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Favorite Anime
Death Note
Death Note add
One Piece
One Piece add
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion add
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion add
One Piece: Strong World
One Piece: Strong World add

Favorite Manga
Death Note
Death Note add
Zennou no Noa - The World of Lostmemories
Zennou no Noa - The World of Lostmemories add
Soul Eater
Soul Eater add
Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai add
Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied add

Favorite Characters
Amane, Misa
Tu Oderschvank, Nelliel
Yagami, Light
Tsutsukakushi, Tsukiko
Roronoa, Zoro
Akiyama, Mio
Urahara, Kisuke
Stein, Franken
Yuuki, Mikan

Favorite People
Ohba, Tsugumi
Ohba, Tsugumi
Miura, Kentarou
Miura, Kentarou
Kaneda, Tomoko
Kaneda, Tomoko
Obata, Takeshi
Obata, Takeshi
Okamoto, Lynn
Okamoto, Lynn
Kajiura, Yuki
Kajiura, Yuki
Yabuki, Kentarou
Yabuki, Kentarou

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7 hours ago
January 26, 1991
Santander, Spain
July 14, 2011
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Anime Stats

Time (Days) 63.1
Watching 11
Completed 193
On Hold 18
Dropped 30
Plan to Watch 0
Total Entries 252

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 131.1
Reading 59
Completed 226
On Hold 103
Dropped 7
Plan to Read 111
Total Entries 506

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About AlexiLaiho09
I'm glad to communicate my involvement in light novel translations. You can find my first project here:
Zaregoto ~ Spanish

MANGA >>>>>>>>>>> anime

I only watch anime to say it's worst than the manga.

All my music here
Anime Openings And Endings
Touhou Metal

My Favorite One-Shots
My Favorite Female Manga Characters
My Favorite Male Manga Characters
My Favorite Mangakas

Manga ranking: (In green mangas bought)
#1: Death Note
#2: Zennou No Noa
#3: Soul Eater
#4: Nanatsu No Taizai
#5: Elfen Lied
#6: Claymore
#7: One Piece
#8: Neon Genesis Evangelion
#9: The World God Only Knows
#10: Berserk
#11: Fairy Tail
#12: Mirai Nikki
#13: Mahou Shoujo Of The End
#14: To Love-Ru // To Love-Ru Darkness
#15: Watashitachi No Shiawase Na Jikan
#16: Bleach
#17: Gintama
#18: Bakuman
#19: Beelzebub
#20: Prison School
#21: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
#22: Zen Martial Arts Academy
#23: Nononono
#24: Toriko
#25: Zombie Loan
#26: Blade Of The Immortal
#27: All You Need Is Kill (New)
#28: Groove Adventure Rave
#29: Vinland Saga
#30: Veritas
#31: Aku no Hana
#32: Koe no Katachi
#33: Embalming -The Another Tale of Frankenstein-
#34: Black Rock Shooter - Innocent Soul
#35: Zombie Powder
#36: Rurouni Kenshin
#37: Yotsubato!
#38: Break Blade
#39: No Game No Life
#40: Full Metal Alchemist
#41: Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio
#42: Gokukoku No Brynhildr
#43: Ao No Exorcist
#44: Sidonia no Kishi
#45: Soul Eater Not!
#46: K-On!
#47: Shingetsutan Tsukihime
#48: Pupa
#49: Shokugeki No Souma
#50: D. Gray Man
#51: Magi - Sinbad no Bouken
#52: Magi - The Labyrinth Of Magic
#53: Kagami No Kuni No Harisugawa
#54: Ane Doki!
#55: Kamisama No Iutoori

Possible keepers (very good mangas with few chapters):
##1: Bouken Erekitetou
##2: Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane

Nel best moments:

Funny moments:

The worst female characters:
#1: Chitoge Kirisaki - Nisekoi (b*tch number one; quite a feat to be the b*tchiest of the b*tches)
#2: Louise Fraçoise de la Valiere - Zero no Tsukaima (b*tch number two; and a hardcore b*tch, but is only the second)
#3: Marika Tachibana - Nisekoi (this in not a b*tch, just plain annoying)
#4: Hitagi Senjougahara - Monogatari Series (b*tch number three; with your life at risk this time)
#5: Medaka Kurokami - Medaka Box (I don't hate her actually, she's just the source of the worst manga of all times)

