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r0ykun | 05-03-15, 11:16 PM
I haven't had a chance to read past chapter 40, but its really great. The anime is a spot on adaption of it so far so I am extremely satisfied (and I haven't seen Sakurasou yet haha). Damn, that's a lot even out of the hundreds of chapters out already. Can't wait to see what Kingdom is like myself soon.

Same, this weeks episode left me on the edge of my seat the entire time (that cliffhanger!!) I don't know what is being cut out from the VN but the last two episodes have been very satisfying in terms of execution. I do as well, his development has been out of the waters this season. I think I can watch Nagato-chan all the way through now but I saw a picture that labeled this Nagato as the mentally challenged Nagato and I couldn't agree more lmao. Yeah I know :/ I really want to play it too. I'll probably try the way you told me to download it a while ago. I just wish we can get a localization of it soon (Why we haven't is beyond me).

I know I'm excited about this! I haven't had much time to play it but I'm 2 hours into eden* and its beautiful so far. Oh nice, I was leaning towards buying the hard copy of IMHHW as well but it was on sale for a week on Steam so I had to take that offer. How is Ever17? That one sounds extremely appealing to me as well. Yeah, it seems pretty easy to set up the patch so I will definitely be playing the 18+ version.

No kidding haha. I love CLAMP's noodley character designs so they are both on my PTW list.

Me either, it's extremely weird and stupid but very enjoyable. I honestlym don't really know if I should say you're exactly missing something, but I'm enjoying Rakuen so far. God, I am so excited for SekaiProject to release the VNs, I hope its very soon like they've been promising.

Me too, and usually when I think things are pretentious I don't think they are as much as some argue they are haha. Yep, they take off everything that gets licensed here :/ I don't think I will either, which is why I haven't read my copies yet so I can wait for subsequent releases and won't be left hanging for a long time haha. Haruhi novels are something I really want to own, so once I rack up some money that and Spice & Wolf are on my list of light novels to complete.

I pray we get it. But what gets sequels and doesn't is very strange due to Japan's different tastes :/ I hope not, I'm dying to see what the VN will bring to the table. Hopefully a lot the anime may have left out. I don't get the hate for Key, everything I've seen from them has been beautiful.

I don't go to as many as I used to, but I still go to a lot lmao. A lot of people really like Blue Sky Noise, but On Letting Go is my definite favorite from them. Honestly, anything from them is good. Even my least favorite album from them (Violent Waves). Wow, I've seen all those bands live except for Greeley Estates and Confide. I'm more into stuff like Dance Gavin Dance, Chiodos, and Lower Definition, but I also really dig more melodic hardcore stuff like Counterparts, Hundredth and Have Heart. I'll have to look up Zack Hemsey, he sound pretty legit. Yeah me either, I even saw them live with Craig but they weren't that good to be honest haha. Ronnie Radke is honestly a talented vocalist, I just hate the crap he's been putting out recently (and his attitude as well). Except that Dying Is Your Latest Fashion sequel, that sounds interesting. Hey as long you can do it, that's something to be confident about. I say go for it! I agree, I know so many drummers that re a lot better than me and it really intimidates me. But I'd like to put drum covers on Youtube after I get a new drum set soon. Damn, that's a really good start right there. America could use more light novelish stuff, since I feel like America is too interested in books such as Fifty Shades of Grey at the moment haha. Keep pushing through though, this is something to be proud of!

r0ykun | 04-22-15, 5:20 PM
Same I'm sorry haha :/

Oh nice, I want to read it soon. Busy reading Shokugeki no Souma right now though :D

Me too, I will NOT wait that long I need to watch it now haha. Anilinkz usually has it by early Saturday morning but I don't watch it until Sunday due to all the shows that air Saturday's. Really? That's disappointing, cause I agree that Shirou needs more screen time and development. I hope that changes soon. I'm loving Oregairu so far. It's my second favorite sequel behind Sidonia. The intense atmosphere of this season is very good. I was at first about Nagato-chan too but Haruhi and Koizumi's appearance changed my mind a bit. uTorrent :/ I really want to play Fate too so it made me sad haha.

Speaking of VNs, I bought eden* and If My Heart Had Wings on Steam today (IMHHW was only $8.99!) I think I'll just download the restoration patch for IMHHW... Even if it'll take me forever to find out how haha.

