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3 hours ago
Brussels, Belgium - San Mateo Rizal,Philippines
July 7, 2009
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dolamroth | 02-15-14, 10:00 PM
Hi! Would you like to support Tachibana Kanade in ISML 2014?

Sheia | 10-19-12, 12:30 AM

sarahsillysloth | 03-30-12, 6:51 PM
I'm Sarah. How' re you on this peaceful evening?

sarahsillysloth | 03-28-12, 7:33 PM
I notice you love the anime Toradora and I was just stopping by to say you have wonderful taste in anime .

Shishio-kun | 10-31-11, 2:49 AM
Happy Halloween from Shishio's Custom Lists!
Thanks for joining my group in the past.

We got a cool Halloween scare to check out through
the link at the top of our club main page:

AdrenalineAnime | 06-09-11, 8:19 PM
i dont know if i can finish honey and clover right now because i hate Mayama Takumi so much, i cant bear. does this really get better?

AdrenalineAnime | 06-07-11, 4:00 PM
ok just started watching honey and clover again and was wondering if theres a kiss scene in it. id love some closer or resolve so thats why im asking. i dont want to wait 20 episodes to be disappointed lol. also since theres a season 2, i was wondering if thats were the resolve is. just want to see a happy ending. lol

AdrenalineAnime | 05-29-11, 11:25 AM
i will try out hatsukoi limited, it looks decent. and i want to watch the kara no kyoukai movies but i don't particularly like movies but hey whatever. i also saw hanbun no tsuki ga noboru (short and very sweet)
i will keep them in mind for sure.

AdrenalineAnime | 05-29-11, 9:25 AM
i had also forgot i posted on your profile but im glad you responded.
i put karin on hold b/c it seemed like it wasn't going anywhere. i plan to pick it up later along with the 50 other animes i have on hold. hahaha
i was also planning to continue honey and clover soon, i cant seem to find a decent romance so i take up your recommendation. i also let you know what i think when i finish it.

AdrenalineAnime | 05-17-11, 2:30 PM
all of you favorite characters are great plus your list is phenomenal. basically love the profile, anyway what are your thoughts on karin. i started it but never finished it. i just want to know if it gets better and is worth the time. likewise for honey and clover.

Eseul | 03-23-11, 6:04 PM
AmityAmityAmityLove<3 :D

Shishio-kun | 06-09-10, 9:07 AM
Thanks for joining my group!

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