time. In the mean time, at least you can relax~ What are you gonna study?
Only one class per day in high school or was there more? lool just imagine if you had to wake up earlier :P Over here, we had to take 6 classes per day and I woke up at like 6am. It was terrible :L sleeping too long isn't too bad tho right? There are some cons to it but it usually leaves me feeling refreshed when I wake up. -super lazy mode- lol.
Haha yeah. We're on opposite sides of the world :c and how long does that last? :o

Syphora Mar 18, 1:57 AM
Oh that must take a while :( Do you like reading manga? That's always an alternative >u<
How nice of your friend c: it looks like it's been a long time since you last watched ;w;
Oooh how nice! My favorite color is purple too ^.^ well that's good, it matches Kyouko afterall~
Awhh.. did you have a fainting episode or something? :/ I hope you're doing better now.. Yes pls be sure to drink lots but not too much. You can overdo it too xD
No college right now? :o Or maybe it's diff in your country. And how was high school for you? ^^ Must be nice to finally be done with it heh. Probably the aftereffects of your school work + the heat.
Oh Malaysia.. so far :o Is it always that hot there? I'm from U.S.~

Syphora Mar 18, 1:15 AM
Yw once again c: you spent a lot of time on it too. Such dedication x)
Ahh so I guess you can't watch much right now? Do you stream or download? I hope you're able to watch more eventually. It's a really great series ^^
Yeah the color and her setup is really nice ^__^ is red your favorite color? Or maybe a different color? I think you could really like her for her personality too once you see more of her hehe.
Oh most definitely. The heat can do that to you.. really hot weather is the worse. Whenever it gets really hot here I just wanna laze around all day. If you have other stuff, like school or work, that could make you feel lazy as well ;w; Which country are you in if you don't mind me asking?

I'm doing alright, just a bit hungry right now xD