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r0ykun | 09-19-14, 11:01 AM
I know, everything I download ends up there for some reason. Wow, why didn't I think of that? I'm so stupid. I'll ignite it out one day, but I think Rewrite can be downloaded the way I downloaded it. I just downloaded a torrent thing that fuwanovel said to download, then I downloaded the file and BAM, I started playing it. Didn't take that long either. Would changing the locale change my computers language? Cause I still am not used to my new laptop haha. Aw, that sucks. It took me a while to figure out how to save on F/sn so that will be a big problem for me.

Me too! I bought Shiki as well. I love Funimation's Anime Classics and S.A.V.E editions, their all very convenient and have good pricing. I prefer that too, except I don't like Sentai's complete collection packaging, though I think I'll buy Ef's complete collection in December. I know, it's really cool visual novels are starting to become more popular here. Yeah, it's really unfortunate. But the company probably thinks it'll be more profitable without the h-scenes but I personally wouldn't take them out. Me too, since I really want to play Grisaia (though the patch part will be a pain in the ass for me)

There are a lot of things it want to re-watch. What's on your re-watch list? I really want to re-watch Baccano! and Haruhi. Shaft is my favorite animation studio, since how insane the visuals usually are. Wow, that was so beautiful. I need to get on this soon!

Oh okay, just making sure. I'm barely at the part where Lancer appears and Archer is battling him. Does the prologue end soon after that? Not that I'm complaining though. That's true haha. And me too, I wish Aniplex would re-release it soon since that's the only series I wouldn't mind paying crazy amounts of money for from them.

Me too, this arc has been pretty damn awesome. I also heard Madhouse made the Nine School Completion arc really dragged out and more boring then it should've been. But yes, time constraints are the main the thing a lot of light novel adaptions suffer. It can't be helped though.

It did. Mainly why I stopped watching it twice, but the ending definitely made up for it and I can't wait for the rest of the series. I also wish more people liked Chaika, since Chaika was one of my favorites from Spring 2014. Me too, they have definitely done a lot of good and bad series. I have yet to see Blue Exorcist but I don't really want to. Did they try to fit too many chapters into 25 episodes? That's what it seems like to me. I see. I thought it was pretty cool but could've been done better, and saw in the forums that it was a lot better in the manga. I'm glad to hear that, since I thought it was well done as well. I'm really enjoying the manga, and have been reading 5 chapters a day.

What did you think of the Tokyo Ghoul finale? It made me a little mad but it's getting a second season, so I can't call it total bullshit now.

r0ykun | 09-14-14, 7:40 PM
Yes, I'm actually pretty excited about it! I played it for an hour today and plan to play more later. I saw somewhere that the first h scene doesn't happen until day 11 or something but I'll do that just to be safe, haha. And I can see why you would play during the day, if I get too into somethig I'll end up staying up all night lmao. With Rewrite, I kept having problems with stupid WinRar because it was on my computer already and it said not to have the file on WinRar and I could not get rid of it haha. I also had to keep downloading Locale Emulator because I couldn't find it (that's just cause of my stupidity) so I download F/SN cause it was super easy.

Same, I actually really want to own S;G, especially since I bought Funi's renewables of the anime on their Anime Classics line. Yes they are! I think there real easing them on Steam. But I read that Grisaia's release is going to be all ages and a lot of people are not happy about that. Or of all the Key games, I'd want to play Little Busters first for sure. Same goes for me, I would definitely support them by buying them. I'll have to check out R;N soon, it sounds pretty good.

I think what caught my eye about the anime is how beautiful the art and animation look. God, I love their style. Even if it's reused a lot. I'll keep that in mind because I'm so scared of getting a virus from downloading, I'll get my ass kicked if I damage my computer haha. Are you familiar with WinRar? My Rewrite file is on that so should I extract it?

I'll play it before I okay Rewrite, which is what I'll play after F/SN. I'm still a dummie when it comes to all this.

Oh shit, 15 hours? That's pretty damn long. Fate route is Saber's route right? I was confused cause the beginning was mostly Rin talking. Yeah I have total faith in them, their work with Fate/Zero and KnK is stellar. I don't think I will, since I already know it will be shit. Mahouka has been really good as of recent. I have read some of the first volume and I don't really remember it. But I know that Madhouse cut out Tatsuya's inner monologues and that pissed a lot of people off. I plan on reading it soon, apparently it's very good.

