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February 12, 1991
Edinboro, Pennsylvania
June 30, 2008
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Fav anime : Fate/Zero

Fav manga: One Piece, Genshiken

Fav video games: Final Fantasy IX, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, Mass Effect 3, Katawa Shoujo, Bastion

Blazblue CSII
Main: Ragna the Bloodedge
Sub: Tsubaki Yayoi

Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012
Main: Sakura
Sub: Ryu

UMvC 3: Frank West, Dr. Doom, Nemesis

Guilty Gear XX: AC+
Main: Order Sol
Sub: Sol Badguy

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kukimunstir | 08-03-14, 7:09 AM
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Cersei | 03-10-14, 10:16 AM
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Legomancer | 10-08-12, 11:30 AM

FemStef | 08-10-12, 10:15 PM
Once I, officially, get back from camping I'll finish the first season and let you know, then. c:

FemStef | 08-07-12, 12:49 PM
It's cute so far, I'll let you know (for sure) as soon as I finish it. I would say yes, if not for the fact that it's pretty and I'm a sucker for"girl-bonding/friendship" in shows. xD There's a decent amount of stuff has yet to truely be explained, but they're slowly revealing things. So, from what I have seen, I'd watch it. Hell, it's only twelve episodes anywho. You can take it out in a sic hour burst. :3

FemStef | 06-16-12, 1:19 PM
Yes'sir! I'm starting to read the manga, so I'm following along on both ends. c:

Aquastriker313 | 03-16-12, 8:54 AM
Hello Justin

Sangaz | 01-27-12, 12:55 AM
Had to think for a sec, and then there it was sitting in my downloads folder.

I think I grabbed it after a sankaku article on it. Haven't playe dit yet though. Still making my way through Steins;gate and Fate/Hollow Ataraxia and Kagetsu Tohya vn's atm.

Sangaz | 01-17-12, 11:03 AM
I love danshi nichijou. It's gintama in school. Proper had me in stitches with the fujoshi at the end of ep 1.

Sangaz | 01-15-12, 1:27 AM
When you get around to watching it, Nisemonogatari is a delicous feast.

Sangaz | 12-30-11, 6:52 AM
Aye, Rider is gunna be epic when the 2nd season kicks off.
I'm hoping that the series brings a bit more publicity for itself in the west. Some publisher needs to pick up the novels and get them released in english.

Sangaz | 11-09-11, 4:42 AM
I've got Skyrim preordered on Amazon ready for Friday, too. Probably have finished dark souls by then though.

Sangaz | 11-08-11, 6:21 PM
Hardcore game, mate.

I've still managed to keep up with a few. Aside from the obvious F/Z, I'm loving Hananai for it's chara design and supreme fan service, It's filled in the hole that was left when Mayo Chiki ended.

Guilty Crown turned out really good too. noitamina slot ftw.
S2 of Working is just as fun as the 1st, too.

Sangaz | 11-08-11, 6:09 AM
aye, Only saw the intro to ep 2 so far, but I was glad to here it :o
Been jugling the new anime season, disgaea 4 and dark souls, so P4 is one of the ones I'm well behind on atm.

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