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03-18-14, 3:52 PM
April 1, 1993
Leiden, Holland
July 24, 2012
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Time (Days) 88.5
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Time (Days) 24.1
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About AishaQ
My name is Aisha.
I really like anime for as long as I can remember.
But I start watching anime 4 years ago, because of Code Geass and now i'm kinda addicted to it.
Later on I started to read manga and the same thing happened.
I like all kind of anime , especially Comedy , Demons, Romance, School life , Parody, Yaoi , Fantasy, Martial arts, Shounen, Seinen, Shoujo, Action and Slapstick.
Overall I watched a lot of anime and read manga's. But i'm always in to new ones.
Also I have more favorites manga/anime than the one on my list. I have like a top 25 , this also applies to my favorite characters.
And I don't have something like my number one anime , this is because I find each and every anime/manga special and enjoyable. Plus each one has his unique storyline and charcater that makes me love it.
If it scored a 10 or 9 means it is one of my favorites.

To explain the high ratings on my animelist , or the ratings in my animelist in particular I would have to say this:
First let me say that I can not rate an anime below 5, even giving it a 5 means for me that the anime itself was terrible, awful and non-watchable. Or it was lacking a great purpose in the story- line.Still the maker of the anime made a lot of effort in creating the anime, solely for that reason I find myself still giving it the credits it deserves.
The high ratings however are based on the enjoyment, unique story-lines and the emotions that the anime gives me.

About Me:
I'm East African / Arabic.
I came to Holland when I was about 1 years old. I really love Holland , expect for the weather.
I study Social Studies.
I'm a very enthusiastic person, my friends describe my as a happy person.
Because I always smile.
If I like some thing I can be very enthusiastic about it.
Also I'm a very straightforward person , I say most of the time what I think.
I offer my apologies already , also I talk a lot so if you're annoyed by it just say it.

My goal in life is : 'To have a great amount of knowledge. And my own Manga/ Anime libary.'

I love Gaara :

My hobbies are :
SLEEPING, Watching Movies ( except dramatic ones) , Reading (except biographic and non-fiction), EATING(The only thing you can wake me up for, my best friend) Well that's sounds lonely, and now we continue..
Painting, Write stories, ANIME& MANGA'S, Music , talking and watching Football.

Other characters I adore :

I'm a very open person, so here is a little warning :
Weird things about me :

    - My Love for men. ( I like all kind of men.)
    - I love my own body.
    - I find almost everything acceptable
    - It's really hard for me to hate something.
    - I love Opera and Classic Music.

Okay I'm a bit weird, but so are a lot of people.
Generally i'm a kind and open person.
So feel free to talk to me.
P.S You will never find me fighting online, since I find it utterly useless and pointless to defend myself when talking to the computer. Nor will I start a discussion, I'm a peace loving and open-minded person. Tough I do complain but for that reason I am Human.

Kamui!! Always smile even when you are about to kill someone.

'Beware of the villain who doesn't have a motive, for they are the most mischievous of their kind'

I hope we can all get along and talk about everything.

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Kannei | 01-25-14, 5:13 PM
no problem, im fine just a lil tired :D

Kannei | 01-13-14, 11:10 PM
thx for the invite ;D

drinkbeer | 10-11-13, 10:34 PM
good luck for your last year of college! :)

drinkbeer | 09-08-13, 6:26 AM
its alright. :)

speaking of school.. i miss school :( damn lol.

yeah i am planning to continue watching more anime. i wonder how old i can keep watching anime until...

drinkbeer | 09-01-13, 9:00 AM
i hope i find it hilarious too. my sense of humour is quite lousy to be honest :P

i just realized you have watched a lot of anime, wow 86 days and 183 completed. how many hours do you spend on watching anime everyday? :)

drinkbeer | 08-25-13, 5:39 AM
naruto - i find him pretty annoying at first, but he turned to be more and more reliable. and hes quite badass. but sometimes i still hate his voice. i wish he has a cool voice like ichigo kurosaki.

rukia - i like her terrible drawings, shes cute too haha

natsu - yeah he makes me laugh often too

kakashi - hes a badass!

lucy - shes pretty and cute

and a few others that i am too lazy to continue listing :D

anyway i might watch gintama after i am done with bleach. what about you? what are u watching? :)

drinkbeer | 08-17-13, 8:36 AM
i don't celebrate it. but the muslims in my country celebrate it.

anyway nice list of favorite characters under "other characters i adore". i agree with some of them :P

drinkbeer | 08-10-13, 11:49 AM
it was Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore. what about your country? do you like celebrate it or something?

drinkbeer | 08-08-13, 11:44 AM
selamat hari raya Aisha :)

Aerostar | 08-06-13, 1:27 AM
I sent you a friend request.

drinkbeer | 08-05-13, 4:52 AM
yeah its coming to an end :(

to be honest we need more new shounen anime :P

my name is Ken ;)

Aerostar | 08-02-13, 3:30 AM
It's from Ookami Kakushi. i don't recommend it though. it's not so good, but some characters looks great.

Aerostar | 08-01-13, 2:29 PM
I like your profile picture. :D

Aerostar | 08-01-13, 12:49 PM

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