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My Mangas By Magazine (Finished)
03-20-13, 11:47 AM Edited 09-02-14, 8:57 AM
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gabrieer | 07-21-14, 5:12 AM
Conoces 41397640923561092857049512 mangas y no sabes recomendar uno parecido a Koe no Katachi que no sea Aku no Hana? :VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

gabrieer | 07-16-14, 6:48 AM
Hoshi no Koe, mi querido compañero de lo ajeno (como diría el gran Knekro, que Dios nos salve) ya la he visto. xD
Aku no Hana leí unos 10 capítulos y bueno, me empezó a entrar... un... como decirlo... embolia, cerebral, permanente.

gabrieer | 07-14-14, 9:12 AM
Tío, tu que has leído mucho manga, más que yo, ¿no sabes de alguno así de emotivo? ;(

gabrieer | 07-11-14, 7:55 PM
Koe no Katachi es un manga magnífico!!

ZaldiuntheGerman | 06-22-14, 5:16 PM
wow, you weren't kidding about how much worse this would get. I couldn't enjoy episode 12 much at all. Kazumi's epic moment was completely butchered, as well as so many other great scenes with her removed... I feel like she's the one who has been hurt the most with the terrible rush job the last 3 episodes. She's my favorite character, too... crap.

Suddenly I realize what people such as yourself mean when they say anime ruins manga.

gabrieer | 06-21-14, 12:28 PM
Ni que yo viviera por allí anda xD
PD: ¿Tu hermano de fiesta? ¿Estás de coña? xD

ZaldiuntheGerman | 06-21-14, 11:58 AM
Ahhhhh, that's brilliant! Thanks man.

ZaldiuntheGerman | 06-21-14, 9:19 AM
Ah man, I bet you'd hate Clannad then too rofl.

I agree... sort of. I love tragedy and tragic endings because I get absorbed into the story in a different way with such events. Tragic events are more memorable than happy ones and leave a much stronger impression, IMO, so I think every good story needs a few heartwrenching main character deaths. And, well, dying in battle is kinda what happens in RK Tsuiokuhen...

I agree about Basilisk though.

Another thing, BTW: since I don't really read manga, especially not on-going ones that aren't super popular (AKA Naruto), I don't really know anything about this. How do you know when a new chapter has been scanlated? Especially in Brynhildr, once I'm caught up with it... just check back at Mangafox periodically or what?

gabrieer | 06-21-14, 8:51 AM
Deja de hablar con guiris, el tiempo que gastas haciendo el polla aquí podrías dedicarselo a tu novia; 'sesión de polla semanal'.

ZaldiuntheGerman | 06-21-14, 4:16 AM
Ahhh, I get it now. You don't like tragic endings.

Yeah, black and white makes it harder for me to get into the story.

ZaldiuntheGerman | 06-20-14, 11:52 PM
Weird. I'm not really a manga person and pretty much exclusively watch anime BECAUSE it's the lack of animations/colors/voices that makes it harder for me to get into.

Eh, opinions, I guess. All the same, you should still check out Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen, especially because it seems you enjoyed the manga thoroughly. If you still think the manga version is better, I'll be pretty shocked.

ZaldiuntheGerman | 06-20-14, 1:47 PM
ooohhhhh.... right, right, I see.

So, question, then: don't you suppose the reason you always feel the manga is superior is because you always read the manga first? Do you think your opinion of an anime would be more positive if you had not read the manga? Especially for action anime.

ZaldiuntheGerman | 06-20-14, 4:41 AM
Am I right to assume that Brynhildr is one of your favorite manga, then?

ZaldiuntheGerman | 06-19-14, 12:25 PM
I guess that in the anime I didn't interpret it as an "escape" as much as being "released," then Valkyrie just taking some time to get around to her job. But that is a good point.

You have the anime rated a 9, it looks like. That's still a great score, isn't it?

ZaldiuntheGerman | 06-19-14, 9:52 AM

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