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10-16-13, 12:16 AM
May 14, 1990
January 7, 2008
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DeadlyBoredom | 11-14-10, 4:50 PM
.....omfg NANAYA!!!

ShikiNanaya | 03-29-10, 7:28 AM
common Nanaya fan yay

Danie | 05-21-09, 5:47 PM
I get distracted way too easily to watch it non-stop. x) There has been a couple weeks where all I did was watch, but then I get caught up in homework/life for a couple weeks. x.x I started slacking on this season's, but I'm trying to at least keep up with those.

Danie | 05-21-09, 12:10 AM
Wow, really? :o There isn't much I haven't added, but then again I've only been watching anime actively for about a year.

Danie | 05-20-09, 1:53 AM
Anime compatibility with Anti-Existence is:
Amazingly High

Woah @.@ One of the highest I've seen. /random.

AA | 05-14-09, 9:29 PM
Cool profile and impressive stats
You look like you would be a good member for my anime site, we might even need some staff later too

There’s lots of anime chat, RPG. Art cosplay, members drawings and writing, manga, and downloads.
every one is friendly and will want to chat with you. If that’s what you want.
There is even a forum to do whatever you want

Kee-chan | 05-09-09, 11:09 PM
Hey, brother!

Sorry it's been a while. I haven't even been online for most of the past week (just a lot of stress going on in too many facets to deal with AND deal with online personalities, y'know?). I do hope everything is well.

Just dropping ya a line while I'm up and unable to sleep. A little too excited for my own good over the Crispin Freeman hosted VA workshop tomorrow! ^_^d

Hopefully, I'll be able to snap some pics to send your way.

Take care in the meantime, and keep in touch. Be talking to ya later!


Azureyazoo | 04-09-09, 11:31 AM
Oh god, plus I changed it again to the other Dark Sakura pic I had.

Azureyazoo | 04-09-09, 10:56 AM
Look at that we did join on the same day.

Azureyazoo | 04-09-09, 10:55 AM
I had a better picture but it would upload though and this one took like 2 days to finally appear.

Kee-chan | 04-01-09, 11:19 PM

Nevermind, lil'bro.

I'm not sure if my going to the link the character provided and requesting it be "removed" is what made a difference or not, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore.


Anyway, I hope all has been well for ya. I'll be sure to get back online sometime soon and talk a bit in the next few days. And for sure before my trip to NY.


Kee-chan | 04-01-09, 5:45 PM
Dude! WTF?!

Naruto got added to my list of favorite characters, and it sure as shit wasn't added by me...

I even went to try editing it to remove the fucker, and he doesn't pop up on the list there.

Any suggestions?

Kee-chan | 03-24-09, 5:08 PM
Thanks for tipping me off to this place again, lil'bro! It kicks ass! ^_^d

Azureyazoo | 03-23-09, 3:53 PM
Yup no more myspace.

Azureyazoo | 11-25-08, 9:26 AM
1, 0, and -1

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