Yeah why Sentai dubbed that and Diabolik Lovers is beyond me haha. CLAMP's art is amazing, I want to check it out as well. I heard the xxxHolic anime is actually good so that's something to look forward to. That's good, I think it's a show that should be watched slowly. Kinda like Mushishi.

Punchline is batshit insane, I love it. I'm actually not too sure, but I'd probably say Grisaia no Rakuen (which has been way better than Kaijitsu so far). No it is not, it gets me too fired up haha.

Very good. It's honestly a bit pretentious but I like it a lot. The art is pretty amazing, definitely check it out. That's a very nice collection, I would really to expand on mine as well. It's a shame that BakaTsuki took of Index, they still have New Testament though :/ Haruhi, how does the novel's compare to the anime?

I don't think I could either. Root A was pretty fucking bad

It's doing very well in Japan so it's entirely possible! I feel like Charlotte will get a visual novel eventually just like Angel Beats. I have high expectations for it, don't care what anyone says.

I saw them Monday and they were amazing, really recommend getting into them whenever you can. Wow, I went through those phases not too long ago haha. What are some bands you liked or still like? (Not even gonna lie that's a great album, too bad both ETF and Ronnie Radke went down disappointing paths). I've tried to and I can't sing or scream for shit haha. Drums is another story. But you're welcome! I hope you find the type of writing you want to do in the future and continue to pursue your dream :)

r0ykun | 04-03-15, 12:03 AM
Sorry for the super late reply, I went out of town two weeks ago and fell behind on winter anime series and have been super busy lately.

But I didn't realize that Kingdom was over 400+ chapters. May'be I'll give it read over summer break when I have more time.

I have to agree, I'm so pumped for both of them! I'm also really excited for Oregairu Zoku and Nagato-chan <3 Actually, I did not. The torrent downloader I had gave my computer a nasty virus and I had to completely erase my laptop :(

Same, I can't stand the typical high school shoujo lead sometimes (even though I still love it). I've heard the manga for Tsubasa is a lot better, but I still want to watch the anime. Also really want to check out xxxHolic. Isn't Hanasaku great? Such a unique slice of life series, I'm glad you're enjoying it as much as I did. I hope so too, there's no way Pierrot can just leave the series hanging like that.

Agreed, and I think YKA was almost as brilliant. I also like the theory behind Sanetoshi as well. Oh MAL, how your elitist users are ever so entertaining lmao. Can't wait to see the F/SN UBW S2 forums on Saturday.

Me too, also thinking of buying the manga. I only own about 7 series and I own a few Ghibli and other anime movies such as the Evangelion rebuild ones and Wolf Children. I only own one series that's almost completed which is Aku no Hana (I have 9 out of 11 volumes). I own a few volumes of 3 other series and I just bought the first two volumes of the Index novels and the first volume of the Spice and Wolf novels. What about you?

I still need to finish it, thank you for reminding me about it! I see a possible :re adaption happening but its not gonna be good :/

I think that overall it was a solid series. I think the last few episodes were a little week but it didn't change my opinion about that great episodes before it. I think the climax was a little... predictable. Not that I mind, I just wish we got more answers. I gave it an 8 haha.

Miyamori crying while Shizuka was recording made me cry tears of joy, I was extremely happy! I want a second season so bad, definitely my favorite leftover series from fall. I am too, I don't care either. I just hope it has more episodes than Angel Beats did but I won't count on it knowing PA Works.

Not long at all, like almost two years. Definitely not as good at it as I am at drums. I'm more interested in starting a band, I just don't know what. I listen to so many genres its impossible for me to choose. My favorite band is Circa Survive, so probably something of that sort cause I like how experimental they are. That's a very good start though! No matter what it may be, keep working on it until you see it as something to be proud of. Gillian Flynn said that journalism helped her a lot in becoming an author and that she'd have no idea how to write a novel if she hadn't been a journalist for a decade, so maybe that's something that can help you a little :)

r0ykun | 03-07-15, 12:14 AM
I think their Tarou is Yasuomi Umetsu ;)

I haven't seen much from Pierrot but I can see that since they are doing quality work with Yona. It's a shame they couldn't do the same for Tokyo Ghoul. Ah Kingdom, been meaning to tackle that soon. What should I start with first, manga or anime?

I think MAL does that with any show that has or sometimes tries to have an intellectual plot lmao. Oh nice! I absolutely loved Sidonia, glad you enjoyed it as well. As of right now that is definitely the sequel im looking forward to the most for spring 2015 anime.

