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Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu
Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu
Apr 18, 6:36 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored 5
Go! Princess Precure Movie: Go! Go!! Gouka 3-bondate!!!
Go! Princess Precure Movie: Go! Go!! Gouka 3-bondate!!!
Apr 18, 6:35 PM
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Yoroiden Samurai Troopers Message
Yoroiden Samurai Troopers Message
Apr 14, 11:56 PM
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Puns May 26, 12:01 PM

raxius1230 May 2, 1:39 PM
Hey buddy sorry for late reply,this last weeks were so horrible time consuming...but thankfully find some time at last!!

Ya man really internet its a shitty place that you can have great luck and find some great persons or normally find bunch of asshats and trolls...but well its the internet were people can be a dick and dont have a consequence.
But remember buddy no matter how dark things get there its always light so hang in there! :)

I am a rum with coke guy but as well like a good whisky in the rocks,you have one you like??

Hahaha just some privilages on working in a cloth factory :P

Indeed hopefully S2 its great. Hahaha well traumas are hard to get over sometimes,but well ya hope they able to move on on it soon.
Hope you like it man,tell me what you think of it :)

As this season the ones that i really recommend are Re:Zero(my fav this season so far),Koutetsujou no Kabaneri,Bungou Stray Dogs,Sakamoto desu ga?,Boku no Hero Academia and Jojo4.
But ya there are others out there but if you dont have much time those are the ones for sure should give it a try :)

Again hope you are doing good buddy! hang in there as shit will always happen but its learning to keep getting up what its important.
Samuelkun Apr 30, 12:52 AM

⊹ save and rehost. let me know if there's any problems ⊹

delivered by Samuelkun
please thank him for his hard work

a work-in-progress since internet is slow:
cards are uploaded in batch according to username
deliveries will be made to each user when their cards are ready

Card Editions
LCWS: 1000+ SE
TA: Happy Birthday Wrath SE
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LCC: Grand Opening SE

-|| cards here ||-
MelPhic Apr 29, 5:47 PM
Aaaand late reply again, sorry about that (I been busy with my finals and other stuff U>_>)
You haven't been online in a while, hope you are doing fine~ ^^
Well, knowing how it is Nikki I guess it will have been logical that she "believes" (because I don't think she really did, and she only wanted to end things instead of make them bigger) more them since she talks to them more. But like I told you, I'm pretty sure it was the other reason and not because she didn't believe you. I don't see how it will lead to the police getting involve, but it definetly was for the best that it ended there. Well, I guess if you are okay with it then it's fine.
haha yeah for a moment I also thought about that. Sometimes I want to do that too just to finish faster, but I think I prefer to make it a little more difficult :b but in your case it's better that way (otherwise you will never finish lol)

Lol there's nothing to gossip about right now, just school stuff (but that's boring >_<) but don't worry, if something interesting happens to me you will be the first one to know about it~ :b
Phraze Apr 19, 10:32 PM
reply dig time XD one might be late again tho sry...

no anime is fine with me haha. graphics and cards is what gives me life xDD been requesting on phone and saving it on Imgur. got a laptop back tho as you can see~ and nope, it was a desktop computer. didn't break, was sold. my dad likes to sell gadgets ~.~ my stuff are all in the HDD I'm keeping, just waiting for a computer again :3
not strange at all Icon, not strange xDD

I'm not royalty :o
not a bragging type. merit seems small to me too haha
few seconds lol. the racket broke down tho so it's annoying >.>

and thanks love (translated from Ai xDD) for the wishes and compliment <3
will get to the pm soon but doing comments first..
Cleaye Apr 17, 3:21 AM
Yess, drama suddenly follows me everywhere, and I understand. Last year was way better for me. Shit all started in 2016..

Not the backstabbers, I just don't have contact with them anymore, I meant the drama. But still it keeps lurking a little bit. What's the anime challenge?
raxius1230 Apr 9, 6:01 PM
Damn man that sucks,its always sad when shit like this happen but again a lot of crazy people in this world.

Nah i still drink but just dont work in a bar or something similar ever again.

Ya me make cloths but more that anything tshirts for companies that need it,like for example Corona and want to give free shirts they ask us to make it.

I know man DEEN saving Anime...who would have say that before last season!?!? and well ya the animation was a bit meh so ya probably will have a better animation now being S2.
Agree just felt there was more stuff out there that wasnt adapted,I still need to finish Grimgar may do it one day or if it gets S2.
Its ok the first 7 episodes are pretty damn good but after that the story and plot just fails in a lot of ways still think you will enjoy it for sure :)

Now on week 2 there are some very solid animes so far man i think you will have fun with some series once you catch up :)
Cleaye Apr 8, 2:18 AM
Yep, had some backstabbers too.. no stalkers tho! I think.. Dammnn, these things seem to happen a lot to you ;o

Err.. had some drama going on for a few months, but I just got over it. Moved on and stuff. Everything is fine now :) I'm trying to contact my old friends again ;o
raxius1230 Apr 6, 2:17 PM
Again that sucks man,really internet drama and "stalking" really sucks so much ass,hope you dont give up and still talk to the peeps you know we care even that we dont talk that much anymore for various reasons still there in the shadows :)...not in a creepy way of course >.>

Nah i change,after all the bar drama i just dont want to deal with alcohol ever again! right now i am working with a friend that has a cloth factory and i am the supervisor and seller,its ok takes my time more that i want but will only be like that for maybe 2-3 more months so it has being a year getting custom to things but i am happy and as well is close home so that also is a plus.

