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Hello, welcome to my profile here on MAL. I've got some recommendations and a few reviews up. Also, some stuff I contributed to MAL's database:

So that was the grand tour.
Enjoy your stay.

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riqueterremoto | 01-08-15, 3:17 PM
I'm still on volume 6,but I bet the end is pretty fucked up.When I finish it I will tell you what were my toughts

riqueterremoto | 01-05-15, 1:37 PM
Yup I reached that scene,his art is just fited for WTF moments and the first few chapters even tough they have some WTF moments it isn't as much of what is happening on the currently ones I am.

Lindle | 01-05-15, 10:06 AM
"Volumes: 50"

I'm right in the middle of Berserk and Vagabond right now, so I'll come back to that when I have a little less on my shoulders.

riqueterremoto | 01-04-15, 11:28 AM
I saw a picture of The world is mine in the Dark club and started reading it,but the art doesn't look as good as the picture you added,does it get better bu the time it pass or is just that he makes more effort on certain pages?

CMB17 | 12-27-14, 9:27 PM
I thought it was a good sample of better shonen manga. As it is ending soon, I felt why not. :)

ladyxzeus | 11-24-14, 9:02 AM

Thanks for inviting me to join that manga club. I did not accept because I don't really read much manga. Actually, I was reading it on work, but now I don't have work anymore and at home I really don't feel like it. xD

Thanks anyway!

Inferno_Cop | 11-21-14, 10:09 PM
I do but as I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to manga my choices are always wrong, not to mention I do not and will not pick up never ending works like Berserk even when I am actually interested in it. Having a attention span equal to Hulk doesn't help me either as most one shots lack the substance to make me care about characters(Hotel is an exception) and I just can't read longer works or you can say I am not ready for them yet.
The other way to avoid it is to read a balanced work, not too long and not too short may be 10-15 normal chapters unlike 90 pages long Gogo monster chapters.
I read TLR Darkness because it was enjoyable when I was a starter and I just can't leave it in halfway, AkG because I love edgy works and other manga because of some things and many other things.
Hentai on the other hand all my preferences and I already knew what I was getting into so not a problem for me.

Inferno_Cop | 11-12-14, 9:54 PM
Different preferences, different choices.

Ladd | 09-18-14, 1:02 PM
People are still making angry threads about you even after you left. lol

Ladd | 08-24-14, 7:34 PM
I just looked that up. lol
Haven't seen SP in ages.

keanutex | 07-02-14, 6:50 AM
Well that's sad...

Ladd | 05-22-14, 10:27 PM
On season 5 now. I never really appreciated the music the first time I watched it. Now that I give it a better listen, it's pretty damn good.

Ladd | 05-01-14, 11:15 PM
I had been planning on re-watching it during the summer, but I can't wait anymore. I'm starting today.

Ladd | 04-30-14, 12:35 PM
Fuckin' Insta-Favorited. That was amazing.

Ladd | 04-27-14, 10:14 PM
Yeah, Science!

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