I would honestly buy it but Pony Canon USA's pricing is RIDICULOUS. $70 for a full series is acceptable, not for 3 four episode sets in 2015 (I know Japan does it but I cannot afford that). I'm loving Natsume so much right now, it's very Mushishi like but more comedic, definitely my kind of show.

Yeah Nana was great, a lot of people dislike Nana K. because of her stupid desicions but I like to see her as a deconstruction of the typical female shoujo lead since nothing really goes her way. You'll see what Iean when you watch it :) I can tell I'll Chihayafuru a lot, it's on my short PTW list. How's Tsubasa? I own a few volumes of the manga but never finished the series. And I loved Hanasaku Iroha, definitrly one of PA Works better series. Me too, they really need to confess to eachother soon, seeing them fret over their feelings makes me so restless haha. Me too, I think too many people are taking it way too seriously cause this show is a shit ton of fun. I think we know where Third Aerial Girls got its inspiration from now lmao

Ikuhara is a very unique director, even more so than Shinbo. The imagery and symbolism didn't come as easy toe but there were a few noticeable ones, like the symbolism behind the apples. Shows like this are so interesting to read on MAL through others opinions, but is very time consuming... Like very. I want to buy the Blu-Rays too, probably wait till Roght Stuf's holiday sales.

Speaking of Blu-rays, I just pre-ordered Darker than Black S1 Premium Edition and Sidonia Collectors Editoon and I'm super excited. How many Blu-Rays and DVDs do you own? My collection isn't very big yet :/

You won't regret it, it's more detailed than the anime. Manga is something I'm very bad at keeping up with but I will definitely finish this all the way through. I've actually heard that Root A has been spoiling a few things that happen in :re, but I would not know yet.

Yeah, it's getting a little messy but I'm still expecting some insane finale. Don't know why I enjoy it so much but I do haha.

I agree, this week's episode was astonishing, mainly because of Hirokawa. I did not expect him to be human, and I really wonder why he was working with the parasites in the first place. Yeah that caught me off guard too lol, so many surprises. I wonder what will happen now that Hirokawa is dead?

I agree, but I get the feeling she and Hiraoka used to have thing for eachother and that makes me mad haha. Miyamori is my favorite female lead of the season besides Yona and Nanami. She's very hardworking and professional, especially for someone new to the business. They did for sure, I wonder if their next project can top this, which I assume is the next Key project Charlotte.

True, I think it was just very mediocre. But I do like season 1 a lot, but I just do. I think it's mainly cause I got it as a birthday gift last year and that's why enjoyed it so much.

I play the drums and piano, so I'm somewhat knowledgable in music. But I'm pretty much a human jukebox, very passionate about music. But I think that's awesome that you want to write actual literature. I think that's an awesome talent to have, especially since you have something you want to were about as well. How has that gone for you? Anythjng you're proud of yet? :)

r0ykun | 02-27-15, 1:31 PM
Definitely, I don't think I'll ever watch another Yasuomi Umetsu anime again lmao. Me too, Arms really needs to learn how to adapt their works properly considering they usually having amazing animation and soundtracks (Queens Blade, Gokukoku no Brynhildr, etc.)

I am too! The slow buildup is paying off nicely (I guess Pierrot can make decent anime when they put theirs minds to it). I thin Yona will end up being in my favorite characters list because her development has been killer, the best I've seen in a while. I don't see how there wouldn't be a second season, I'll be so sad if there isn't :/

Yes, I loved SYD*, even if it could become repetitive I still laughed my ass off the entire time. I'm glad you share the same opinion as me on NGNL. I didn't take it as seriously as many of the people on MAL did and I ended up loving it. I don't think it was meant to be taken serious in the first place and that's why its so (annoyingly) hyped, and appeals to many people. Oh! Can't forget Sidonia for the sprig season, I absolutely loved it as can't believe I forgot to include it!

I have actually and I regret not picking it up last season. Guess it's time to finally watch it, but I'll hold off on it until I finish Natsume Yuujinchou.

If you're looking for decent shoujo/josei, Nana is what you're looking for. You may not like it as much as I did but it was perfect in my eyes. I do too, I plan on watching Chihayafuru soon and I know you're a fan of it. I agree, this season is definitely developing every character yet ad I'm loving it, Kurama's past was quite unexpected to me as well, and Nanami keeps proving tha she has become a worth land god. I'm liking Kancolle a lot as well, it's so much fun to watch it and I don't get where all the hate is coming from (I think it's one of those NGNL things). That's true, Durarara!! Can be a lot to swallow in marathoning it but I loved it that way, but waiting in anticipation is fun as well. YKA has won me over as well, and I think even more so after finishing Penguindrum.

