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Nijiiro Days
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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season
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Medaka Box
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Kanojo-tachi no Saishuu Teiri
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Nanatsu no Taizai
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Teyuga Yesterday, 11:45 AM
Yeah I kinda got bored the fist few episodes and got sidetracked by other anime. And I recently started rewatching Doctor Who so I haven't watched much anime other than what's currently airing. That happened with me for some other anime. I watch a couple pilots then watch the series that my favorite pilot was from. I picked one over Haikyuu and now Haikyuu is tied with my favorite anime. If I like the anime, I usually love the manga (Tokyo Ghoul. Both are good on their own but the manga is much better) Do you know if Kingdom has been licensed in English? I love reading things in paperback.

Your favorite lists are great. I recently just watched Blood Lad, and I love it to death. Pyscho Pass blew me away and ever since I've been hooked on Psychological/Seinen anime. A Shingeki no Bahamut fan! Yes! I can't wait for the next season. I really loved the 2 main characters (Amira and Favaro) and the plot was great. I also just watched Pandora Hearts and it was great. I'm now buying the manga XD Does Chihayafuru get better? I wasn't really impressed with the 1st episode so I watched something else.

Who's the character in your profile picture by the way?
Teyuga Feb 7, 8:16 PM
I actually have heard of it. I've seen the first few episodes. The CG grated on my nerves a bit, but I've heard good things about it (and the second season isn't CG) so i'm planning on picking it back up once I finish some of the other series I'm currently in the middle of. Thank you very much!
Teyuga Feb 7, 12:57 PM
Saw you're comment in the post that Shouwa Genroku Rakugo (manga) is ending soon, and got curious about the anime in your signature. Any chance you remember what it is?
r0ykun Feb 4, 4:57 PM
Interesting, do you have a link for the OP? And I think so, I finished it in less than 10 hours, and I'd love if Shin Oonuma directed it since he did really great work on the ef anime.

Yes they will, can you believe that Erased is already in the top 10 anime? I';m honestly pretty happy with that. Honestly from what I've read the answer would be yes and no. Its set 18 years before the events of Muv-Luv Alternative, making it a prequel. Its said that you need no knowledge of the prior series, but that its basically fan service for fans as it kind of expects you to already know the world of Muv-Luv. I think its been pretty easy to understand, and that its pretty underrated. Its super intense and I love where its going. I see, I still haven't check out either and probably won't. But Ajin on the other hand, is really good. I really love Polygon Pictures now. Its hard huh? I'm at 14 and I still fall behind an episode or 2 every week haha.
r0ykun Jan 17, 12:47 PM
You're welcome! I try to be haha.

Noble Works, I've never heard of that, guess I have research to do. Definitely but eden*, that's the one visual novel I would love to see get an anime adaption.

Definitely with you right there, I think Erased and Showa Genroku are my favorites of the season so far. They're very different from series we've gotten as of recent, and I really anticipate watching them weekly. I'm also really excited about Dimension W, Dagashi Kashi and Shoujo-tachi. I'm also really liking Schwarzesmarken for some reason, I think it's underrated at the moment. I could see why everyone is wary of it due to Total Eclipse, but these first two episodes have been intense as fuck. Which is better, Active Raid or Bubuki Buranki? I also need to watch Ajin still, which I'm very excited about. I watched the first episode of Haruchika but didn't feel the need to continue it, have to keep my watch list small considering I don't have as much time as I used to.
FontSize72LOL Jan 14, 6:59 PM
Awww shiiiiiiiiiet. I didn't even realize that yesterday was your birthday. Happy belated Birthday.

I see you're watching Erased. Its probably the best anime to come out in quite a few seasons (imho), If it stays consistantly at the quality it's at right now, It'll probably end up in my Top 10.
r0ykun Jan 14, 3:20 PM
Happy belated birthday to the coolest guy on MAL! Hope it was a good one to you.

BTW, I just got to the first route in Grisaia (finally). The common route is super long but its definitely worth playing. The comedy is some of the best comedy I've had the pleasure to read in a while.

