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December 10, 1991
Nokkyu Ishikawa
December 30, 2008
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Time (Days) 60.9
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I should probably come up with a better description sometime soon.

Okay, you might notice that my scores on MAL might be much lower than what everyone else does. This is because personally, I utilize a 6-tier rating system that best suits my personal tastes and opinion on a particular show. The ratings are as follows from worst to best: SHIT, Barely Passable, Passable, Decent, Great, AWESOME. Both extreme ends of the spectrum are particularly hard to come by, so very rarely will you actually see a 1 on a list (to be expected by anyone) OR a 10 on my list (which, in my opinion, has become very subjective among people that watch anime and rate it on MAL).

The following ratings on MAL correspond to the aforementioned ratings:

1 - SHIT. Chances are that you'll only see this rating on a dropped anime. It also has to be really (and I mean noticeably and blatantly) bad in my eyes for it to get this rating.

2-3 - Barely passable. Like the above, except for the part where I manage to hold off for as long as I possibly can. Some anime that people mass-decry over may have a chance of being in this tier if I ever lay my eyes upon it.

4-5 - Passable. A sort of middle ground, if you will. Usually, things will be rather meh in my book, but if I can get through it despite all of its flaws and whatnot, it'll be placed here.

6-7 - Decent. Where most things that I personally enjoyed go. If I like a show for what it is despite its flaws, it'll end up here. The only difference between this and Passable is that I also enjoyed the show for a good portion of its run.

8 - Great. Where most of what people on MAL would consider a high 9 (or a 10 if someone's 10-happy). These series will have a place in my heart for some time, but may be somewhat overshadowed by other shows from time to time. If I keep some photo memorabilia of it and come back to it often, chances are it'll fall here.

9 - Great (with potential of being AWESOME). Same as above, but this rating also serves to mark honorable candidates to be rated AWESOME.

10 - AWESOME. Like how SHIT has to be noticeably and blatantly bad, AWESOME has to be very consistent and shining with brilliance in my mind. Seeing a 10 on my list is an achievement in and of itself. If something consistently has a place in my heart with no chance of fading away anytime soon, chances are, with careful consideration, it will end up here.

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