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Nico- | Sep 29, 9:02 AM
Thoughts on Dipoto?

Angels ownership fucked him over. I think this is a steal.

Nico- | Jun 24, 4:23 PM
6 man rotation could work, but in the long run suggesting that Elias could get a good haul (a lefty contact bat to supplant Jackson is what I really want) might be smart. You'd have a Felix, Pax, Monty, Walker, and Iwakuma/FA rotation next year assuming all goes well, and that looks really bright. The Mariners at this point have the assets to get the holes they need on offense and the bullpen is slowly becoming stronger again (axing Leone/Medina was the right thing and both are struggling with Arizona and Chicago respectively).

There's no reason for us to be losing right now, however, with every loss, it should only be seen as fuel for the future to only improve. Jack Z just needs to stop acquiring 1B/DHs like open season though. Trumbo deal, while Nuno is looking OK, isn't winning me over and it just seems like both teams lost that deal.

Nico- | Jun 23, 9:45 PM
So far you're wrong about Monty. This guy eats Erasmo's guts for breakfast. Too bad Elias is getting optioned soon though. Consequently, if we're still somewhere in the 3-5 games below or higher we could always get a quality contact bat for him if Jack Z thinks. I also think trading Happ for a mid-low quality prospect would be wise.

It will take a hot streak to get us back in contention, question is, when will it happen, will it happen, and how long can the potential hot streak keep us afloat. I have no problem with finishing 80 or more wins, because we need to spend this offseason regardless.

Nico- | Jun 14, 1:26 AM
Monty for E-Ram looks like a winner. And I think Vidal Nuno is doing just fine for now.

I like our 2016 chances, just get contact and speed pls Jack and call up James Jones. DFAing Weeks and outrighting Ruggs was smart.

Nico- | Jun 10, 9:46 PM
The series in Houston will ultimately define our season for now at least.

Ideally I'd like at least 2 out of 3, but I don't think we can do it since we suck eggs in Houston. Hoping we can split with San Francisco and then worry about home struggles until later.

Nico- | Jun 9, 12:06 AM
I swear to God every Mariner hitter that gets put on the train promotion is the next one to get run out of town but somehow won't ever get the ax. Smoakamotives and Ack Attack Express Trains have not boded well for me at all.

We've got a brutal road trip ahead. Cleveland, Houston, and San Francisco. All three teams have our number.

Princess | Apr 6, 9:58 PM
Ah, I see lol. Summer gets somewhat hot here, probably around the 80 - 90s iirc. And I agree with you there, mid 70s is the best. Warm enough, but not hot <3
Oh that sounds fun ^^ I'm in Girl Scouts so we do a bit of volunteer work, I'll probably volunteer at camp this year.
Yes, my school requires forty, which I can get in one summer from Girl Scout camp alone. I'm aiming for 300 though, you get some kind of reward for that...

Princess | Apr 5, 2:09 PM
Yeah, longer breaks are nice :c Have fun at school though~
What's a qtr? That's good to hear though, summer is noice.
Not really, Spring break is only a week so I'll just be staying at home I guess. Which is what I prefer to do ^^
Do you have any plans for the summer?

Princess | Apr 5, 1:35 PM
Oh uh hi. I'm pretty good, on Spring break atm. What about you? c:

Princess | Apr 5, 12:19 PM
Hihi ^^

Waifu | Oct 27, 2014 12:58 AM
Secret twinsie! Belated happy birthday as well <3

Joshua1207 | Oct 24, 2014 10:53 PM
Yeah, I read about that. Just a bit north of Seattle in Marysville. Its crazy how often these are happening.

Joshua1207 | Jul 5, 2014 4:41 PM
Yeah, I always see gas prices around $4 here. I don't drive so I don't have to worry about that, but I still wish I could drive haha.

Weird that your mom would care if you lit any off or not :P But yeah, I'd much rather just watch myself, I don't like spending money on fireworks.

Also, I am so jealous that you get full aid for college. NOT FAIR! haha

Joshua1207 | Jul 5, 2014 12:30 AM
Haha, yeah I definitely understand that. That's why I wanted to make sure I either did a summer quarter or got a job, so I'm happy I got a job. It gets me out of the house daily + money so its nice.

Yeah, I'm still hearing fireworks here too! I saw some fireworks earlier while we were driving around. Didn't really sit out this year and watch them though. Almost no one on my block lit any off, everyone seems to be gone this time around doing whatever.
You light any off yourself?

Joshua1207 | Jul 5, 2014 12:14 AM
Haha, yeah. Its only part-time and probably just a temp thing for the summer unless an opening comes up after the summer season. But money is money!

Ah, you're not working? For some reason I expected you to have a job since you're in college :P You live in Seattle so I imagine there has to be a ton of places to apply for, yeah?

My 4th of July was decent. Just hung out with some friends in the afternoon then chilled with my family for the evening. Didn't light any fireworks, didn't feel like wasting money on it this year. I dunno, just not that interest in fireworks now like I was when I was younger. What'd you do?

I almost started in the summer but I figured I needed money first, so I'll have my first semester in the fall. Why you regretting it now?

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