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08-19-14, 1:39 AM
April 2, 1987
St Paul, Minnesota
September 7, 2011
30 (Find All)
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About AfroJamuri
A long, long time ago, in a land far away, there was a monster without a name. The monster wanted a name so badly, so the monster left to go on a journey to find a name..This boy was always kept under sleeping pills. Because he held the words that could destroy any person, the teachers thought he was a monster and kept him locked underground. Such was the terror that they felt towards him that they swore they could see ten horns and seven heads. But one day, the boy developed resistance to the drugs and awakened. He manipulated his jailors and slipped back among the pupils. But the boys didn't know who he was... because none of them knew each other's names or pasts. The boy hated everything about the facility, so he began secretly plotting to have everyone kill each other. First, he would steal all of their memories, so that they couldn't even remember their own names, and then offer them the path to death, through their torment...

My Top 10 Anime List
1. Yu Yu Hakusho
2. CowBoy Bebop
3. GTO
4. Monster
5. Hajime No Ippo
6. TriGun
7. Gankutsuo
8. Space Brothers
9. Samurai Champloo
10. Now And Then, Here And There

Anime I will NEVER touch with a 10 foot pole
1. Naruto
2. Bleach
3. One Piece
4. Sword Art Online
5. Fairy Tail
6. Soul Eater
7. K-ON
8. Lucky Stars
9. School Days
10. HAREM/Yaoi

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Lwaxana | 08-09-14, 11:17 AM
I'm not sure... I didn't see that far in the future.
Well... why don't you? O.O

Lwaxana | 08-06-14, 6:34 AM
Ikr. But I timetravled. So for me it's not that long ago. For you.. yea... but yea I'm in the future now.
I'm very impressed. Though I'm trying to find your weakness *cough* I mean I'm trying to help you with your ... possesing problems. :)

Lwaxana | 08-04-14, 4:24 PM
Normal you say? Yea I guess so. If you're everywhere I'm as well typing on you now. Since you just possesed my keyboard. And if you're the chair I'm sitting on... well then you possesed the chair. I got one question though, can you posses things at the same time?

Frost_Kiss | 04-26-14, 8:17 AM
Arigatou!! (•^w^•)

Frost_Kiss | 04-15-14, 9:37 AM
I'm really sorry, hope u forgive me (;A;)
How r u? Sankyuu 4 da frnd request.

Lwaxana | 04-09-14, 6:00 AM
u no answer my comment below -_-
:o you're right, well now I did c:

yes!! god damn you 4 neglecting your pet!!
Lol since when are you my pet? XD

but i return every now and then to raid your fridge, steal your socks, peep at u in shower, and watch you while you sleep!! Muahahaha Get Haunted!! >=)
You're quite agressive with that o-o But if I'm right... if you're a ghost you can't really touch real life stuff right? How are you even typing this on your computer if you can't touch the keyboard? :O Did you get inside your computer to haunt me? xD

Lwaxana | 04-07-14, 10:55 AM
Well hello there ^^)/
Did you starve? I kind of forgot to make a pie for you 8D
Hello~? Damn. He really did die.
RIP ;w;

paean | 04-02-14, 6:40 AM
Happy birthday!

Lwaxana | 03-25-14, 12:17 AM
Hmm well what kind of flavor do you want it to be?

Lwaxana | 03-23-14, 11:32 PM
Thank you~ ^^
Oh it's a secret? Well you shoul'dve said so earlier! DX
Fight for everythign sweet and delicious... so you fight for pies? xD

Lwaxana | 03-23-14, 3:13 PM
A-A-Afro man? Whut? Who's that? You? Ohh you're on the good side? Who're you fighting tho?

ps: sorry for the late response!

Lwaxana | 03-17-14, 10:02 AM

Don't touch the eggs! They're radioactive!


Lwaxana | 03-16-14, 5:42 AM
L-l-little plastic eggs? What kind of prank is this? Why are there little plastig eggs here? I'm not going to touch them! DX

Lwaxana | 03-15-14, 9:29 AM
.. What did you do to it? D':

Lwaxana | 03-15-14, 8:46 AM
R-really? *stares at you a bit scared* ... *takes a bite very quickly* Oishi!~ :3

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