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Mormegil | 12-03-14, 11:09 PM
Ika Musume is true MOE. And it does that without being otaku pandering. Fun special, btw.

On a completely unrelated note, agreed with your opinions on Psycho-Pass S2. I knew the lack of Makishima and Kougami would hurt it, but I didn't think it would be this bad. And while the Sybil system was pretty ridiculous(honestly speaking) in S1, it's just stupid as shit now without Urobuchi's writing. Man, S2 is a mess.

Mormegil | 12-03-14, 11:00 PM
Yeah. At that point, it would take a huge amount of time and effort. You've got around 300 chapters ahead of you. And what eventually will become a slog and complete disappointment. Stick with the Naruto games. At least they're fun! In the same vein, I couldn't imagine anyone starting One Piece now. Sure, it's a good series, but it's getting close to 1000 chapters. I don't know if any series is worth that investment...
Good thing I started One Piece a LONG time ago.

Well, hey, I finally updated my list(added tags and ratings), so thanks for the push. Still needs a little more work, though.

It was an amazing start and caught me by surprise. I kind of agree that it's fizzed out a bit, thanks to all the backstory and fantasy stuff leaking in, but I'm still enjoying the hell out of it. Hopefully it ends well.

...I don't know how I missed that squirrel in the Yona OP. I was wondering where it came from. Underrated, indeed. One of my favorites of the season.

Hello, there.

Brockemsockem | 11-23-14, 8:49 PM
I just finished Aldnoah and my thoughts are this: "WELL, THEN..."! The entire show meant absolutely nothing, and had absolutely no point, but I do want to see more so I guess I have to give it an 8/10. Is it wrong that I liked him for that very reason? The only disappointing thing was that the final mecha had the exact same weakness as the first blueberry they fought; it would've been more satisfying if they just hit it in the dick and said "good job, Inaho"! Imperfect characters are nice, but at this point I'm just glad to see a mecha protag who takes care of shit. The difference is that Kirito was worshipped like the Gary Stu he is, and Inaho was regarded by every character as "wtf is wrong with you?" and he got wrecked. Anything works if you have tits; men will get it working. There it is, our daily misogyny, yeah!

Really? Did I get the wrong idea from Macross, then? It just seemed like...I don't know, too girly or something? Did I judge it too soon; I've only seen parts of Frontier. Man that's SEXY. I loved the mechs, hated the singing (Lacus Clyne in Gundam SEED was enough for me). You might like RahXephon, then, it's basically Evangelion with a love story. The main robot fights giant genital robots!

I wish I had the capacity to care about anything after a wank. Maybe then I could finally see the whole storyline of The Playmate of The Apes movie. So, basically, males will read erotic novels, too, so long as we have pictures to go along with it? I never thought about that before. That's very sad, but more so, very marketable! Let's bring this Western!

I don't think there were any areolas in LOGH. Actually, I heard that main chick in Game of Thrones won't get naked anymore. That's like a Sherlock Holmes actor saying "I'm not going to wear a hat anymore", or Darth Vader saying "no more helmets"; your entire character revolves around you being naked! Oh, man, I want to watch Rainbow! I can't find it on your list, it's too long. Your list, that is, let's not get too rainbowy here. How was that show?

Yeah, another page in history, indeed. Another page of that book that 90% of students say is "boring", that's what your show should be! Ehm, sorry, that was jaded. Oddly enough I adore history. You remember a lot about that show. I kind of admire what they seemingly tried to do, which is make a realistic show where things don't happen just because they're dramatic, but the entire reason most people watch things IS because they're dramatic. I hope they reboot LOGH, so Urobuchi can make it into a short, ultimately easily forgotten 24 episode series with no hope of a sequel.

Maz-Maz | 11-19-14, 1:34 PM
You make me sound like a serial-dropper. I try to complete most series I start... honest!
Yep, same author as Sky High; I don't think his art style in Hito is weird but I haven't read Sky High so I wouldn't know. Did you like it? I wasn't really completely attracted to the summary.