I'm so excited for WIXOSS, I stopped watching it twice because the beginning was pretty underwhelming. But when I finally finished it was really shocked with how good it got. I'm ready for more mindfuck, it definitely has Madoka-tier potential. I could see why. I have a love hate relationship with A-1 Pictures. I absolutely hated Kuroshitsuji, but they did Shinsekai Yori so I know they can do good. I'll see eventually, but I'm barely in the Balbadd arc haha. Is Zagan arc the end of the first season? I don't really remember how the first season ended to be honest. Kingdom of Magic was great (to me), since you can tell there was a lot of improvements in animation and music. Yeah, the war was amazing at first but dragged on a bit. Maybe NnT will be very good, we never know. It does, and it's shonen jump so it'll definitely be entertaining. Same goes for me, but I'll most likely watch all of it.

I definitely will! I love hearing about things I haven't played, read or seen. I'll be looking forward to it!

r0ykun | 09-12-14, 7:30 PM
I actually managed to download F/sn since one as having trouble with Rewrite. It was very simple to download and I will start playing it tonight (most likely, I just don't want anyone around when the h-scenes pop up haha) I actually haven't heard of that one, I'll have to look it up. What was hard about setting it up?

I see, that's sucks! I'm kinda sad the limited edition is all sold out so I'll make do with the standard edition. But I do plan on buying that since it's Steins;Gate. That'll probably be the next novel I play. Also, Grisaia, Planetarian and Clannad are getting English localizations so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully VN popularity grows in the US. Chaos;Head sounds really good too and I'll definitely check that out. Have you seen the Robotics;Notes anime? I should watch it soon.

I see, I'm kind of shocked that Shaft made it since it's so different from what they do now. I'll watch it after I watch K-On!! And catch up on HxH. Is there a good translation for the novel?

I read that people new to visual novels should play Planetarian first since it's so short and doesn't have multiple routes. Aren't both really action oriented as well? That's what I heard about Rewrite.

Oh okay, it sounds like it's good enough to play. That sounds like a unique mix of things and I can dig that.

I'm so excited to start playing it. I will try and okay Fate route before the anime starts in a few weeks. How long is that route? I hope ufotable somewhat addresses those things cause then it'd feel like something is missing (I feel like a lot is missing from Mahouka because Madhouse assumes everyone knows how all the magic works since they made those little ONAs with chibi narrators) I'd also watch the original series but I'm kind of wary about it since everyone hates it so much.

Damn straight it is. Psycho-Pass 2, F/SN UBW and Mushishi Zoku Shou 2 are at the top of the hype list. I'm also excited for Chaika and WIXOSS sequels. I actually wanted to read Taizai before the anime started but I just haven't. I hope A-1 does a good job, otherwise they'll get even more hate then they already have haha. I liked Magi a lot but so far the manga is superior, especially the art. But I really liked Kingdom of Magic. I'm actually really excited for Kiseijuu, and I hope the Terra Formars anime is better then the OVAs. Other than that the only other ones I know I'll watch are Amagi Brilliant Park, Akatsuki no Yona, Grisaia and World Trigger. I'm still gonna watch Grisaia but I have not played it so I do not know what to expect from it. Everything else I'll just check out like I usually do!

I'm honestly really grateful because you answers all my stupid questions haha. Thank you much again! I'll let you know what I think of Fate and eventually other novels :^)

r0ykun | 09-10-14, 4:46 PM
Okay, that makes it much easier for then since I am not very tech savy when it comes to downloading things, haha.

I will probably buy Steins;Gate on disc since I know it'll be a masterpiece. Someone else recommended me Chaos;Head and I probably will since I know the anime is terrible.

I've heard great things about ef. I plan on watching the anime soon. I take it that it's really good. I'll definitely check that one out as well!

Hm, should I play Planetarian before Rewrite since it's shorter? I think I might since I've heard Rewrite is really long.

I actually have not heard of Hoishizora. But I trust that it's worth playing so I'll keep that in mind.

