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What if I told you that your long awaited sexual fantasy of a tsundere maid has final come true. Well not really, but you can come close to it in this hentai.
There really isn't a set story. Its mostly about two teens who like to play master and maid. Their both perverts so it works out pretty great.
The art is not all that splendid, but with that being said its not all that bad either. I think the art has that sort of new and old aspect to it.
As for the sound I would like to focus on the voice actors. If you take in read more
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First off you got to know that this hentai is made by PoRO. So you already know two things. Great art and great sex scenes. The story can go any way, you really don't know if its going to be good or not. Thankfully the story is fantastic.. Is about a lonely husband who wife left him and now he depress and masturbates like crazy. One out of his four daughters comes in his room and says I will be your new wife. What makes the story so great, is that nobody force into sex. The dad ask are you sure this is what you read more
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Looking for a good hentai to start out the new year? Well my friend look no further. This is another great hentai, also its a Vanilla! (With awhole lot of toppings.) This hentai has two story in it. First story is about two friends who finally tell each other how they feel. The second story follows two high school students who are in the drama club, who then gets into sex drama. Base on the manga made by Takayaki this a not to miss out on hentai!
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