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FontSize72LOL Jun 25, 12:10 AM
Well people thinking it was going to get more than 2 seasons (non-refrain) were deluding themselves, but I have no idea how they can condense all of this down into one cour without butchering it. Plus any secondaries that watch the anime without reading the VN will get super spoiled on the plot twists :(.

The most optimistic thing i could go with is them adapting JUST the "6th route", Ignoring the other heroine routes or combining elements from them.
FontSize72LOL Jun 5, 10:39 AM
Well, we'll see. Yeah Comyu wasn't that great but i don't know if i'd exactly blame it on Ixrec or just the type of VN that it was. I liked a few things about Comyu but for a chunni title, it wasn't close to something like Tokyo Babel, or Ayakashibito.

I haven't been keeping up with Rewrite's news as much as i could have. I didn't even know it was slated to have a 1 hour long first episode, but honestly thats good news. The more airtime thats garunteed, the better. Now if only we get an announcement that its going to be at least 2 cour, that would make me feel a little better. I still have to get around to watching Rakugo though.

Yeah, I kind of crunched my ratings a bit on VNs, so 7/10 is still good, 6 is where it starts to get iffy for me there. I haven't been reading much VNs lately, kind of stalled out on Majikoi S. I'm thinking of maybe picking up Cartagra or Swan Song.

Well, i finally finished Alabasta, so Ryan should be pleased at me. He has been telling me for a while how much further you are in the manga, and how disappointed he was in me and it was making me sad. I'll probably watch a few more episodes before i move on to other stuff for the day. I ended up skipping sleep to flip my schedule since i've been waking up at 5-6pm.

Anyways, have a best fate waifu:
r0ykun Jun 1, 4:22 PM
Thank god it's summer, now I have (some) of all the time I want to be on here again <3

That's good! I need a new laptop soooo bad, I just have no idea which one to get. Let me know how Saya no Uta is. I've always been interested, I just don't have the balls to actually read it at the moment since... That's not really my sort of thing haha. Isn't it crazy? First Planetarian, then Clannad, then Little Busters and Rewrite, and soon even Harmonia, which is being released in English first is coming to us. Visual Arts really cares about their English audience.

Konosuba was great, glad you liked it. I'm very excited about Yen Press licensing the novels. I hope Deen keeps the streak up, they're out of this world right now.

I have to agree, Ushio is my favorite right behind Re:Zero, which is getting better and better. I've heard great things about Tanaka-kun and the guy who directed Non Non Biyori, so I have no idea why I didn't pick it up. I'll have to watch it soon. How is Kuromukuro? I kneel Netflix will most likely get it, so I'm waiting on that. Yeah, Mayoiga and Big Order definitely disappointed me. Still watching Mayoiga, but I dropped Big Order after the first episode haha.

Damn, where did you read all of HakoMori at? I've been wanting to read that. What are your thoughts on it?

I've seen both the first two movies and they were both awesome, so I guess I really need to check out SAC soon. I guess that's gonna be the next show I start after I catch up on all my airing series!
FontSize72LOL May 22, 5:00 PM
It is kind of funny that so many people seem to hate Ixrec's translations though. Sure, they're not perfect but honestly who is these days? They're not even that bad, and i've definitely seen worse come out of MangaGamer in the past (And they're supposed to be "professionals"). I'm definitely looking forward to it, though. Rewrite is one of those few VNs that i really want to support but its really hard to import anything from Japan, even if you have the money. But yeah, I sure hope that this means that they're actually going to make an effort in adapting this show. Honestly this might be Keys last chance to save face after that trainwreck that was Charlotte. Angel Beats was obviously not as good as it could've been with another cour and some more careful pacing, either.

Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort is alright. I wont go into specifics because i don't want to spoil things, but its pretty a pretty sweet moege (and i mean that in more ways than one). Its pretty romance heavy, and most of the characters are fairly likable and the art is nice. It has a fair amount of h-scenes for its length [I'd say it took me only 20 hours to 100%] (roughly 5~6 per route + 2 in the bonus route), although i wouldn't say it was excessive as much as i would've liked a little more build up on a few of the routes. I liked the fact that it wasn't set in a highschool, but the heroines were essentially co-workers which isn't an angle that you see everyday. However without going into the nitty gritty there are some gripes i had with it, so i ended up giving it a 7/10. Its a nice change in pace if you're looking for something light-hearted and sweet, but don't expect any award winning narrative from this.

Yeah, i still need to get back into watching D.Gray-man. I watched a few of the earlier episodes, but having gotten around to picking it back up. But yeah, i'm pretty hyped for Summer, I might actually have a decent amount of shows on my plate if i don't end up busy with anything else.

TL purgatory is hell, though :(.
FontSize72LOL May 21, 9:40 PM
r0ykun May 19, 12:08 AM
Sorry for the super late reply, I've been so busy. Hope you're doing well :)

If you couldn't get IMHHW to work there's no way I'll be able to. Before I start anything else, I need to finish Grisaia first. I also backed the Muv-Luv Kickstarter so I can't wait to finally play those. Mahoutsukai no Yoru seems interesting, let me know how that one goes.

