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Diana107 | 08-13-14, 2:39 AM
You remember when i said i'll try to read a manga???well I still didn't -_-....I need to step up my game lol,but that's a good news to manga readers.

Yep true some people just follow people like sheep so you can't do nothing about it.

Yep It was good show and now I'm watching Durarara and I liked the cross over they did.It isn't as great as baccano,but It's good.

Lol That's too many 0_0.You sure know how to invest your time unlike me.7.51 that's a bit low...sometimes Luck aren't by some anime ,but as long as you like it nothings else matters :).

Lol you are right,but I don't know what happened to me lol...sometimes you need a break so you can miss a certain thing.


Diana107 | 08-10-14, 11:06 PM
Well shit ;( .Well let's not get our hopes high.

Well If you liked it then I'll like it :).

lol true,but not manga readers might find it good,but I noticed like I said that it was rushed.

It was really really awesome loved everything in it.Plot,characters,atmosphere it's just awesome <3 !!!!!

WOW that's really really a lot I guess you enjoyed all of it except Hanbun so good 4 u.I want to be like you lol.I watch only 1 episodes daily now.I hope I change.

Sorry for the late late reply i just noticed it -_- .

Diana107 | 07-18-14, 7:02 AM
What have you been watching lately ??? :)

Diana107 | 07-18-14, 6:28 AM
I hope It get a sequel as soon as possible :).I loved tht show really much.

To bad ;(,but let's hope it's get one.I guess I'll watch it since I have in my PTW list :).

The world is full of shit ;(.Let's hope it get famous.So many good shows to watch My head is about to explode lol

The world has plenty of good people <3.These dickheads deserve to get a ban from watching the shows they yell at :).

I think it's late since I saw the ending ;(. I think It was expected since it was a 13 episode.

Lazy people :P (I'm becoming a dickhead too lol)

I watched Slam dunk and baccano and I loved the 2 shows really much.

Slam dunk is an awesome sport anime and I just love it.

Baccano have a great story/characters/dub and it's gore is the most horrible gore i saw in an anime lol

ss4chris | 07-17-14, 8:18 PM
thanks. What do you think About Glasslip?

What pairings are we win for?

does everyone in Nagi end up with someone?

and What about Tari Tari? People keep talking about that also. Is that a happy ending also?

Diana107 | 06-30-14, 4:57 PM
Exactly!!!!!! log horizon,Kill la kill,Bokura wa minasou surprised me(not too much,but I'm new to anime :)),but I expected them to be mediocre which they aren't !!!!!!!:)

I heard just good things about Gin no saji :) will it get another season since i was about to watch it :).Tbh I don't know Kazuoka,but it seems cool :)

WTF!!!!!!!!!!! Are there still people like the???Fuck them.That guy deserves a medal or something and they say he owed us????I'm just speechless ;(.Poor guy I hope Karma hits them back hard!!!!!!!!!!!I hope It ended well for him!!!

I know -_-.I saw reviews and shit and the top reviews was 3 or 4. Since I never read the manga I don't know what happened,but tell me what they did wrong???Rushed it,hid important things......?

Ok I'm gonna buy it now lol.Every time I try it I cough like a elder person :).

I know,but at least they didn't fuck it up like some :).I hope they do a sequel since like I said it has a pretty decent fan base=$,but like u said Mushishi got revived = hope 4 us :)

Yep i hear the game is awesome as fuck(1st in japan).riddle had great animation(for me),but tbh I though it was O.K=(5-7) but when i saw the 1st episode I was pissed

So I guess I'll watch it next then.Thx :).very good :) and I think the upcoming years will be good in anime history(hope i wont jinx it or I would be killed )

Diana107 | 06-23-14, 12:07 PM
Best feeling ever :).When you like a thing more than you expected.65 that's a lot I hope they will do it in the near future :).I may be Bs but I think Ph is a drama kind of anime while Soul eater is a comedy one.Like always,Drama takes a special place in your heart :)

Wow some people deserve to get hit.What a bunch of dickheads accusing an ill person to be lazy.They don't deserve to read it.You are a good fan and I hope she get's better

I give it a try then.If it's decent and you liked it has to be good :)

Yep.The episode was kind of boring and wasn't that intense since 90% of the episode takes in one place.I hope they make it in the last episode :)

Bad possible ending but everyone was happy I guess.They should killed the inferno guy but not everything ends like you wants.

Yep his laugh is creepy as fuck but mad scientist laugh is on another level(I tried to do it but failed lol).Accelerator is the creepiest one

I know but from the looks of it it should have a sequel so that's why he didn't get more development :)..I liked the ending when Tamaki's dad and Kyouya's dad fought for who will get Haruhi :).Well I hope that Ouran will get a sequel so maybe wait a little(but it's unlikely ;( ).I heard the manga is great and there is a chapter were Haruhi in a uni(Maybe I'm bull shitting forgive me :)).Oh Damn well i guess you won't be reading it in the near future .One piece is damn long :D

Yep that's was annoying as fuck I know.The ending was the most happy ending I have seen in my entire life in everything(Sports,games,anime,cartoons) I was sad the no one Di*d LOL :).Yep she was a good character :) but her story made me >> 0_0.I should expected them to be mediocre to bad since they made dangatopa.

I know :).they did a good job. From what I heard from most people they saw that wixoss is actually like Madoka but with cards so that's what mad me watch it (I didn't watch Madoka :) ).Yeah me either I heard that they would air it in autumn but when??

