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Favorite Anime
Steins;Gate add
Monogatari Series: Second Season
Monogatari Series: Second Season add
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica add
Fate/Zero 2nd Season
Fate/Zero 2nd Season add
Hellsing Ultimate
Hellsing Ultimate add

Favorite Manga
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Dance in the Vampire Bund add
Soul Eater
Soul Eater add
Sora no Otoshimono
Sora no Otoshimono add
Akame ga Kill!
Akame ga Kill! add
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul add

Favorite Characters
Tepes, Mina
Oshino, Shinobu
Ackerman, Mikasa
Makise, Kurisu
Victoria, Seras
Ryougi, Shiki

Favorite People
Freeman, Crispin
Freeman, Crispin
Tamaki, Nozomu
Tamaki, Nozomu
Rial, Monica
Rial, Monica
Marchi, Jamie
Marchi, Jamie
Tipton, Alexis
Tipton, Alexis
Saxton, Jad
Saxton, Jad

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June 6, 1995
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May 29, 2012
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How I look every time I see stupid shit.

DO NOT SEND ME RANDOM FRIEND REQUEST!!! I would like to be friends with everyone who is not a prick. You just don't get friends you make them. We have to at least had a meaningful conversation, and having something in common. Also i have to have seen you somewhere in the community. So before you send a request lets see if we can get along first.

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Barion-Zara | 5 hours ago
Thnx :3 Ken is best boy ^^

Who's the girl in urs? HOT!

SylakentH | 01-06-15, 1:31 PM
oh my thanks :)

nice profile pic~

Gonzo-lewd | 12-31-14, 10:51 PM
Thanks bro~ *hugs* ^^

MonkeyDnatsu | 12-24-14, 7:12 PM
happy holidays ^_^

Gonzo-lewd | 12-24-14, 6:43 PM

Gonzo-lewd | 12-16-14, 9:06 PM
Whoa, I thought your pic was nude from what looked like tan lines on her boobs. O-o

-Bakemono- | 11-27-14, 7:20 AM
I'm pretty glad to hear that. It's also nice to hear that we're on the same page in this aspect. I can totally tolerate different opinions but it's a bit sad when there are people who only want to sound intelligent or different when they hate on something a lot of people like (I don't want to make generalizations, but I think you get my point).
Since I get a bit repetitive, I think I should stop my rant here, lol

The moral lecture was just meant as a bad joke, sorry. I also own Steins;Gate and a few from Littlewitch and pretty happy Clannad gets released in English but when I'm honest, I don't buy every VN I read, also since you can't buy every VN anymore.
You have to read 30+ hours of Muv-Luv, which is pretty much the pinnacle of mediocrity, but I also might check it out again in the futur (maybe in the winter holidays) since I really want to know if Alternative is so **** amazing as everyone says. I would also welcome to discuss with you about differnet things in the futur, but currently I'm pretty occupied with school (sorry for the late reply) and have to write my Abitur (I think it's called "A level" in English?) soon, so I have pretty much no time for anything.

Gonzo-lewd | 11-24-14, 5:27 PM
Ah, I watched the Freezing anime and didn't really like it all that much, I don't know if the Manga's better though...

Gonzo-lewd | 11-19-14, 11:48 AM
AMD? Too poor for Intel? :P jk jk

That's cool. For me, I want to finish as much old anime so I don't have like a thousand PTW anime on my list. So I sort of just fast forward and skim through anime that seem too daunting or tedious for me to watch. lol

Gonzo-lewd | 11-18-14, 7:57 PM
That's cool to hear. What's the specs on your PC?

Busy as fuck. Haven't been able to catch up on some stuff as I want to. -_-" Yeah it's pretty fucking hot, so awesome to have me in-between her gorgeous cheeks~ <3

Gonzo-lewd | 11-18-14, 6:39 PM
Hey dude~ How are you doing? :)

LonelyWizard | 11-08-14, 10:58 AM
kissxsis :S

LonelyWizard | 11-08-14, 10:19 AM
:I are you sure that sig is safe :I

-Bakemono- | 10-27-14, 7:23 PM
Somewhere in Germany, making too much commas when writing in English (which is overall not the absolute best), being a bit sarcastic at times and enjoying anime since I really love this hobby and not rating 99% of anime made after 1999 not higher than 5, so that a bunch of strangers over the internet I will never meet in real life, think I have a pretty great and unique taste.
I think ''common sense'' describes it perfectly. I always asked myself "Why can't we watch anime like we read our Doujinshi?". But seriously, have you ever read a hate comment under one of Homunculus new works just because he is "overrated"(< I don't think there is such a thing, just because a few people liked this show and you didn't doesen't make it better or worse when you call it under- or overrated) only for the sake of showing "Hey guys! I don't like the thinks a bunch of other guys liked, which means I'm unique and have an interesting taste!"? No.
In the Doujin sector the only thing we have in some cases are our vanilla soldiers and NTR lovers, and here comes the greatest thing about it: A vanilla soldier would never touch a NTR Doujin and vice versa , we just don't have people who absolutely hate e.g. the mecha genre but watching a mecha show just to hate it, and after having it finished, watching the next 25 Seasons of exactly this show just to hate it and having it watched.
I'm sorry for the pretty long text (which is hopefully in an understandable English xD) but I think I can rant about this topic with no end xD
When I'm angry and sarcastic I tend to express things in pictures xD I'm not sure if it translates well from German to English but I hope the message I try to transmit is understandable and entertaining lol.

This season gets better and better the more Series I start and the more Episodes I watch. First I have to preach a moral lecture that you should buy the Visual Novel's you liked the most, like me, to help the author and the guys who made the game, only using English Patches when you bought a physical copy and not sharing them illegally over the internet. After that I would recommend you pages like or erogedownload/ to get them, a VN is in most cases extremely time consuming but really worth it, there are masterpieces like G-senjou no Maou which would never work as anime or things like Koihime Musou or Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! which are actually pretty great but the anime adaption wasn't the most optimal *cough* my most favorite VN Tsukihime *cough*.
I don't know how good the Grisaia Adaption is and I haven't had the time to read much of the actuall VN, but since it has a rating of 8.61 on vndb which is pretty much as good as a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood rating on MAL (can you imagine how perfect the highest ranking VN, Muv-Luv Alternative, with a rating of 9.32 has to be? I haven't played it yet since my taste will be sullied for everything I shall read or watch after it and since you have to play the original Muv-Luv before you can play Alternative which has to be the most boring VN I have started to play yet, but that's a pretty long time ago, I might check it out again in the futur), I think it's worth checking out.

-Bakemono- | 10-26-14, 4:58 AM
The sad thing is, there are a lot of people who think there is a objective good and bad, which is just plainly stupid since "good" and "bad" alone is a subjectiv rating. Not to forget those "Elite"-Anime Fans who think, just because they watched Monster, Legend of the Galactic Heroes and the original Gundam, while hating every new anime, makes their opinion the 11th Commandment.

I still have to start watching Your Lie in April but from what I've seen, it looks great so far. I'm also currently playing the Grisaia VN and start watching the Anime when I'm finished.

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