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Rarely watch anime these days, it's all about the manga.

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June | 05-01-15, 3:32 AM
Under 5? That's pretty short, my man. Like what, around 30 chapters?

Apocalypse no Toride - ongoing but there's only 30some chapters, it's a zombie manga

Koishitagari no Blue - it's shoujo but nice in case you wanted to try.

Crap, most of my complete list is shoujo, josei, or yaoi. Lol. My favourite guy-friendly stuff is long running series which I highly recommend.

Shokugeki no soma
King golf
Nanatsu no taizai
Karate shoukoushi Kohinata minoru

What are you reading/fave?

My fave is still skip beat I look forward to a new chapter every month.

June | 04-29-15, 8:43 PM
I read on my phone and iPad. I don't download anymore. In Australia they have enacted a new law that requires internet services to hold all data for at least 3 years so the hubby and I have weaned off dl-ing. I used traders for a bit but most of my manga nowadays are running so my app is great. It lets me know when a new chapter has been uploaded and I can download from my app for faster reading. It's kind of difficult to explain. You should try it, manga storm. I believe it's free but I have the paid app since the free one only keeps track of 3 series at a time.

June | 04-29-15, 1:37 PM
Agreed. I'm using the manga storm app as well which helps me keep track of my reading.

Tenks | 12-29-14, 5:25 PM
i should move to cali yo.

June | 09-05-14, 1:37 AM
Learning a trade is usually a good choice. A fair number of the big nice houses in my area are owned by tradies.

I would've liked to learn a trade. But I'm a bit old to become an apprentice. I still have plans on going back to school. I was fine when I was studying but life kept getting in the way. I always held a job while in school, sometimes 2. I'm really happy to be able to stay home with my kid but it's a lonely life and I look forward to when she starts school then maybe I can restart my education or just get a job.

Juice bars are pretty big here so I can understand that but pretty expensive.

My memory of you is far from being a pothead-hippy looking-hobo. Lol. Please tell me you don't have dread locks, that would be too hipster and I would cry for your soul.

Tenks | 08-17-14, 10:17 PM
Turns out I'm a giant lesbian, so I prefer gay girls. Like, all the time. Maybe you saw this coming. ;)

Yeah, neither will I understand the clean-up. There are only snippets of the past that remain, but it would be lovely to have it all. : Remember my "I am not Tenks" thread? Hahaha, oh man. Good times.

How you been otherwise?

Tenks | 08-05-14, 7:41 PM
NA. We know drama.

June | 01-19-14, 7:53 PM
very happy, thanks. but how are you? are you finished with your education?

have you grown into a respectable adult? (cant help but laugh at the thought)

Tenks | 01-14-14, 9:50 PM
sry i died momentarily.

what up addy

Shakedown1979 | 10-24-13, 8:52 AM
Sir I would like nothing more. How are you doing good sir?

Tenks | 07-05-13, 10:50 PM
(so glad I checked my tenks.c gmail today! I wouldn't have noticed this message otherwise! Yay for email notifications)

That's great. I've been in a gaming mood, myself.

Japanese is tough. I took a year of it in my last year of undergrad (pretty much this past year) and did some self-studying in my younger days. I'm glad you're pushing yourself to learn it! Part of my interest in literary translation is the methodology behind it, especially Japanese (there are so many beautiful poets waiting to be translated). Kanji will always be the most difficult thing. You should get Japanese Kanji and Kana: A Complete Guide to the Japanese Writing System -- has the 2k+ official joyo kanji you're going to need for daily usage. Study every day! (I should practice what I preach!)

I actually went to Japan at the end of May. It was quite an experience. But it was part of a scholarship study abroad program (only 10 days) with NYC's universities, so obv study abroad trips are centered around different things. I don't think I could live there for a long period of time (due to its many social issues.. not to say every country doesn't have them, but Japan is iffy) but it's definitely somewhere I want to teach. The literature of Japan is what continuously motivates me at this point.

That's pretty amazing. It's crazy the way one develops. We'll only keep on changing. I'm sure you'll be fantastic! We do need to meet up someday for real sometime, haha. I just got my BA, so my head is in the clouds at the moment. If all goes well, I should be in England at the end of the month to pursue a TEFL certificate...


Tenks | 11-10-12, 6:05 AM
Yeah, haha. Most anime sucks now, anyway. It's unfortunate how low quality it's become -- filled with tropes and crappy overused, unappealing archetypal characters. I try to watch now and then, but I found myself taking an interest in particular TV shows, so I've been occupied with that during my free time.

& I know! It really sucks that Kane deleted our posts, I actually sent him a PM one time about it, but he totally disregarded it. Oh well, at least we've got the memories! Fun times. I miss having a place to go back to -- I totally get what you mean about the loss of contact. I only speak to about 3-5 NA members now, and not frequently. I spent most of my teenage years there, too -- until it was annihilated. We shouldn't have migrated to Bryan's crappy forum. Oh well! I'm glad I spent most of my teenage years on the internet, haha. I'm well-rounded because of it, or so I'd like to believe.

Your major sounds great, I'm glad you've found such a wonderful interest. Tell me how it progresses as you go along (whenever you log in!). As for myself, I'm still pursuing my English major, though I'd like to teach abroad and learn more about culture -- it fascinates me. I'd like to delve in literary translation one day, I plan to go to graduate school after I save up some money teaching abroad. I'll be attempting a TEFL course after I get my Bachelor's (hopefully, at the conclusion of Spring 2013, almost there!). Most of my time is dedicated to class and course work -- lots of reading. I've been alright, otherwise -- my focus is on my career and future right now, so I'm pretty much achieving the most I can in terms of academia.

Hope you're well!

mau214 | 07-15-12, 12:30 AM
hey, thnx for your review on Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora =PP it's very complete and i agreed with everything you said.
I'll also give you a recommendation because i saw your watched anime list xP, watch the Haruhi Suzumiya movie xP it doesn't matter if you hated the first season or not, or haven't watched the second season; i am not a haruhi fan but the movie is just a masterpiece.

Tenks | 06-28-12, 11:43 PM
Art thou still an English major?

Tenks | 04-07-12, 3:11 AM
It happens. I feel the same way. Though it hasn't happened to me in a very long time.

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