Speaking of Penguindrum, god damn Ikuhara is one genius bastard. I don't think I should've marathoned it at time but man it was one hell of a show. I had to read a lot of forums after some of the prisoners to fully grasp the symbolism and allusions but I think I get it more for the most part. 9/10 from me :)

I agree, the pacing has been nice this time around but maybe a little too slow for its own good. Btw, you should definitely read the manga when you have a chance. I don't think so, but at this point I'm not too sure. I think he's gone too far for redemption and will crash and burn as well.

Yeah I mostly agree, he seems too unstoppable for me to take seriously. But boy has it become a guilty pleasure of mine, probably more so than it should haha.

I do too, sometimes his emotionless self is hard to watch because we all know he suffering deep down. It's also hard to watch his interactions with Murano as well. But yeah these last few episodes have been super gritty and intense. Now that you bring Shiki up, the last episode reminded me of when the village went around killing all the shiki, and those were some of the most intense moments in anime that I have ever seen.

Damn straight, and oh Yano <3 I'm so happy she returned! I'm hoping Shizuka will make her big break by the end of the series since she really deserves it. Miyamori is becoming a very good production desk, at this point her future holds potential beyond the universe. Absolutely, I was scared that all these characters wouldn't get enough development kind of like Angel Beats but PA Works has proved me wrong.

That's good! Yeah the second season was definitely the worst season, but I think season 3 could have been amazing if the direction wasn't so lazy.

Definitely anything having to do with music. I've found that I am very good at researching and analyzing topics that have to do with music. What about you?

Ocean_Sea | 02-17-15, 10:43 PM
Yeah, someday I will. Has been a long while since I've seen the anime so reading the vn will be nice.

r0ykun | 02-01-15, 10:54 PM
I did too, which is why I haven't watched it haha. Arms really doesn't like following source material huh? That's kind of a shame, cause I feel like they could do some quality work if they tried. What sucks is I was looking forward to Isuca cause the art and animation is really appealing haha.

I could see why, cause it is really, really slow haha. The characters and the story are really awesome, especially Yona. But I think the buildup is totally necessary and somethig big will happen soon, although not in this season if it's only two cours. I'm hoping Pierrot gives us an epic season 2, but they are really... Unpredictable with their decisions haha. I'm gonna have to read the manga soon.

Nice choices, Im unsure myself as well. The first airing shows I started in 2013 were SnK and Gargantia and then I began to watch more (although not very good stuff), so I think I liked 2014 more. Top 3 for me from each season starting with winter were Noragami, Space Dandy, and Seitokai Yakuindomo* (tied with Witch Craft Works, Spring would be Mushishi Zoku Shou, Chaika, and Isshukan Friends (tied with either NGNL or Kawaisou), Summer would be Barakamon, Gekkan Shoujo, and Zankyou no Terror (tied with Ao Haru Ride), and Fall had too many to pick. Hana and Tsuki are automatically there too haha.

Shoujo/Josei has proven to my favorite genre at the moment, Yona and Kamisama are meeting my expectations so perfectly. I agree with everything you've said, but I also hope we get more on Akura-Ou and Tomoe's past soon. I'm really excited about Kancolle as well, it's been pretty damn good so far and I always enjoy watching it after a long day. Woah, I would not be able to watch Durarara, it's too high of a priority to wait for it haha. I think YuriKuma is interesting as well, but the recycled scenes get on my nerves for some reason. But the last episode was very interesting and the soundtrack is so amazing, I still think it has potential to be good as well. Ill check out Penguindrum next since its been on my PTW list for so long, an hopefully Utena in the near future. I'm personally more excited for Tokyo Ghoul, even though the latest episodes mediocrity ruined the exciting story that was happening. I'm looking forward to Aldnoah since I actually enjoyed the first season, but the asspulls are bit too muchc and Slaine makes me rage haha.

It sucks too, because the first season was so perfect, and then we get... That haha. I'm really looking forward to the movie, hopefully the U.S gets it soon. I know Funi will deliver on that.