What do you think of the winter season so far? Your favorites right now?
FontSize72LOL Jan 13, 11:13 PM
Noble Works is pretty fun for a moege. Makoto is a great side character, and Maya is mai(-a) waifu [...kill me...]. Minor issues aside, i felt it was pretty solid. If anything though, I was spoiled by the Skip to next choice button (When you didnt have a next choice, it would skip to the closest bit of unread text), and i think something like that is a must for any modern Visual Novel. Because... Jesus... Its irritating to have to skip text for 20 minutes just to lock onto another route (I'm looking at you, Princess Evangile). I'm just about Done with Princess Evangile, (Ayaka best grill in there) I have to say that i probably prefered Noble Works. While you didn't really get to see much of the actual MC's old lifestyle in Noble Works, It didn't make him out to be the second comming of Jesus. I kind of understand now why they decided to name the MC in Princess Evangile, Masaya (Messiah), Seriously... He has very little character flaws, besides the inability to process alcohol. Pretty much everything else is Gary Stu land.

I might check out IMHHW sometime, not sure if its worth the effort at this point in time to do it since i might need a change in pace since i'm in those "I don't really want to do anything" ruts. I especially have had a hard time motivating myself to watching chinese cartoons. Sometime in the day i might push myself to do some One Piece or something... I need to atleast finish the Alabastra arc. I haven't done Medaka Box but if its NisiOisin, Its probably decent.
ABHISHEKV Jan 13, 10:17 PM
You're Welcome :D
LoneWizard Jan 13, 6:45 PM
ABHISHEKV Jan 12, 9:15 AM
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday :D
FontSize72LOL Jan 5, 5:26 AM
No problem

Yeah, I'm probably going to go through Kara no Shoujo and Cartagra eventually. Those are definitely two titles that i've had on my radar, but yeah if i end up getting to it before you, I'll let you know what i think about it when i'm done i guess. Let me know how IMHHW is, I do like moeges if they're executed well and well that one was one that i wanted to try but its bad publicity kind of made me shy away from it. Let me know how it is with the restoration patch. Right now i'm going through Princess Evangile since it seemed like a fairly similar setting to Noble Works... Well Poor Protaganist with some work experience, Ojou-sama's, upper-crust institution, etc. I figured it might be a decent one to try out since it has some favorable reviews.

Middle ground would be nice. As much as i like Rewrite, the original character designs might be a bit too... moe... for my taste if you catch my drift. Having a slightly more mature yet moe quality would probably do it some good, but we'll see when the PV's roll out i suppose.

As for the Arrange album, no i wasn't aware of it but it was pretty enjoyable to flip through, Thanks for pointing it out. Anyway, Lately i've just been trying to push through Trails in the Sky FC since i got SC over the winter sale. The first game is pretty long though, although half my hours on steam are me afking on it... I'm probably 65-70% done with it and i'm at 30-35 hours or so of actual play-time. The 2nd game is supposed to be much longer so i'm looking forward to it. It has some of the better dialogue and character interaction i've seen in JRPGs, and a fairly interesting combat/skill system despite its simplicity. Trails in the Sky SC is apparently among one of the larger written works in gaming, if not in general. (If i remember right it, FC had something around 1.5 million japanese characters, and SC has more than double at over 3 million).

I probably should hunker down and watch some more Juan Peso sometime... I'm pretty sure somewhere there is a disappointed Ryan out there.
FontSize72LOL Dec 30, 2015 4:56 PM
I mean i still think Cou is still something worth reading if you're looking for something a little heavier than your standard moege, Also keep in mind a 7.5 for a VN (for me) doesn't necessarily translate to 7.5 anime wise lol. I'm generally less strict with Manga and VNs when it comes to ratings. As for upcomming titles (I'm partially biased because i like moeges): One of the ones i was looking at got a release on the 24th: Noble Works. Its a moege though so i'm not sure if you'd be more or less into something like that. Subarashiki Hibi has an upcomming official release (Although it was just annouced recently that it would be an offical one, rather than a fan-TL patch). Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki, another moege that i've been keeping an eye on, looks like it would be out sometime very early next year. I'm kind of looking forward to Tokyo Babel, which is from the same company that produced Ayakashibito, and it will probably be better considering it wont have any out of place/awkward H-scenes since its 15+, and doesn't have h-scenes.