Tumerking | 11-17-14, 3:20 PM
They fight. It's a draw. Sasuke decides to concede and everyone is friends and lives happily ever after. The fight was pretty short and to the point. It gave the whole fight an anti-climatic feel since the fight had been built up so much over the years, but at least it wasn't filled with too many energy balls or giant animal riding like so many of the recent shippuuden battles. Sasuke turning good afterwards felt completely empty and predictable as you can imagine, but there's no way kishimoto had the balls to kill him so I had braced myself for this years ago. You should at least read chapter 700 for the 15 year time skip and Sakura's daughter - named, and I'm not joking, Salad. It's bizarre seeing all the weird forced couples and their ugly kids. If nothing else it's a decent laugh. I enjoyed it.

I'm feeling all nostalgia-y about Naruto now that it's over. It was the anime that lead me to manga in the first place so it's sort of a big deal to me that its over. Gantz ending had less of an impact since it was honestly too terrible to even pretend to enjoy towards the end. I'm honestly not sure what this means for the rest of my manga reading life. I keep up with Bleach out of habbit and wouldn't care at all if it got cancelled tomorrow. The only stuff I read when they come out are Shingeki no Kyojin (Are we calling this attack on titan now or what? I feel like since we jumped on the bandwagon pre-anime like a couple of hipsters we should get to call it by its first name, shingeki) and I am a Hero. But Shingeki comes out monthly and I am a Hero comes out with a volume like once every 4 months so I'm not exactly the manga nerd I used to be. And I don't think I ever will be again.

I just don't really like anything anymore. Depression and all that. I'm waiting until Game of Thrones is over before I consider offing myself, but knowing that S5+ could be bad I might have to make that decision sooner than expected. Either way I'm not going out a virgin and I'm not too proud to pay for it. I nearly did a couple weeks ago; the girl even called and said she was five minutes away and then nothing. She just didn't show up. I couldn't get sex even when I tried paying for it! I took that as a sign to hold off on the prostitute purchasing for now. Fuck Airon I'm miserable. How do you live like this? Don't you ever want more out of life? I started going back to therapy recently and I'm getting new meds in about a month and they need to help. I don't know what'll happen to me if they don't. I'm literally always unhappy. Nothing cheers me up. I'm lonely. I'm nervous. I'm scared. I'm hopeless. I hate this life.

Sorry for that. Venting. I think you can relate.

I'm exhausted, always. I don't know what to do anymore.


RazzleDazzle | 11-17-14, 1:51 PM
Did you cry at the end of Naruto btw? Since you're one of those people who secretly still thinks it's good.

RazzleDazzle | 11-17-14, 1:47 PM
Yes Psycho-Pass S2 is dumb as fuck compared to S1, but S1 isn't exactly good either it's just edgy garbage that wants to be seen as mature fiction by throwning in random acts of sex and violence. Damn good opening of S2 of Psycho-Pass though.

The Parasyte anime is straight up garbage also. It's really offensively bad. The MC only has Kana and Murano interested in him, no one else. I guess the seaside inn girl too but after a volume she's never seen again, so...

"Shinichi, we need to kill A."


Also CGI usage is fucking bad as well but MADHOUSE have been shit for years.

bernardokubrick | 11-17-14, 9:48 AM
hey, yes i had a grown-up nakamura avatar, i don't think the change of hair color is relevant in any way, the ending is ambiguous and open as i hoped it would be

Xiaraith | 11-17-14, 9:06 AM
I've been on MAL for more than one year by now, and guess what, I already feel like one of the more experienced users in company of all the users who joined in 2014. Time flies by so quickly.
Adding 1000+ entries can be quite enjoyable if you are enthusiastic about anime and this task itself ~
More than 300k list views: that's still a whopping amount, even considering special forums and stuff.

>How did you come to start using list tags and becoming obsessive over MAL?
Mostly because I find 'normal' lists to be kind of lacklustre, and after discovering the endless possibilities to create an own layout while using the list tags to such great extents, I decided to create one of them myself. The limited space to write something is completely sufficient for my opinion ^^

Globalization is everywhere around us, and a few media products of the older days either have to adapt or are pushed aside by more modern attempts to appeal to the mass market. The same is happening to the formerly very popular German talk show "Wetten, dass...?", one of Europe's most successful entertainment and talk shows ever. Its concept of seeing famous persons on TV and peculiar abilities of people like you and me has lost its purpose with the constant presence of things like the Internet.
Thus I fear that anime is going to change as well, and it has already started here and there...