The latest episode of Ange was awesome, lots of stuff I wasn't expecting. I wonder how Sunrise will pull off the ending, I can't see it ending in 8 episodes. I wonder if they'll make a second season or a movie or something. Yes, Salamandinay is awesome. Waifu material right there <3

Agreed, and I love every moment Migi is on screen. It's still crazy that Hirano Aya is voicing him. Shinichi is so different from the beginning of the series, it's crazy. I kind miss how he was more sympathetic but I like his development a lot more, it reveals his motivations a lot more. The last episode was crazy, the parasite with multiple parasites in it was insane.

Midori is awesome, I like her a lot too. She's like my ideal woman, and writing is something I would like to pursue as well. I also like Shizuka a lot too, I really hope she lands an acting role soon cause she really deserves it. I agree, Miyamori is such a hard worker and really keeps everything going, she's a great main character. I'm also glad side characters like Iguchi and the Ogasawara got some screen time as well, so I think the show's biggest strength is fleshing out all of the characters little at a time.

r0ykun | 01-17-15, 2:17 PM
Haha not a a problem at all man, I'm barely seeing this right now myself :(

Yeah I knew that ending was coming. While it wasn't bad, I was hoping for something... more sad haha. I'll probably check Isuca out. Arms does somewhat quality work when it comes to ecchi series so maybe it'll be decent. I wonder why it's starting so late Actually, everything this season seems to be starting really late)

I pretty much agree with everything you've said because those were all the best. The only other show I'd add is Yona and Taizai, and I liked Amagi Brilliant Park as well. I like Shigatsu, but not as much as everyone else is liking it. I was hoping for more of an awesome music show with romance but got melodrama instead. Speaking of this, what'd you think of 2014 as a whole for anime? Favorites for each season?

That's good! I really liked the first season, and the second season has been really good so far. It really caught me off guard, and I love Nanami as well. I'd have to say Mizuki is my favorite though haha. Yeah this season isn't that strong imo. But my favorites so far are AssClass, Death Parade, Durarara!!, Kamisama, Kuroko, and Maria. KanColle is fun as well, and I'm not feeling Yuri Kuma yet. I think it partially has to do with the fact that I've never seen Ikuhara's other works but I'm gonna stick with it since I've heard Penguindrum and Utena had a weird start but ended up being awesome. I take I should watch Penguindrum next? As for A.Z and TG, same for me except I hope they are better than their first seasons so that I'll like them a little more.

Definitely. PP2 was one of my most hyped shows of the year besides F/SN and Mushishi, and boy was I let down. 11 episodes was nowhere near enough, but I don't think anything would changed with the director and person in charge of series composition that helmed it. Really? Fuck, I was looking forward to that too! Do you know if Kougami shows up in it?

I honestly like it a lot now, and the last episode got really interesting. I like the multiverse concept a lot as well so I a really looking forward to what is coming soon. That Chinese looking princess is hot and voiced by Horie Yui so that's a treat right there haha.

Kiseijuu is my favorite show of everything airing at the moment. I feel your pain as well, and is it me or is Shinichi becoming more parasite like and Migi is starting to show sympathy toward humans?

I agree as well, Shirobako is awesome. I am defintiely buying it when Sentai releases it. Who's your favorite character so far?

einonymous | 01-13-15, 6:12 PM
Happy Birthday! (since [img] isn't working, here's a direct link to your present)

TheDeader | 01-13-15, 7:05 AM
Happy Birthday!

ABHISHEKV | 01-13-15, 4:34 AM
You're Welcome :D

Stark700 | 01-13-15, 2:19 AM
Yeah, sadly Winter is usually for some reason the worst season of the year. The upcoming Spring lineup looks like it will blow this out of the water. Big potentials for this season imo are Assassination Classroom, Death Parade, Yuri Kuma, Junketsu no Maria, Kantai Collection, and The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. Some of the sequels are great too like Jojo Stardust Crusaders and Durarara!!x2 Shou.

A/Z is going to be a mess. The first episode really had a lot of problems with the way it was directed. Hope they can redeem themselves somehow later on. Tsukimonogatari imo was pretty good. I think I enjoyed Hanamonogatari slightly better though.

Sleeper picks? I think The Rolling Girls would be something to think about.

xspookydarknessx | 01-12-15, 10:25 PM
Dude has it really already been another year?
I swear I only posted that tsundere happy birthday just a few months ago...

ABHISHEKV | 01-12-15, 8:52 AM
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday :D

Stark700 | 01-09-15, 5:57 PM
Wonderful post here man~

How are you enjoying the current Winter season so far?

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