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09-15-14, 3:09 PM
April 1, 1993
Leiden, Holland
July 24, 2012
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Time (Days) 24.1
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About AishaQ
My name is Aisha.
I really like anime for as long as I can remember.
But I start watching anime 4 years ago, because of Code Geass and now i'm kinda addicted to it.
Later on I started to read manga and the same thing happened.
I like all kind of anime , especially Comedy , Demons, Romance, School life , Parody, Yaoi , Fantasy, Martial arts, Shounen, Seinen, Shoujo, Action and Slapstick.
Overall I watched a lot of anime and read manga's. But i'm always in to new ones.
Also I have more favorites manga/anime than the one on my list. I have like a top 25 , this also applies to my favorite characters.
And I don't have something like my number one anime , this is because I find each and every anime/manga special and enjoyable. Plus each one has his unique storyline and charcater that makes me love it.
If it scored a 10 or 9 means it is one of my favorites.

To explain the high ratings on my animelist , or the ratings in my animelist in particular I would have to say this:
First let me say that I can not rate an anime below 5, even giving it a 5 means for me that the anime itself was terrible, awful and non-watchable. Or it was lacking a great purpose in the story- line.Still the maker of the anime made a lot of effort in creating the anime, solely for that reason I find myself still giving it the credits it deserves.
The high ratings however are based on the enjoyment, unique story-lines and the emotions that the anime gives me.

About Me:
I'm East African / Arabic.
I came to Holland when I was about 1 years old. I really love Holland , expect for the weather.
I study Social Studies.
I'm a very enthusiastic person, my friends describe my as a happy person.
Because I always smile.
If I like some thing I can be very enthusiastic about it.
Also I'm a very straightforward person , I say most of the time what I think.
I offer my apologies already , also I talk a lot so if you're annoyed by it just say it.

My goal in life is : 'To have a great amount of knowledge. And my own Manga/ Anime libary.'

I love Gaara :

My hobbies are :
SLEEPING, Watching Movies ( except dramatic ones) , Reading (except biographic and non-fiction), EATING(The only thing you can wake me up for, my best friend) Well that's sounds lonely, and now we continue..
Painting, Write stories, ANIME& MANGA'S, Music , talking and watching Football.

Other characters I adore :

I'm a very open person, so here is a little warning :
Weird things about me :

    - My Love for men. ( I like all kind of men.)
    - I love my own body.
    - I find almost everything acceptable
    - It's really hard for me to hate something.
    - I love Opera and Classic Music.

Okay I'm a bit weird, but so are a lot of people.
Generally i'm a kind and open person.
So feel free to talk to me.
P.S You will never find me fighting online, since I find it utterly useless and pointless to defend myself when talking to the computer. Nor will I start a discussion, I'm a peace loving and open-minded person. Tough I do complain but for that reason I am Human.

Kamui!! Always smile even when you are about to kill someone.

'Beware of the villain who doesn't have a motive, for they are the most mischievous of their kind'

I hope we can all get along and talk about everything.

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Kannei | 01-25-14, 5:13 PM
no problem, im fine just a lil tired :D

Kannei | 01-13-14, 11:10 PM
thx for the invite ;D

drinkbeer | 10-11-13, 10:34 PM
good luck for your last year of college! :)

drinkbeer | 09-08-13, 6:26 AM
its alright. :)

speaking of school.. i miss school :( damn lol.

yeah i am planning to continue watching more anime. i wonder how old i can keep watching anime until...

drinkbeer | 09-01-13, 9:00 AM
i hope i find it hilarious too. my sense of humour is quite lousy to be honest :P

i just realized you have watched a lot of anime, wow 86 days and 183 completed. how many hours do you spend on watching anime everyday? :)

drinkbeer | 08-25-13, 5:39 AM
naruto - i find him pretty annoying at first, but he turned to be more and more reliable. and hes quite badass. but sometimes i still hate his voice. i wish he has a cool voice like ichigo kurosaki.

rukia - i like her terrible drawings, shes cute too haha

natsu - yeah he makes me laugh often too

kakashi - hes a badass!

lucy - shes pretty and cute

and a few others that i am too lazy to continue listing :D

anyway i might watch gintama after i am done with bleach. what about you? what are u watching? :)

drinkbeer | 08-17-13, 8:36 AM
i don't celebrate it. but the muslims in my country celebrate it.

anyway nice list of favorite characters under "other characters i adore". i agree with some of them :P

drinkbeer | 08-10-13, 11:49 AM
it was Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore. what about your country? do you like celebrate it or something?

drinkbeer | 08-08-13, 11:44 AM
selamat hari raya Aisha :)

drinkbeer | 08-05-13, 4:52 AM
yeah its coming to an end :(

to be honest we need more new shounen anime :P

my name is Ken ;)

johnyjohny | 08-01-13, 12:32 AM
Ach ja alle mangas doen er zo lang over met hun chapters. Ik pik het vast nog wel een keer op.

drinkbeer | 07-31-13, 6:13 AM
btw are you muslim or something? i have a few friends who has the same name as you and they are muslims :)

yeah the way minato carry kushina in his arms is so sweet isn't it? haha :D

johnyjohny | 07-31-13, 3:18 AM
Ow oke. Ik dacht eerst ik wacht tot de manga klaar is en dan gaan ze hem vast wel animaten. Maar ja als het nog zo lang duurt ga ik vast nog wel een keer deze manga oppakken.

johnyjohny | 07-31-13, 1:50 AM

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