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1 hour ago
June 6, 1995
Garden of Eden, Heaven
May 29, 2012
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Time (Days) 109.7
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Time (Days) 12.9
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raxius1230 | 04-21-14, 8:53 PM
Thank you! :D
Took me to long to do it that i am happy withe the results! :)

Yours its not bad as well! ;)

So nice to meet you! nice favs you have!

So i see you watched Monogatari S2 recently! what you think of it?
And you watch daily/seasonal anime? if so what you think of this season so far? favs?

Gonzo-nyan | 04-18-14, 10:43 PM
One of my friends on MAL made it for me with photoshop and GIMP 2.0, where my name would be like a dick or something lewd like that on sexy anime girls. You'll be seeing one with Kobato-chan here in a week or so. :3

Gonzo-nyan | 04-17-14, 7:48 PM
People always say that for my pics. :3 Thanks~

ThatAn1meGUy | 03-22-14, 6:17 PM
Well I am planning on doing more anime news. Also, I want to bring some more gaming like from Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 which would be fun. I should have one small unboxing coming and finally order Manga

ThatAn1meGUy | 03-21-14, 5:32 PM
I know my wife was saying to me do you have a brother I don't know about lol I am like no. Hopefully I make a new video sometime soon just don't know what yet planning some ideas.

ThatAn1meGUy | 03-21-14, 2:33 AM
Hey bro thanks for the add wow you watch a lot of anime. Their was so many titles I don't even remember when I was young so I am so still searching lol.

Gonzo-nyan | 02-17-14, 7:01 PM
Of course, where else would you look at? ;)

Gonzo-nyan | 02-17-14, 1:59 PM
Delcious ass indeed. You do know that's your waifu Rias, right? How can you not recognize her beautiful ass?! :3

Antearion | 02-17-14, 1:47 PM
Finally beat Lightning Returns. Epic game. Epic ending. Back to the anime.

Gonzo-nyan | 02-15-14, 2:31 PM
>Has Momo Figurine

You lucky bastard. T___T

Kannei | 02-14-14, 11:31 PM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?

Antearion | 02-14-14, 4:16 PM
Kill la Kill! Fucking Amazing!!!

rickywolfy | 02-13-14, 8:46 PM
Awesome profile~! x3
I love all those GIFs....they're so hot!!!! xD

And all those anime pictures? Amazing! xD

Disgaea | 02-11-14, 1:35 PM
nice profile picture (woof... or are they anubis's? whatever, the point is hot)

Kannei | 01-19-14, 10:51 AM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?

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