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Just as an experiment, I DO accept random friend requests! so there!! Actually I just ran into a lot o people that say they don't because they got to many, and I haven't gotten very many... :P Although, if you're too weird, then I might not add you... because that would just be weird... And, don't expect me to randomly request you... because I don't...

Some legit rules I got from SPARTAN-008 (if you're easily offended, don't read it, but it's not anything outrageously terrible)

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lolitaorcalover6 | 02-20-15, 10:35 PM
hi want to be friends i love clannad

Sheia | 10-19-12, 2:09 AM

inn0centdem0n | 01-13-12, 9:32 AM

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chiliguerrero | 07-10-11, 1:59 PM
Unfortunately, not well :( I've been too busy to get into anything. I started the new Blood series, though. But, I didn't realize it's a remake and not a continuation D: I've been too busy with my night shift job at the airport and my day time studying for flight school. You have any recommendations for maybe a short short series or a movie worth watching?

animefan2929 | 07-06-11, 10:52 PM

chiliguerrero | 05-18-11, 9:42 PM
Hey you! How was the convention-thing you invited me to? Did you end up going?

AngelRaf | 07-24-10, 11:30 AM
Mass Message From Cutest Girls of Anime

Because Mass Messages don't work,there is no other way to tell you this than posting to everybody's profile.(Maybe this time all members vote,that whould be amazaing).
Yeah all +1000 members xP Its simple copy/paste.

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Otaku14 | 07-10-10, 5:05 PM
I know I rly do

otaku_Life | 06-21-10, 2:56 PM
Would you like to Affiliate w/ my club?

kentanaka00 | 06-21-10, 8:37 AM
With the net, it feels like you're browsing only for mere seconds, but then you realize that it has been for hours already, right? You have experienced that? :P

kentanaka00 | 06-21-10, 8:36 AM
Ahahaha, the internet offers a lot of things to you. :)) I understand.
It's like a universe of its own with plenty of categories. >.>
Well, you know what they say,

"I love DOGS!"

Wait, that can't be right. XD

I mean, "Anything is possible."

With the net, anything is possible. I wonder if time travel applies to that. :)) =))

kentanaka00 | 06-17-10, 6:46 AM
Oh? Well, at least you had a valid reason. I had the worst reason on not fully watching it...

(the CD was broken at the end so I don't know its ending) >.> crap. :( -sigh-

Oh, Donnie Darko, eh? Jake is there and Drew Barrymore. I see. It's also about some visions of time travel. A bit darker, eh? I'm not really a fan of dark films or dark animes but I can go through with it. :D I'll try to look it up.

And yep, that's the impact of Higurashi for yah. I watched a couple of eps on it and I was shocked, seeing as I am new to the anime world--I never thought something like this could exist. :D
And, you watch at your school???

kentanaka00 | 06-16-10, 1:38 AM
How about the Girl Who Leapt Through Time? Have you seen that? ^_^
It's a pretty good anime which talks about time traveling. :D
Well, not actually talk but mainly about time traveling. I liked it a lot.

Oh and yeah, Higurashi no Naku koro is an A-OKAY Anime...with the gore, violence of cute girls *shivers* or something like that. :P It's fairly unique considering those "cute" girls would turn out to be cold-blooded killers. :P

kentanaka00 | 06-15-10, 8:41 AM
Yoh! Very sorry for the late reply. Apparently, school started today, June 15. -sigh- Yayz... school ... DAYS!!!! >.> again... IN REAL LIFE... shimatta... >.>
Still, that show... you're totally right. They were so out of character from the initial impressions that they showed. I mean, the male character there in the beginning was this innocent young man who was interested in a girl he kept meeting on the train when he goes to school. Then, it turned deeper when his best friend (the other girl) -keeps forgetting their names- helps him to get her attention for him.

I think it was those two brats' faults for having so much lust... gad... don't they have the decency of being a human!? I even heard the ending was so horrible...

And if you ask that I may continue it, I dunno. probably in the DISTANT future. :D XD You must be psychologically prepared for something like that.

Oh and what are those animes that your friends tell yah to watch? Oh are you interested in time travel and stuff like that? Sci-fi? ^_^

kentanaka00 | 06-11-10, 11:26 AM
You too stopped at ep 6? Wow, what a coincidence. I just couldn't stand that anime. TOO MUCH LUST. :(

The guy was clearly a womanizer. And I heard that the ending is not good. It sucks big time. Good thing we both stopped it at the middle. :P Though, do you plan on trying to continue school days in the future?

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