I see, I'll look up Cross channel as well. Old art doesn't bother me at all so I won't mind.

F/sn! I've been wanting to play it for so long! Yeah I'm kind of hesitant towards watching the original anime, so I'm definitely looking forward to the UBW anime. Are you excited for it? What other Fall series are you excited for?

Thank you for all the recommendations! I will definitely out all of these in my PTP list and will definitely try something this weekend! I'll ask for help if I still can't get it but you've made it sound pretty easy so far. Once again, thank you so much man!

r0ykun | 09-08-14, 8:49 PM
Ok that's perfect, because I highly doubt I could change the language on my own haha. I'll see if these problems occur when I finally do it (I haven't had time to try and even download Rewrite but I will this weekend). Are there any other good visual novels worth downloading?

r0ykun | 09-07-14, 12:57 PM
Oh okay, this doesn't sound too hard. And will it be in English already or do I have to change the settings or something?

r0ykun | 09-04-14, 9:24 PM
Thank you so much! So basically, I just download the emulator and then the download on the link?

Yup | 09-03-14, 7:25 PM

r0ykun | 09-03-14, 4:54 PM
Hey I'm just curious but where did you play Rewrite? I still don't understand visual novels yet.

Onee_SAMA | 08-27-14, 2:12 PM
I was thinking in reading Slam dunk since It's been cut out and I really liked the anime............some people recommended me some short Mangas :).

I will :)......Baccano is just great <3.

Oh should be writing man I want to read it as soon as possible :).

Sankarea looks decent(zombie,comedy),Myself;yourself looks creepy and weird and Btoom looks good (who doesn't like survival games and bombs :)) and Dantalian looks good since It's historical :) and Hanamanogatari is Hanamanogatari lol.Well 6 is very low lol and all of them have 8> rating so I won't watch any of them in the near future.

People are different from each other,but like you said "everything in moderation" lol.

Onee_SAMA | 08-13-14, 2:39 AM
You remember when i said i'll try to read a manga???well I still didn't -_-....I need to step up my game lol,but that's a good news to manga readers.

Yep true some people just follow people like sheep so you can't do nothing about it.

Yep It was good show and now I'm watching Durarara and I liked the cross over they did.It isn't as great as baccano,but It's good.

Lol That's too many 0_0.You sure know how to invest your time unlike me.7.51 that's a bit low...sometimes Luck aren't by some anime ,but as long as you like it nothings else matters :).

Lol you are right,but I don't know what happened to me lol...sometimes you need a break so you can miss a certain thing.


Onee_SAMA | 08-10-14, 11:06 PM
Well shit ;( .Well let's not get our hopes high.

Well If you liked it then I'll like it :).

lol true,but not manga readers might find it good,but I noticed like I said that it was rushed.

It was really really awesome loved everything in it.Plot,characters,atmosphere it's just awesome <3 !!!!!

WOW that's really really a lot I guess you enjoyed all of it except Hanbun so good 4 u.I want to be like you lol.I watch only 1 episodes daily now.I hope I change.

Sorry for the late late reply i just noticed it -_- .

Onee_SAMA | 07-18-14, 7:02 AM
What have you been watching lately ??? :)

Onee_SAMA | 07-18-14, 6:28 AM
I hope It get a sequel as soon as possible :).I loved tht show really much.

To bad ;(,but let's hope it's get one.I guess I'll watch it since I have in my PTW list :).

The world is full of shit ;(.Let's hope it get famous.So many good shows to watch My head is about to explode lol

The world has plenty of good people <3.These dickheads deserve to get a ban from watching the shows they yell at :).

I think it's late since I saw the ending ;(. I think It was expected since it was a 13 episode.

Lazy people :P (I'm becoming a dickhead too lol)

I watched Slam dunk and baccano and I loved the 2 shows really much.

Slam dunk is an awesome sport anime and I just love it.

Baccano have a great story/characters/dub and it's gore is the most horrible gore i saw in an anime lol

ss4chris | 07-17-14, 8:18 PM
thanks. What do you think About Glasslip?

What pairings are we win for?

does everyone in Nagi end up with someone?

and What about Tari Tari? People keep talking about that also. Is that a happy ending also?

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