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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch add
Ga-Rei: Zero
Ga-Rei: Zero add
Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied add
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season add
Tsubasa Chronicle
Tsubasa Chronicle add

Favorite Manga
Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally
Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally add
Ningen Kyoki Katsuo!
Ningen Kyoki Katsuo! add

Favorite Characters
Lamperouge, Lelouch
Tsuchimiya, Kagura
Kururugi, Suzaku
Fai D.
Flourite, Fai D.
Shimizu, Raimei
Alstreim, Anya
Peries, Soma

Favorite People
Bosch, Johnny Yong
Bosch, Johnny Yong
Okamura, Tensai
Okamura, Tensai
Taniguchi, Goro
Taniguchi, Goro
Kanbe, Mamoru
Kanbe, Mamoru
Kato, Toshiyuki
Kato, Toshiyuki
Aoki, Ei
Aoki, Ei

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So after a short hiatus I'm back to reviewing. Look up my review section in my profile to see my reviews as well as what will be reviewed next.

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jejehartadi | 06-10-14, 6:25 PM
Thx :)

Pain_is_love | 01-18-14, 7:34 PM
LOL you got your wish in number 8 in your anime wish list, aka. Ore Imo.

Random commenting just because I am flipping through my message board on my profile like one and half year ago lulz.

cyclone1993 | 01-05-14, 1:05 PM
I'm actually really enjoying Gundam Seed so far. But, one thing I've noticed about a lot of mecha anime, the first few episodes are rather confusing and chaotic. It takes a little while before you can get immersed in it. But, I'm really enjoying it so far! Heck, I won a contest a little while ago, and the prize was a Strike Gundam Model which I just put together the other day as well, I wanted to have watched part of the show before I started building it!

Code Geass is something I definitely want to watch in the near future, whenever I can get a chance! I'd also like to start Buddy Complex, but I'm going to let it build up some more episodes before I dive into it. But, it looks like it can be enjoyable!

cyclone1993 | 12-31-13, 1:05 AM
Yeah it definitely sounds like something I would enjoy from what I know about it!

That's an interesting way to think about it! It didn't occur to me to look at it that way. Though I tend to prefer mecha series that were made from the early 2000's on, as opposed to 80's and 90's anime.

I've said before that I would never really consider myself a mecha fan. I watched a lot of anime, and before I knew it I was watching quite a bit of mecha. But I wasn't sure if it was because what I was watching was an exception or the rule.

My first mecha anime was Eureka Seven, and I completely fell in love with it! Heck, I've almost watched it 4 times xD Then after learning about the studio who made Eureka Seven, Studio BONES, I wanted to watch more of their shows. Turns out they made quite a bit of mecha, and the ones I've watched from them have been really enjoyable. Then I decided recently to watch a sort of more traditional mecha anime, and settled on Valvrave, and I loved it!

My love for mecha isn't necessarily in the mechs themselves, it seems to be more about the plots that the genre has, the characters, and the like. But, if the mechs look cool, then I'm in even more!

cyclone1993 | 12-29-13, 3:18 PM
Thanks! I'm interested in finding more Mecha series! I just need to buckle down and watch more. Code Geass is a definite watch for me though, hopefully soon too!

cyclone1993 | 12-26-13, 10:08 AM
I wouldn't really say I'm new to it, but I am certainly delving into it more! Eureka Seven is my favorite anime after all! I've also enjoyed RahXephon, Evangelion, Star Driver, and especially VALVRAVE! Depending on how that one ends, it might become one of my favorites too!

I do plan on checking out a Gundam series in the near future, I'm thinking SEED...

ryugan | 12-04-13, 3:41 PM
Hi I accidentaly rated your digimon review not helpful by misclicking. Cant seem to undo it, thought u should know I didnt mean it :)

Toddler_Naruto | 11-26-13, 7:44 AM
No worries, I'll just move our convo to AnimeNation, expect a reply soonish.

Toddler_Naruto | 11-20-13, 11:59 PM
*pokes* why'd you stop replying back? Should I be messaging you on AnimeNation instead? xD

Toddler_Naruto | 10-08-13, 12:38 AM
That's a shame, from what I can remember, I loved D.Gray-Man. I might just have to watch Episodes 52-103 fansubbed. (I'll still watch 27-51 dub only though)

Yeah I know, I've already seen all 79 Xros Wars episodes fansubbed (RyRo & WildBunch). I'll still completely watch the dub though.

Toddler_Naruto | 10-08-13, 12:23 AM
I stopped watching D.Gray-Man after Episode 26 (Season 1 Part 2), still hoping Episodes 52-103 will get R1 release.

Yeah, Saban is dubbing Xros Wars (they also dubbed Seasons 1-4 I think).

Toddler_Naruto | 10-07-13, 2:12 AM
Hi friend, it's been awhile. What have you been up to lately?

I'm watching Tower of Druaga and I'm also playing Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3).

g7reyes | 07-23-13, 10:46 PM
Hey man I just read your clannad after story review and while it was good review, I can't help but disagree with you a little. My main concern is over your main concern concerning :p the ending. now you say that it would have been much better if it would have just ended with tomoya raising his daughter. This would have been a good and realistic ending, however, I feel as though it would be a story that is too simplistic, at least in comparison to what we got. think about it, a story about someone that loses his wife and has to get over it to raise his child. Doesn't sound very original now does it?

what we got is something that allows us to explore many different real life themes and gives a lot of room for interpretation. remember, the fantastical elements were thrown at us throughout pretty much the whole show and were often discussed and hinted at. I don't see why you wouldn't expect something of the sort(no offense). If you have the time, please check out these two links to see if you can understand where I am coming from a little bit better.

The first link serves to explain the ending and any confusion about the show. Hopefully you can understand how it adds more depth to the story.

The second link gives a different outlook on the story and ending of clannad and shows why the ending is justified in his opinion.

in my opinion, one of the things that made this story so great was the ending. If it wasn't for the ending, i would have just considered this an average and easily forgettable slice of life story.

I hope you are not offended by any of this, I am only trying to show you how I feel about this story.

MentalSyndrome | 07-23-13, 10:44 PM
Wonderful After Story review. Albeit probably not to the site's likings due to spoilers, I completely agree with it being extremely difficult to review without such information.

I guess the last bit on the ending is all up to individual opinions. Personally, it didn't bother me nearly as much, probably because I was still crying my heart out when that scene came, that there was the Disney-esque happy ending. For me, it allowed some mending of my shattered emotions so I wasn't left a total and utter mess after finishing the show. But I can easily see where it can be taken as off-putting, since so much effort went into creating the beautifully tragic tale of Tomoya and his brief family.

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