You haven't read something like Kara no Shoujo, right? I was thinking of picking that up sometime in the future (probably after Swan Song), but i wasn't sure about it. It looked like something that would be interesting, considering its fairly dark and gritty setting. Gotta break up the light stuff with some darker themed things every once in a while.

I'm also looking forward to an anime PV of Rewrite, I'm curious how faithful to the original art they'll be. I mean something like White Fox's style in the moon OP would be nice too, i suppose.
r0ykun Dec 20, 2015 1:30 PM
Aw that's kind of a bummer. But judging from the synopsis, it kind of sounds like Chuunibyou and I'm not really with that haha. I'm honestly very excited for Rewrite. For what it was worth, I liked what 8-but did with Grisaia, especially Eden. Grisaia, I haven't gotten far into it but from from what I've read it's extremely engaging. I love Yuuji's witty monologues, and the comedy is extremely funny. I can't wait till I hit the first route. I'm very interested in Ever17, but I'm kind of fed up with trying to download VNs that aren't available in the U.S lmao.

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm loving t myself as well, and can honestly say the same. I personally think Subete and Sakurako are both a little disappointing, but I enjoyed both of them nonetheless. As some people were saying, I think Subete could have been done as a 2 hour movie, and not much would have been lost. I'm super behind on Rakudai, but I plan on marathoning it on my winter break since everyone seems to be loving it. Oh my god, I'm super behind on Ushio too! I have a lot of catching up to do.

Yep, Noragami has been amazing. This season was a major step up, and the first season was very good in my opinion. I'm like 2 episodes behind on K, and I kind of agree. I still think it's better than the first season lol. Owari is AOTS, and now my third favorite entry in the series. I'm so hyped for the Kizu movies, especially since I just bought the novel!
FontSize72LOL Dec 18, 2015 4:28 AM
Hmm I've seen that one around a lot but it hasn't really caught my attention. Sounds a bit like HoshiMemo, very standard in most aspects but had characters and routes that really stood out, true route that had enough intrigue and emotion to make it all worth it, decent but forgettable MC, but an unforgivable sin in Chinami's existence. Yeah which is crap, I mean we want VN's to get exposure in the west but...NOT LIKE THIS

Haha wow, that kind of sums up my feelings in a nutshell for HoshiMemo. I mean, Chinami's route aside, the VN wasn't that BAD, but for the most part outside of what you said, it was pretty much you're average VN. I suppose much is the same way about KoiChoco... I don't know i'm gravatated towards Nakige/Moege VNs with contrived plots, settings, and characters for some reason. Exposure on VNs is like a double-edged sword unfortunately... There are plenty of GREAT VNs, with deep, interesting, and sometimes thought provoking themes. However, anyone that's spent any time in the medium knows.. they KNOW *cough*... ahem.. There is some pretty fucked up shit. I'm just glad that not alot of people know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

As for Kotarou and Shirou, I pretty much Agree with you there. Kotarou isn't the most complex character around, but he does have some pretty interesting thoughts rolling around, it would be a shame if they skipped over them, and one of the things that bothers me is the treatment that particular studio had of Grisaia, which was very monologue intensive and thats why i think unless they've learned from their mistakes, we're probably in for a "treat", but that i mean, we're not getting the bulk of the monologues unless they're pertinent.

I did Finish Coμ and KoiChoco, Coμ was pretty good, although i think it has some pretty large flaws in it. Tonal issues aside (AKA Drama/Comedy Whiplash), 2 of the routes felt shoehorned in, and i'm never really a fan of H-scene for the sake of H-scenes. There are some interesting commentary on Human Nature going on in there, but alot of it is pretty contrived. Well i probably shouldn't bash it too bad just in case you want to read it one day, but yeah, Overall i went in expecting an 8, and got a 7.5 (although i think i rated it a 7 factoring in the slight disappiontment). Its definately not bad, Its just not great.

Well if we're lucky, we might get a few decent titles within the next few months, not sure how much you keep up with VNTLs. Man, i need to get back into anime... I've been spending too much time with games and shit lol