Erased really was a 9/10 until the last 3 or 4 episodes for me, so I would have to agree. I bumped my score up for Shouwa, and KonoSuba is the funniest show I've seen in a long time. Did you watch it yet? If not, do it!! Deen is killing it with Sakamoto as well, I hope they continue this streak.

I really wish I watched the first four of Revolutio, the way you describe it kinda hypes it up for me. What are your favorites of the season so far? The top of the list for me are Re:zero, Flying Witch, Kiznaiver, BNHA, and Macross Delta. Also really enjoying Bungou Stray Dogs and the new Sailor Moon. And yes, I liked Delta enough to want to check out older entries, I did not expect it to be as good or interesting as it is at the moment.

Now I'm super excited to read Kizu, and watch it! I'm so happy Vertical is going to release the novels, that's the only novel I really wanted licensed <3

How was GiTS SAC? That's been on my PTW for soooooo long and I still haven't gotten around to watching it.
FontSize72LOL May 1, 10:11 PM
Remember11 was just something i haven't got around to yet. I'm like 90% of the way through I/O and its... something. I'm not sure if you've read it, and i don't want to say much but its probably one of the more ambitious VNs i've read in its execution. Its fairly polarizing though, there are certain developments you're either going to like or you're not, not to mention several nitpicky things that i don't really want to point out at this time. I currently have it a 9/10. I/O is written by the same person that did Remember 11, as well as Co-directed by Romeo Tanaka so, yee. Never 7 wasn't bad though, I found the majority of the heroines eventually likable, although its not nearly as good as Ever17 in execution. I probably wont read Rmember 11 for a little bit though, I/O is pretty mindfucky as it is so i think the next few VNs i pick up are going to be some easy to digest ones.

Summer is looking like one of the best seasons in the last few years. You have Rewrite, Planatarian, Orange, ReLIFE, Mob Psycho 100, Handa-kun, as well as several sequels. Rewrite looks alright, and i'm not really holding my breath that we're going to get a "VN" experience, rather i just hope we get something that doesn't spit on the source materials integrity. Here's to hoping we get an "Inoue" anime orginal route or something, if they only plan on doing a cour or something.

Right now i'm kind of just browsing around at the few options i have left for english translated VNs, lamenting that i don't know enough moon to go through anything raw.
FontSize72LOL Apr 23, 1:33 AM
So yeah, i just finished Tokyo Babel. It was pretty good if you're looking for a decent non-ero chuuni/action genre'd VN. At the very least, it was pretty interesting. It has an A+ voice cast for it being a VN, something i either forgot or didn't realize when i first looked at it. I'd say overall i'd give it an 8/10, maybe an 8.5 if i'm generous.

I mean i have a few gripes but i don't want to get into it too deeply just in case you get around to reading it but yeah, if you're still interested in VNs i thought i'd let you know that its atleast worth checking out.
FontSize72LOL Apr 15, 6:23 PM
Concrete Revolutio is something i still need to get around to finishing. It wasn't very well recieved on MAL but i honestly i think its VERY underrated. I guess people just cant be bothered watching anything unless the plot is spoon-fed to you anymore. If i can get the first season finished sometime comming up, I'll probably pick up season 2.

This season is pretty good, and next season looks even better. Its certainly a far cry from the last few seasons where we only got a few good shows, a couple decent ones, and the rest was garbage.

Hero Academia does look great, and is well animated but its on the bottom of my list because i'm not sold on the premise yet. Its possible that i'll grow to enjoy it, but my expectations for the show haven't climbed out of the 7 territory yet.
FontSize72LOL Apr 10, 10:56 PM
Well, after finally getting around to trying out a few of this seasons anime, i have a feeling Re:Zero will be AoTS for me (if it keeps doing what its doing that is). Don't get me wrong, i enjoy the JoJo franchise and all but pretty much anything with time travel components in it is going to get more of my attention. Plus not to mention Re:Zero breaks the current trend of most shows being 1 cour. But of the stuff i'm watching so far this is where i'd rank things:

Re:Zero > JoJo pt 4 > Sakamoto = Kiznaiver >> Kabaneri > Hero Academia

Is there anything in particular that you're really enjoying this season?
Teyuga Apr 2, 7:07 PM
Oh! I forgot to mention, did you hear they're making a 5th Natsume Yuujinchou season? I'm SOO excited. The fourth season was amazing (we finally got some backstory on Natsume. I cried a lot, especially during the last few episodes.) Oh and I just noticed my previous comment said Mahout, not Mahouka. Thanks autocorrect. Oh, and I also forgot to ask, what are you favorite VN? I don't know where to start :p
Teyuga Mar 31, 6:18 PM
MAHOUT MOVIE?! WHAT?! WHAT?! THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME ABOUT THIS!! I LOVE Mahouka. I'm super excited about it. I can't wait till it comes out - I didn't think they'd release anything Mahouka - at least not for a long time. MADHOUSE is making a sequel? Aren't they notorious for never making sequels? I looked on Amazon but I couldn't even find the Japanese editions of Kingdom :/ weird. Gotta love Batoto.