I know man! really nevert expected to be that good and specially from DEEN.
I as well liked GATE s1 more i think the pacing was better as well and this one felt that a lot of things were missing,still hope to see a S3 later on since i enjoy it and like the characters.Dimension W was a fun series even that the last episode felt rushed as hell ans Haikyuu agree man that last match was BEYOND HYPE!
Ya man the first half its pretty good then start to go down specially story and writting wise,really a shame since it was pretty good at first but then fall apart a bit.

So far being ok,nothing expectacular still need to watch some that relese and there a lot that still to come but ya so far being ok
Cleaye Apr 6, 5:45 AM
OMG I'm so sorry for this late response... How have you been? How is 2016 working out for ya up till now? ;o
raxius1230 Apr 4, 9:30 PM
That sucks man,what happen if you want to talk about it i am all ears,but ya man life sometimes just throw shit after shit and even in the darkest time just need to take it and try to find the light in it and i know very well how it sucks but must try to keep going and make the best of it.

Being doing good,again took a break beyond that just work and trying to watch some anime/sports and playing games.

Ya also my fav last season was KonoSuba,so funny and really a big surprise as well since didnt expect this series to be good. Others i enjoyed was GATE,Dimension W and the end of Haikyuu that was hype as hell! As Erased i like it the first half after that it just fall in a lot of things specially writing and pacing but well the manga suffer the same fate so was only natural the anime did the same.
But ya in general was a meh season with some good shows now and then.
Well this season its full of hype a lot of interesting animes to come! the ones i am hype more are Boku no Hero,Jojo, Stray Dogs,Twin Star Exorcists,Koutetsujou no Kabaneri,Mayoiga,Sakamoto and Ace Attorney(HUGE fan of the games)

Indeed we were for one day :P
Chierii Mar 31, 5:40 PM
That is not a good excuse. That does sound so wrong loll XD *proceeds to shove a container of Nutella down your throat* ಠ_ಠ No.
lol no. I write out my homework like almost all the time. The only exceptions are essays, projects, FSE's. I'm glad that my handwriting is pretty neat :>
I've only had 2 spanish tests: a written test and speaking test so... I don't know what that means... XD Uhmm... probably my French teacher's faults. Ugghh I disliked them... Yeah but... Oh yeah, everything is pretty boring these days and big news is really some celebrity doing shit I didn't think you were interested in things like that XD
lol no. I spent my days on my phone and/or drawing > . < I don't know where you're getting this from lol XD... and I'm not :P
You know me so well. I'll try to do it this weekend... it's just so tiring trying to retake photos with the perfect lighting and ensuring that it's HQ. Oh and for some older drawings just go on my profile and click on my art blog under links XD
If it wasn't good I wouldn't fangirl over it so much XD

I'm on, I'm on I actually had this huge literacy test that I have to pass in order to graduate high school today so... XD She's not a ghost... she's a superhero XD

Pffttt.... manga can capture it well - 3 -
I know but.... :3

We're all site moderators now too lol XD
raxius1230 Mar 31, 3:56 PM
Hey buddy! being a while!

Took a break from MAL for this season since between work and some other stuff didnt have time to respond nothing -.-
So sorry for late reply still hope all its going good!

So how you doing!? all good??
So what did you enjoy more this last season?? and ready for this next one? what you plan for sure to watch?
Chierii Mar 27, 8:11 PM
I don't watch much anime... and I like manga more so > 3 <
my sister might watch it so she can just tell me all about it :P
Maybe. I'll think about watching it? XD
Chierii Mar 27, 8:09 PM
Ever? I don't know how to react... Are you allergic to it or something? :o wtf did I just watch... XD
No, I don't need my computer much right now. No word documents, no pictures, no nothing. If I wanted to research something I'd use my phone, so... You should be! XD
Yup! I'm terrible at it though lol XD I dislike French... History's pretty fun, but it's the subject with the most work right now lol
It was just a March Break thing, when I had time to actually do crap XD No, but you can choose to believe that lol
Wayy to lazy to upload them, so tomorrow or something :P
It was actually planned to be an anime, but it was changed to cgi. They actually do have the anime pv out there, but with different characters and darker story.

Oh... yeah XD Thanks💙 She's not missing her feet, it's just the style -3-

Byee~ It was nice :)