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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam add
Steins;Gate add
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu add
Gosick add

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Katsuragi, Keima
Momo Belia
Deviluke, Momo Belia
Lamperouge, Lelouch
Misaka, Mikoto
de Blois, Victorique
de Lute Ima, Elucia
Akaza, Akari
Toshinou, Kyouko
Aragaki, Ayase

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Ogura, Yui
Ogura, Yui
Hanazawa, Kana
Hanazawa, Kana
Kayano, Ai
Kayano, Ai
Ishihara, Kaori
Ishihara, Kaori
Toyosaki, Aki
Toyosaki, Aki
Tomatsu, Haruka
Tomatsu, Haruka
Kido, Ibuki
Kido, Ibuki

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My Favorite Anime Songs
I don't normally listen to anime songs, but these are the few that I stopped and listened to.

100th Completed Title:
150th Completed Title: Steins;Gate
200th Completed Title: Gosick
250th Completed Title: Howl no Ugoku Shiro
300th Completed Title: A-Channel: +A-Channel
350th Completed Title: Chihayafuru
400th Completed Title: Girls und Panzer
450th Completed Title: Saki: Achiga-hen - Episode of Side-A Specials
500th Completed Title: Suisei no Gargantia
550th Completed Title: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki
600th Completed Title: Toradora!
650th Completed Title: Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home
700th Completed Title: Bungaku Shoujo
750th Completed Title: White Album 2
800th Completed Title: Takanashi Rikka Kai: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Movie
850th Completed Title: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari
900th Completed Title: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
950th Completed Title: Sidonia no Kishi
1000th Completed Title: Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season
1050th Completed Title: Aura: Maryuuinkouga Saigo no Tatakai

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ShinoAsada | 60 minutes ago
I guess, lol. I would rack more volunteer hours though so I can make my record look more appealing.

That made me... feel a bit better. Not enough but a bit.

4 seasons a month? I honestly don't think that would be too bad. Better than going through the ruthless winters here in NY.

Nah, lol. I have too much better things in life to bother looking at his blog and everything.
Supercell music has really deep lyrics and I especially like Nagi Yanagi's voice so it's so pleasing to listen to. I think there may be some ClariS lyric videos on youtube but you can also just look up the lyrics of them online and listen to it as you read them.

raxius1230 | 1 hour ago
Thanks man,that was funny :)
But well you can said i am back from a big dark storm and just starting to see the sun again,still feel the dark clouds behind me but only thing left its to move on. But again thanks for the cheers,really helped from not only this site but my RLF and other online friends that keep me from passing a thank you :)

ShinoAsada | 2 hours ago
My school doesn't have that requirement, actually. If it did, I would be too lazy to actually do it and I can just ask my sister to fake some letter for volunteering, since she used to work at a day care center.

*cries* Y u mak mi cri evrytim?

Really? Spring is so balanced at where I am, lol. Well, not this year. It was a lot colder than usual but then again, it might be because I was so used to last year's weather because of the heat wave.

Ah, you're right.
I've heard most of those songs. Basically about all of them but Chobits OP, Air OP, X Main theme, Zeta Gundam OP, Saki OP and Ika Musume OP. They're basically animes I've yet to seen but the rest of them I've heard plenty of times. Especially Supercell/EGOIST songs.

Kagami_Hiiragi | 2 hours ago
Yeah, but the CGI in Aikatsu looked god-awful. Love Live had great performances and Snow Halation is no exception. God, I loved that song.

Kagami_Hiiragi | 2 hours ago
LOL, I usually don't. I try to watch the entire episodes all way through.

Kagami_Hiiragi | 2 hours ago
Oh, then that makes sense. My only beef with "Pri Para" is how they continue to use the same movements with at every idol concert.

ShinoAsada | 2 hours ago
Nah. Volunteering this year is a huge no. I don't want to put up with the stress of working with those kids. Besides, if I do volunteer, I won't be able to catch up on my 30-ish episodes of anime. I've done enough just working for the six weeks worth of pay.


You wouldn't miss it unless you go out often. Just going outside in hot weather and playing sports is something I don't like. If it was a bit cooler, it's a lot better. That's why Spring is my favorite season.