Really? I only recently realized that there was licensed manga in English so I'm kinda new to that scene. But almost all the manga I've checked out are WAY behind the scanlations. One of the series I own, Noragami, is still like 15-20 chapters behind (each volume has 4 chapters), but once it catches up to the scanlations it'll get way ahead since they release monthly which I'm really happy about. I started reading some of the scanlations to around when Staz's dad came back into the story. By latest do you mean the one that came out in February?

Nope, I haven't seen it yet. I don't really know if it aired in my location. I prefer to watch movies once they come out on DVD since it gets so expensive. I'm probably going to watch Season 2 just to finish Psycho Pass. The first season was soooo good. It won't be the same without Shinya & the red-haired guy. They were my favorite characters -___-

That's probably a good idea. It airs in an anime season or two or three. Though I'm a bit nervous because Favaro isn't on the cover. I really hope he's in it. Mappa? I should really pay more attention to studios - I have no idea who does what (other than Production I.G. because they made a lot of my favorites) I heard that season 2 won't follow the manga at all...I'm really disappointed. And they won't make a season 3 since it costs so much to animate :( guess I'll start reading the manga soon after all.

Oh yeah! I heard about D.Gray-man getting a continuation. I'm planning on watching the first season before the new one airs (hopefully, if I have time) Really? Isn't FMA in the top 5 or something? I still have to watch FMA. Tbh, I still have to watch all the really popular stuff. I haven't seen Bleach, One Piece, FMA, Gintama (currently watching it though), Hunter x Hunter, etc. I have seen Naruto though. Yay Gil XD I'm glad there's character development cause he's my favorite. I also really like Break and Elliot.'s really nice to see it animated and in color though. Guess I'll try to really enjoy the 2 seasons that are out. Didn't Madhouse do One Punch Man? For something so popular, I really hope they do a season 2. I love that series so much.

You're part of MAL Rewrite? Nice! Do you have to complete rewrite the synopsis (and know the plot to rewrite it) or do you make smaller adjustments to it to make it sound better? So the VN is good but you think the anime will suck? How come? Oh, I meant the website. I never really know a good place to find them. I've been wanting to read some of the popular VN lately. I'm also trying my first LN (Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. I REALLY liked the anime.)

The second season just ended and there's no third season in the nearby future q_q I've been spoiled with Daiya anime. Really? I like Furuya but definitely not my favorite. Miyuki's such a turd but I love the guy. I like the competition between Sawamura and Furuya. Furuya's pitching style reminds me of Shigeno Goro from Major, one of my favorite sports anime.

Defintley. I read some of Handa-kun. It was pretty good, but Barakamon is much better. I totally forget if you answered this, but have you seen Barakamon? I love that anime so much :D AND YES!! I DID!! The other day I was looking at all the upcoming anime and when I saw Haikyuu I freaked out. I'm SOOOOO excited for Ushiwaka (is that is name)? He's had little cameos but they've still never played. I can't wait to see his spikes. Mad-Dog had some crazy spikes but Ushiwaka's are going to be insane.

r0ykun Mar 31, 4:51 PM
I really want to play F/SN, but I need to finish other things first. I started Grisaia and never continued, and I still haven't played IMHHW. I also backed the Muv-luv kickstarter, so I'm really looking forward to that once it's available. Isn't Melty Blood Type-Moon? I saw that that is getting a release on Steam, so maybe there's hope for Fate and Tsukihime in the future.

What did you think of Erased's ending? I thought it was anti-climatic, but the series as a whole was very good. It's right behind Shouwa Genroku for favorite series of winter 2016, with KonoSuba right behind it. I really need to watch Ajin, I probably will watch it before it ends up on Netflix lmao.

I'm so hyped for Ushio & Tora, I hope its highly rated as well. Are you gonna check out the new Macross? All of the series are canon (for the most part), so it needs no prior viewings. People just say to watch the original series or Do You Remember Love movie to get a grasp on the universe, and I plan on watching them eventually. I think it'll be a lot of fun, unless it ends up being disappointing.

No I haven't watched it yet, I really need to. I'm hoping Kizu gets subs soon cause I NEED to watch it. I just bought the novel, so I'll read that until then. It was good, just a little weak. Still worth the watch :) I guess Empire of Corpses is next, one of those Project Itoh movies. April 19th and 20th!
FontSize72LOL Mar 27, 8:43 AM
Well i finished it, was pretty much what i expected it to be. Honestly if the show had a double-length first episode with some of the cut early chapters and actually fleshed out the conclusion with another episode, it might have went a bit better. I think a gripe i have is with the overuse of the cliffhanger. I mean i like cliffhangers, but there isn't a need to have one practically every episode. Its a good way to string along your audience but at the same time, it loses its appeal when it gets overused.
FontSize72LOL Mar 25, 11:42 AM

So how about that Erased, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I need to actually finish watching it but i've basically read the manga, and then read they deviated from it in the last few episodes, and kind of shit the bed in the execution. I might finish it up sometime today though. Depending on how much they shit the bed, I might drop it to an 8, but i still liked the series well enough.