Diana107 | 06-22-14, 4:09 PM
Looks like you love PH very very much :).I hope they would do it and not troll us and btw What will the reboot be like??(like the 1st one or with more chapters). If people hear you say that you would be in deep trouble :P.People want soul eater you could get killed LOL

Lol so it's more addictive than drugs :P.oh damn I hope she gets well soon ;(.So if she wasn't ill they could have continue it.Good 4 them not being assholes(not all fillers :)) and fill episodes with nonsense shit.That must be hard on you and all of DGM fans.Just hope that she gets well soon;

I hope it will be a satisfying end :).Is Isshuukan Friends heart warming(usagi drop style) coz if it's so I'm watching it NOW :). I think you like how they execute it since you are not angry like with black bullet :)

Yep It's connected :).That ending T_T fuck Inferno but It's kind of good but bad but good(you get it :))

-_- Didn't notice (I'm a bad listener) Okabe and Tamaki that guy knows how to pick good roles :).He is awesome and that is one of the best laughs (Accelerator might beat him :))

I know :).Yep Hikaru is the most one developed.I got a strong vibes that the ship is really really strong in this one :P but I prefer her with tamaki :).When I saw her Dad I was liek this 0_0

What did you think of A.Riddle and sekector Wixoss ?

For me riddle was decent but they really really really really fucked up with the ending

Wixoss was mediocre(I liked it) but the ending is what made for the most of the show :)

Diana107 | 06-20-14, 6:00 AM
Oh i see.I will watch it after it gets another season(if they are doing it which i heard they won't ;( ) Or i will cry and try to start manga.I'm like you I don't give the animation a big deal(If it's good it's a big bonus).Story is the main thing 4 me.Saw pandora cover and it Looks really good(don't underestimate the power of covers :) ).Btw the soundtrack is awesome listening to it as i type :)

I heard from lots of people that all 103 episodes are addictive as fuck :). I hate when they cut the anime especially when it's good or long(like DG). Studios need to continue these great shows instead of mediocre shows

It's getting intestine!!.2 episodes left and shit will happen or happened :).I always hear that Manga is usually better than the Anime itself so if u read most manga's u ain't a loser :)

i'm at 23 epi (I hate that Doctor now u know why) but that was really unexpected going to school and shit LOL

Tamaki is an awesome character and funny as fuck :).I don't know many voice actors but he did the job really well and it's ok to be bias from time to time :).

That's what i wanted to say :)

Diana107 | 06-15-14, 8:22 PM
I will but not now :) but soon enough :)

Magi it is :).Is pandora hearts anime good and is it still continuing.Dr.gray is good(Or i will be killed :))

It's better for you to stick with both of them.I stopped watching it and i never read it.So it must be a harsh experience for you if it was hard for me :)

So Brynhildr is doing quite decent thankfully i just want them to end it properly and i think they can do it.But black bullet like i heard from lots of people and you that the anime is rushed so it's not gonna be a good one

T_T i'm at episode 19 so you know what i mean those fuckers.So heart warming she is just great character and that doctor lol he is a genius i know

they are hilarious lol.All the cast have great chemistry with each other and that what makes her her aloofness :).Poor tamaki i like the scenes when sits in the corner sad :).She looks better with short hair than long hair(I don't know why :)).

Diana107 | 06-11-14, 10:38 PM
That's a very good news :).If i die from brain damage you are the reason :P

I think if i want to read a manga it would be magi since the anime isn't like it(manga better) and it would be a great start :)

So another fucked up/wasted potential anime???Good job -_- i hope these studios get banned or something.So many good manga/novel get shitty adapted.

Nooooo.Why they keep messing up things??? I hope it would be a decent ending but if it was rushed it would never be.It was good but if they are going to mess it all i can see another wasted potential -_-.

I loved how till now(epi 16) she seems to changed reiji a lot he even wanted to get back to his old life.I love the doctor(sometimes i love dick heads) he has some special charm on him.I won't say he is the best villain but he is a decent one.

Yes :).Glad you liked it.Twins can be really hilarious.Like i said their are some great episodes in it who has great meanings in it.Enjoy it to the fullest

btw thx for the add i though we added each other :)

Diana107 | 06-11-14, 8:49 PM
I just hope that they will air the anime soon.You told me that it will be great so i'm now waiting 4 it :)

no 2 episodes left :) but i will finish it but i don't know brain tells me to not watch it :).

I hope that i'll read manga someday.the positive side that it's cheap and they can publish it not like the anime which cost lots of money so it won't get cut
basically like drugs :) you need more and want to know what happens next :).I heard that black bullet manga>anime(way better) and is Brynhildr is gonna get good coz so far so good :)

<3 she is damn cute :).Awesome character really gave the series a big addition If she dies i swear i will cry ;(

Diana107 | 06-10-14, 9:18 PM
Looks really awesome i hope they do it and not other studio.It would suck if they messed the animation but i won't think they would do it :)

I'm afraid to watch the last 2 episodes :).I hope the ending would make it for me

Yeah it's totally different i think before the last episode end it was well adapted.But i hear it's a really good manga i think it's still publishes

That's why i'm careful about taking a step and reading a manga/novel coz i feel i would fuck up in college if i did :).do you spoil(read the manga/novel) the series for yourself or they cut the anime off so you are forced to or both :)?

btw Phantom looks really good episode (16) and i have the vibes of what will happen

Diana107 | 06-08-14, 9:17 PM
Damn it Akame ga Kill.That's an enough reason to hate it :P

I see.Like i said you can train or brush your writing skills here in the end it's a winning situation 4 you :)

Well that taught me a harsh lesson.I lost brain cells watching it :) but that's don't mean that the story is bad coz it isn't infact one of the most unique stories

Just to warn you the anime adapted everything except the ending

VanishingKira | 06-08-14, 7:38 PM
Cool,feel free to chat with me whenever,(I'm most likely going to be on here more often that usual seeing as summer vacation is starting for me after tomorrow).

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