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HunterTennouji | 11 hours ago
That was exactly what I thought as well. Because of how badly they botched that part (it was really rushed) I ended up thinking "Why didn't they just adapt Rewrite?". Lo and behold.

Maybe that was what Jun was thinking when he finished Charlotte xD

FontSize72LOL | Oct 6, 9:31 PM
As for iconic scenes, I honestly don't know. Assuming its adapted:

After re-reading Kotori's route, I don't think its as bad as it first seemed. This time through i felt more comfortable with it, i guess. As for the inconsistances in the writing (Varying dissimlarities with how kotarou's power is portrayed),
I'm hoping the Fandisk gets translated sometime soon, It looks like Ixrec is slacking a bit on it. Oppai ending is definately great, I'll be mad if that doesn't get made into a special (Like the Mask of Saito in LB!).

I basically read it so fast because thats (most) of what i did in the last week. It still took me about 60 hours, I might go through it again eventually to fill out the quest/character logs, but not sure if i want to do that. I'm thinking since i have Majikoi still installed on my laptop, I'll probably go through that again with the 100% patch that got released a while back since i never finished Miyako, a few of the side routes, and Agave. If Grisaia is the greatest "serious" comedy, than Majikoi is the best non-serious one (imo).

But yee.. Crossing my fingers on the adaption being decent, It'll probably be a year before it comes out and i hope i'm in the position to enjoy it at the time.

FontSize72LOL | Oct 6, 6:29 PM
I just got finished with Rewrite again, #hype. Now that its fresh in my memory, I honestly hope the adaption is good. Given how Rakuen turned out, If they give atleast 1 cour for Terra, i can actually see it being relatively decent.

r0ykun | Sep 30, 7:37 PM
Same for me, except the two shows I was looking forward to the melt ended up being the most disappointing *cough* Charlotte and Gangsta *cough*

I see, I guess I just need to time to play a 50+ hour vn. Hopefully the director and staff will try and deliver a good end product, as it is a part of the Key titles. Nevertheless, still excited for it!

I'm a little disappointed in this fall season since there isn't 20+ shows I want to watch this time around. My hyped are pretty much the same as yours, I actually just finished K today and it was decent (just need to watch the movie before the season 2 premiere. Other than those, I feel like Utawarerumono: False Mask and the new Gundam series have a lot of potential as well, and that Sakurako-San and Subete ga F will be amazing.

FontSize72LOL | Sep 29, 5:23 PM
Inganock is such an odd VN. The setting and characters were pretty quirky, although i honestly don't remember a whole lot about it since its been 2-3 years, and it was during my binge period lol. I do remember it having a Cyborg waifu in there, but i don't think that really went anywhere because the VN itself is quite linear.

Akane is a close Second for me, probably for the same reason. Honestly, I started Reading the VN again because someone linked me the Oppai Ending. Good Lord, that ending is just great. I like Kotori's character quite a bit, however i don't think her route really did her justice, however i hear that her afterstory from the Fandisk is great. I do hope they keep all of the themes the same, though.

Hey man, Robo waifu's are great. As for OP, You might end up catching up pretty soon, especially when i get to the point where they start adapting less and less chapters lol.

HunterTennouji | Sep 29, 11:00 AM
Hopefully it will not be like Charlotte...

r0ykun | Sep 28, 3:34 PM
Haha thanks! Good to be back haha, been really busy lately and am barely catching up on summer anime lol.

I figured! Guess I need to board on the Rewrte hype train and play it. And another thing to worry about us the director of Grisaia is directing it, but I'm not that worried now cause he did a really good job on Rakuen.

Biggest hypes for the fall season for you? The this season seems kinda weak.

HunterTennouji | Sep 27, 1:00 AM
I damn hope it won't be 1-cour heroines, due to the sheer size of story in every single one of them. 3-cour is somewhat unrealistic to hope though, since it might alleviate first-time viewers. An OVA for Moon I can definitely see makes sense, and then Terra for its own separate (and hailed as zee best, if anything to go from the Grisaia adaptions).

I swear if 8bit fuck this up. They have a genuinely good license there and it could make or break for them.

FontSize72LOL | Sep 26, 8:12 PM
I'm getting him to commit to Gintama. Which is more than enough for going through OP. Which reminds me, I was going to make more headway into it, but the annoucement for Rewrite kind of threw off my whole day lol.

As for VN's, I think i've read the majority of the good english translated ones, however since i haven't read anything for a while, and i haven't checked up on Translations, There are a few decent ones i might have missed. If you ever need a suggestion, let me know. I do have to say, however, that any VN reader should eventually go through the Muv Luv Trilogy (Extra -> Unlimited -> Alternative). I'm not the biggest fan of Mecha but its seriously great, well... not extra as much, but Unlimited and then Alternative is just great. Extra is a necessary evil though, i just wish it was a bit more than your standard Moege.

I don't know, I think my fondness for Sora was more or less the gap moe from her being a supposed VI/AI. Lucia is my favorite from Rewrite though, Her route was my favorite out of the character routes, and it had this fluffiness to it that the others didn't have. Its hard to explain lol.

FontSize72LOL | Sep 26, 5:01 PM
Ever17 was truely great. It had the atmosphere, the individual routes were good, especially Tsugumi's (Although, as a character i probably liked Sora a bit more, don't h8 m8). Once i saw what the True route was trying to accomplish, It was instant 10/10.

Yeah, I haven't read many VNs lately, or honestly at all in the last year and a half or two. I think the last one i finished was Ayakashibito (Which was p.ok, although alot of the h-scenes felt really out of place/unnecessary). I suppose if you can count them, I did finish Ar Tonelico 1 and 2 after that, but those are more jprgs than VNs.

I doubt Ryan will actually watch Rewrite unless we make him, which i probably wont unless the adaption turns out to have any kind of potential, which we wont know until the episode count is released. However, the fact its being directed by the same person that did Grisiaia makes me less than hopeful. Who knows, maybe the dream will be real.

r0ykun | Sep 26, 4:22 PM
Long time no speak! How've ya been?
By way, did you hear that Rewrite is getting an anime adaption?

FontSize72LOL | Sep 26, 3:59 PM
I just finished watching an anime movie because i realized it was created by Romeo Tanaka. It was actually pretty good besides some nitpicky things.

But yeah, I don't know why Ryan won't just join us in the camp of people who read Visual Novels. I mean, there are plenty of non-ero visual novels that are good.

FontSize72LOL | Sep 26, 3:35 PM
Ryan said we're the same person lol.

HunterTennouji | Sep 26, 1:51 PM
Yeah, a pity WhiteFox didn't get the rights. That said, I did like Meikyuu and Rakuen, even if Kajitsu sucked.

It will be pretty hard to fit all of Rewrite in the same continuity but I am hoping of 2 cour with common and all heroine routes. Then a 1 cour with Moon and Terra. Something like LB!

HunterTennouji | Sep 26, 1:28 PM
Man, I have a mind of going through the 80h+ of Rewrite just to get myself hyped again. It's been too damn long. About time it got the adaption it deserves.

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