About time your profile gets some more stuff added, lol. I really like your picks for music.All that EGOIST/Supercell goodness and of course, Snow Halation is there, lol. Have you played the Love Live android/apple app yet?

Kagami_Hiiragi | 3 hours ago
Oh, really? Why is that? I've only seen the first episode of Aikatsu, but I like the characters in Pri Para more. How about you?

Kagami_Hiiragi | 3 hours ago
You're watching Pri Para as well :O?

I'm watching it too. Just caught up officially!

ShinoAsada | 3 hours ago
I'm actually not working anymore, lol. My 6 week employment program ended so I don't necessarily have to go back unless I want to do some volunteer work.

I moved into it since I couldn't make Gonzo go hard as diamonds. I was hoping I could make you do it, hehe.

I'm not like that, lol. Though I do think I favor the girls a lot more than the guys, since there are more of them and only 2 guys.
My coworker didn't particularly mind, since he was stressing over the fact that the student he was in charged of didn't want to do her work. The kid didn't particularly care but he still likes me as a teacher, since he hangs around me during free time or lunch.

It's not so hot now, lol. It's a bit colder now, since Fall is approaching but not really a lot of rain lately. I honestly wouldn't mind some rain, but I hope it's not that often so I can go ball sometime.

WingsOfValor | 3 hours ago
I like lemon , too, but I prefer peach. I am not much of hot tea lover either and I haaate hot coffee, I will never forget that horrible taste. Ice coffee is ok though. According to History Channel I am weird. :D

Uhm, wasn't Mikorin the inspiration for the female lead character though? Maybe not so much roses after all... :P

They got even more? o.o

3 months huh? Yeah, sounds about right, if you can keep up the pace. I love the character Yurika created for herself and how it contradicts her real personality and also how persistent she is about not getting out of her character. She has tons of funny moments, too bad she hasn't gotten much screen time in season 2. :( Mizuki isn't too annoying in the beginning, but at some point her flawless personality starts to get on your nerves. You will probably understand why when you caught up.

WingsOfValor | 4 hours ago
Without! I love peach ice tea <3, so I guess history channel is wrong. :P

I wasn't that surprised that Nozaki wanted to join in on the nude action though, it kinda fits his personality. xD

Woah, that's a lot of pictures and not every pic is a butt photo, I am surprised. The other two links don't work. :P

Steady pace, maybe you will be able to catch up in the next year :3
Nah, it's all about Yurika-sama, but I love Ichigo and Aoi as well. Mizuki is the only character I can't stand at all.

WingsOfValor | 6 hours ago
Ice tea!

It's his own fault though, he is such a poser. xD

They should realize that guys wanting to take pictures up their skirts doesn't mean they are gorgeous. :O All the links worked fine for me! I don't know why. :D

Yeah, it seems to be getting a lot of praise for a SoL, so I will definitely check it out at some point.

You are at episode 18 of Aikatsu already? :3 That means my favourite idol will make her appearence next episode. *,..,*

Cleaye | Today, 4:27 AM
I'm not really that active on MAL xD I spent more time with the people who I have on MAL but have their Skype too. I prefer IM more than comments >o< We don't screw it! >///////< B-baka! I have 2 weeks left. So after that I will be talking a whole lot less with everyone I guess... I usually turn it off when I'm going to sleep. And I don't bother shutting it off when I'm away :P Hmmm, both C:

Eghh, I really need to start watching >.< It airs in a few months right? I hope so too... >:O

Nooo, there was no way you could go that hard on the highways we rode xD I think 140 kph at best :P Or maybe even 160...

Pretty big yeahh, it wouldn't be castle otherwise xD Noo, I don't think they were for touring :O Just sightseeing. Hmm, just what you would expect from a castle xD Yeaaah! >o<

10 episodes a day?! I can't do that with skype and everything on ;A; I can't help it >.< Besides, it's not like if I really mind. I won't always have the chance to talk with people, but I do have the chance to watch anime whenever I want. So that's a big difference. I'll probably have somewhat more time to watch anime when school starts.

N-no! WHYY?! D':

Nakumii | Today, 3:10 AM

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