Don't worry, I would never look down on any person for not liking the SoL genre. It's something special after all.
>Btw, how come you're watching next to nothing bar sequels this season?
I don't like watching airing shows if they aren't SoL. Though I have finally been convinced to give Shigatsu a try ~

And hey, this very comment is the 3500th MAL comment I have written. Your name is added to this special list of mine (;

FallnKnightFakir | 11-17-14, 4:25 AM
I don't only watch things that has US anime releases, I watch fan subs all the time too, how else am I going to watch all that delicious 80s scifi anime that I adore so much? Most of it will never see a release over here. Sure, I bought Rose of Versailles and Space Adventure Cobra and Macross and Dirty Pair, but how else can I watch things like Legend of the Galactic Heroes or 80s Tezuka stuff (I highly recommend the Phoenix: Space movie) or Armor Hunter Mellowlink or Layzner or Dougram or other Ryosuke Takahashi stuff? Of his 80s stuff, only VOTOMs got released over here. Though Panzer World Galient was better off staying over there, how could a series with aliens and centaur mecha be so fucking boring? How could a man who made a 12 ep OVA about a dude with a giant anti-mech rifle out for revenge and refusing to use any other weapons to take out mecha (which, apparently, he could pilot if he wanted to, but out of principle...) then create the most boring fucking lead character ever and totally waste a series with centaur mech and aliens? Can't win them all I suppose... So yeah, I don't automatically like all 80s anime, I also found Captain Harlock to be ungodly boring (and also had that annoying thing where the next ep preview would spoil shit).

I saw Noein, it's one of my favorite series! Yuu was whiny as hell though, but I liked that the other kids weren't whiny or miniature adults, they actually acted like kids. Fantastic Children is another good series with "kids" (though in case, seeing how the "Children of Befort" hold previous memories and were adults, I can forgive them not acting like kids). And I have such a soft spot for Digimon. And I like Infinite Ryvius, which can take some getting into, but it turns out to be Lord of the Flies IN SPACE!

Tide Line's OVA ep was like an extra ep, "few months later..." sort of thing. Yeah, the girl was a blank slate, though I think she liked idiot, so that annoyed me. Seriously, I think she just liked everyone. The weird thing is, there's a somewhat similar character in the manga "From Far Away", she's not really skilled, but she's very optimistic and upbeat. She also does everything she can rather than be useless. It's weird how they're so very similar, but TideLine girl wasn't interesting to watch, but FFA girl is. I think it's because FFA girl still has more personality outside of that and her romance is gradual and believable (and not with an idiot, but an awesome guy). From Far Away is just a good manga, you should get that.

Well, yeah, every outside of Japan release will be behind US ones (though Viz does pretty well to keep SJ chapters up to date, though the volumes will come a while behind. Of course, I don't subscribe to SJ anyway).

Speaking of Ikigami, I still haven't finished it, I'm maybe 6 vols in, but there's a few reasons I haven't finished it (neither being that I am missing volumes, I have them all). Mostly, it's because it's a damn depressing series. And omfg, it's going all 1984 on me! I do have trouble binge-reading depressing manga. The worst offender is clearly Barefoot Gen for me. I rented v 1 and 2 from the library ages ago, "enjoyed" them (as much as one can enjoy something that depressing) and have always wanted to read more, and in fact have it all, but holy crap! How can a manga about the post-Hiroshima bombing not be incredibly depressing at all times? It cannot. At least not in the first two volumes.

