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Dec 20, 2013
Freezing Vibration (Anime) add
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"Not all adaptations are perfect." I know I just watched Freezing Vibration.
Freezing Vibration is the second season of the fan service, action packed, Freezing. The anime follows three main arcs. The Sibling arc, the E-Pandora arc, and last the Rebellion arc. Your view of this anime will be is not something of a common scenery. Your liking of this anime will depend on if you are a manga reader or an only anime watcher.
First off the story. The story is revolve around three arcs. Sibling, E-Pandora, and Rebellion. If you are a manga reader you know the story goes in the order I read more
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Damn. You would think they would have found a cure for this virus by now.

Kansen: Ball Buster- The Animation is a hentai produce by Milky Animation Label. The story revolves around the same theme as its last predecessors. There is an outbreak of a mysterious virus that resembles the Touhoku infection 4 years ago. Even though its the same virus in this new setting comes new people. Ball Buster had a chance to show us how other people will react to the virus and how will it effect them. At first it looks like it does just that. Making it seem like only females read more
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May 1, 2013
JK to Ero Giin Sensei (Anime) add
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Every had sex so good that you take over your whole country? No. Well me neither, but we can see what it would be like in this hentai?
The story is really great. The fact that this is a hentai all we really need is a back story. But to have a fully drawn out plot incorporated inside of an h-title is not an easy feat. With that said JK pulled it off. This is a love story about a student and her sensei, that starts off happy and continues to stay that way.
There really isn't to much to say about the art. Poro has its read more
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Whats the shoelace color for twins.
There is no set story. With that being said the story is very well thought of considering that this is a hentai. Everyone has a sexual fetish. The problem is how do you find another person with your same sexual fetish? Well This why Shinpa was created.
The art is very original. It has that japanese anime art style, but then they hit you with that western comic strip style. With this combination the art really catches your eye.
The voice actors were really great. The voices fit perfectly. The music really stood out to me. First you get that up beat read more
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Whats hotter than a girl who can talk. A hotter girl who can't talk. What?
I'm not going to lie. I didn't see no story. Don 't give me that whole ''well you have to see the Visual Novel'' bullshit. Cause like most people I'm just looking at this hentai like I would watch any hentai. I mean dude gets beat up then gets layed (yea cause thar shit happens to everybody) is no story.
Art was fantastic. I mean gorgeous! Wow! Mc was cool looking, all the girls had nice breast and round asses. Really great.
Voice actors did great. I mean talk about playing your roll.
First read more
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Apr 16, 2013
Ane Koi: Suki Kirai Daisuki. (Anime) add
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Hentai, known for its animation porn and false advertisment.
Heres the story. Yoshiharu is in love with his big sister Hayami. Hayami hates Yoshiharu. So when he finds out that she is about to move out. He goes all in. I hope he has a royal flush cause he is placing all his bets on one kiss.
The art is some what disappointing. One of the reason I consider this hentai was the art. But it was someting like you would see back in 2006, 2007.
Voice actors were fine. fit the roll.
The characters were also a little blah. First you got Yoshiharu. Hes in high school read more
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Emblem Steal!!!!!
Full Moon is the sequel to Aku no Onna Kanbu. So if you haven't seen it you might want to before you view this, if you don't you might not understand the story. Katsuma is feed up being the go-boy for his female bosses. So after one good night stand he gains a power that will help him take his revenge.
Just like the prequel the art is fantastic. Top nonch for a hentai. I like how they gave lots of detail to the clothing, and how everyone has their on style. From their alien form to their human form.
The Voice actors are great. Katsuma read more
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Having a bad day? After 20 years of marriage your wife just divorce you? took the kid too? Well come get a slut from Slut Academy! Well the girls here will have sex with you no matter how young or old you are! Call us at 1-800-ugo-the-ntai.
Heres the story. 45 year old Saiki is really having a bad day. After 20 years of sweet marriage, his wife packs up and leaves, taking the kid and leaving nothing but the divorce papers. Now all he does is drink and be depress. But his luck changes when he runs into Ms. Miho, from St. Marian Academy.
You been read more
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What if I told you that your long awaited sexual fantasy of a tsundere maid has final come true. Well not really, but you can come close to it in this hentai.
There really isn't a set story. Its mostly about two teens who like to play master and maid. Their both perverts so it works out pretty great.
The art is not all that splendid, but with that being said its not all that bad either. I think the art has that sort of new and old aspect to it.
As for the sound I would like to focus on the voice actors. If you take in read more
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Let me first say that I usually don't review a hentai until its over, or I have seen two episodes. For Flult S. I had to make an exception. I also would like to state if you haven't seen Fault, I would not recommend you seen this until you see the prequel. Okay lets get into the story. You got your boy Shuuichi just got done with summer vacation and now back in school. That doesn't matter because you still got Ai, Mio, Reiko, and Rika. I know what you are thinking thats sounds perfect. Right. You would be, if it wasn't for Maya. The read more
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