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How I look every time I see stupid shit.

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Stark700 | 08-30-14, 5:59 PM
That actually surprised me tbh. Imo, I don't think she's going to die. She's most likely unconscious so someone might save her via CPR.

What happens next....I have no idea. I just know that she is too important for a character to be killed off like that if she dies. I'm still waiting that reunion between the princess and Slaine as well. I predict they might meet near the end of this season.

Stark700 | 08-27-14, 10:44 PM
One of the most underrated but really good series.

Stark700 | 08-26-14, 6:33 PM
Hmm, my favorites of the Summer Season so far are these:

Zankyou no Terror is probably the best out of them although Barakamon is just as good.

Stark700 | 08-26-14, 1:49 AM
I'll give a few more chapters to see if either Arima or the One Eyed Ghoul meet someone that can stand against them as an equal.

Stark700 | 08-25-14, 11:30 PM
Well AkG doesn't have censors so there's no worry there. It's been adapted fairly well so far although it does skip some parts with one of the episodes adapting 3 chapters so far. It's definitely better than Tokyo Ghoul so far imo in terms of faithfulness and adaptation.

The Index LN is a lot better than the anime adaptation. It has world building, some characterization, and actually has a decent plot with a variety of themes. However, it does fall with a lot of cliches (usually involving Touma) so get used to that quite a bit. Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament gets better though as it's even more plot focused. I'd recommend you read it if you want to know what happens after Season II concluded.

If lucky enough, we might get a third season in the future. I'm still crossing my fingers for certain volumes to be animated.

Stark700 | 08-25-14, 6:05 PM
Oh and the rest of the chapters are up now!

Stark700 | 08-25-14, 6:03 PM
I'm starting to like the manga recently. I didn't take too much into notice it at first since I began reading it almost two years ago, long before the anime started airing. The characters makes up a majority of the story so I think it's good to know them.

The anime imo is so-so. It had a strong start but it ended up butcher parts that should of been faithfully adapted. Instead, it skipped around and didn't capture some moments it should have. Oh and that atrocious censoring is just awful. Thank God Akame ga Kill didn't suffer the same fate. But yeah, I agree with what you're saying there. Technical aspects like animation and soundtrack are decent though.

Stark700 | 08-25-14, 4:20 PM
Hey, I also noticed you've been following Tokyo Ghoul (manga). What do you think of both the manga and anime adaptation?

Stark700 | 08-24-14, 3:14 PM

pakoko | 08-17-14, 5:25 PM
Yeah I wonder what they told her to do before arriving at the airport. Thursday can't come soon enough!

pakoko | 08-16-14, 10:01 AM
Yeah I've tried looking up strategies in chess and "Pawn to D4" then "Knight to F6" can lead to several strategies, but none of these strategies catch my attention. As I'm not a chess player, I'd need to do more research before I can make any theories about why they split.

My most simple guess thus far is that Twelve was sent to location "F6" on the airport map, while Nine started heading towards the location in which he'll make his next move.

I'm just excited to see how Lisa will be used.

BattousaiLuffy | 08-16-14, 6:19 AM
Nothing much. You?

pakoko | 08-14-14, 5:12 PM
Thanks for the comment. Although, I do feel bad for not rewatching the video myself to realize that it can't be a scholar's mate. I apologize for that. No need to quote me in your vid since I'm wrong haha.

rjxshadow | 08-06-14, 10:19 PM
thanks anyways, i actually just got the album recently, so im pretty thrilled about that. love me some macra izumi ❤

Gonzo-nyan | 08-06-14, 1:35 PM
Hey now, if you look up Gravure Idols they have some magnificent asses man. Holy fuck~ @___@

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