Ownsin | 11-17-14, 12:58 AM
Oh hey, no problem. I thought you probably just didn't see my message or forgot to answer back or something of that sort, glad you did read it though :), so it's okay. Anyway back to the main topic, i agree with everything you said about Saber. I also disliked how the character is forced to romance a teenage kid just because it's an "eroge" VN. If the author left her intact without all the romancing she would even be a better character. Btw i have always wanted to mention this, i really do enjoy reading your list tags. I agree with mostly 95% of them which to me is a lot. As in an example, it's one of your list tags that got me to watch Romeo no sora, which i really liked and found to be a touching story, but obviously it's not without its faults. I did rate it as an 8 just as you did. Thing is i enjoy reading your tag lists because you really look at anime objectively just as i do. You don't think subjectively when you want to rate an anime or basically discuss how good it was. A lot of people are biased and can't take criticism for their favorite anime. Like take Pshyco Pass for example. I completely hated the first season. The second season is even worse, and people are loving it like it's the best anime of the century, well maybe not that far, but you get the point. And when you try to argue that it's not and in actuality it's a terrible albeit mediocre anime, you get flamed to oblivion. Anyway i have ranted far too much.

What I'm basically trying to say is that i love the way you criticize anime and manga you watch and read. So i find myself on your animelist/mangalist every season checking your opinion on new anime and manga, and seeing if it matches mine, and it usually does. It's rare for me to see someone who looks at anime/manga objectively as you do. Or at least it feels like you do to me. So keep it up ;)!

Oh and i love to see your forum posts in the episode/chapter discussion threads. Seeing your posts there really puts a smile on my face. Take Kemono no Souja Erin, i was having a pain in the ass of a time watching it because of all those damn flashbacks in every damn episode. In the discussion thread no one was even talking about it or how annoying it was. Then i saw your post and you criticized that among other things. It's just the little things like that for me that make me happy to read your discussion posts. Well, in Kemono no Souja Erin the flashbacks were no little thing, they were a literal pain in the butt, and a big part of the series. I was basically killing myself each time they showed *spoiler* her mother's death *spoiler*. It really marred my enjoyment of the series.

Link_of_Hyrule | 11-16-14, 7:02 PM
Huh, I never really considered what would happen when I ran out of good anime. It seems so far away that it may never happen, but I guess it will eventually. Good advise; thanks

Ughh, I hate it when shows end incomplete; really gets under my skin. I'll probably stay away in that case.

I need to get more into JRPGs. I tried Tales of Vesperia about a year ago but ended up never finishing it; I need to actually take the time to finish one.

Ownsin | 11-16-14, 3:35 PM
Hey i saw your comment in your watching list about "Lady Arthur". I take it you don't like Saber? she is one of my favorite characters in the series. It saddens me to think that you dislike her.

Mormegil | 11-15-14, 12:13 PM
Surprisingly, no. I'm sure Kishimoto wanted to end it that way, though. I won't spoil it for you, in case you decide to go back and finish it.

Yeah. Sheer laziness on my part, I guess? In fact, my currently watching list is outdated. Some of those shows I've finished already, and a few of them should be moved to the on-hold section. Hopefully I'll update it soon and maybe even add some mini-reviews.

Thanks. What a pleasant surprise Bahamut turned out to be. Still can't believe it's based on a card game...

What's the deal with the squirrel? Where is it from?

FallnKnightFakir | 11-15-14, 3:56 AM
I didn't recommend Dennou Coil or Edo Rocket, I've not finished the first or seen the latter (in fact what I did see of Dennou Coil, I didn't enjoy, so I definitely didn't recommend that one, been years since I've seen any of it though)

I liked the first episode of Tide-Line, but it became more and more apparent that Keel was fuckin' boring and the series should've followed Teen way way more. And I really wish the preggo girl had done more than just, chores and have a kid and be nice and happy. Better than emo, but I feel like there could've been more potential there.

I finished Bokurano, toward the end, there's like two big "WHAM!" moments not too far apart and it's like "daaayyummm!" that don't happen in the anime at all (the anime director wanted a happier ending, believe it or not, it's what he did and he accomplished it). Viz took way longer than two years to release it though, if it had been two years, there would've been a new volume every two and a half months or so (pretty fast if you ask me). But I think I bought the first volume in 2009 or something, so it took them like 5 years with two vols a year. Viz took 7 years to release all of Hikaru no Go. The series ran in Japan for 4 and a half years, so Viz took longer to release it in English than it took for it to be made in Japan. They're currently at least ten volumes behind Kaze Hikaru and since their Shojo Beat magazine is dead, they went to 2 vols a year and now 1. 1 single lonely volume of Kaze Hikaru. A year. That's probably their current worst offender (though they've still released through 22).

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