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05-05-12, 7:44 PM
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January 1, 2010
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Feel free to suggest any anime or manga in my comments thing. I like ones with intriguing plots and incredible artwork. If it's just mainstream and brain-melting then I won't like it. I make few exceptions but not often. I'm artistic and a gamer and I'm bi. That's about all really.

05-03-10, 6:32 PM

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EricwithaD-san | 06-05-13, 1:19 AM
Acid-chan its me syrus208 or Deaththekid which ever one I spoke to you with, how have you been

Kannei | 06-02-13, 7:51 AM
Happy Birthday !!

Kannei | 06-03-12, 5:34 AM
Happy Birthday !!

-Fuko- | 02-11-12, 11:38 PM
Omg long time no chat!

Sebulon | 02-10-12, 4:38 AM
Thank you! I think the whole thing took me about 2 weeks or so, if you take into account searching all the pictures, thinking about how to put them together, etc. And of course then photoshopping them all together.

laketica | 01-09-12, 10:25 PM

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Kannei | 08-30-11, 3:54 AM

Yo minna- san
--New Voting of the month is up -here-

mahollo | 07-17-11, 12:51 AM
Haha oh I loved camping there that was like the best part.. although it was a 12 hour drive hah. You do? Hah I didn't think you did.. well then you would love it, being in the woods was awesome. And idk I changed a ton after graduation I guess. I don't have the long hair and everything hah I just like hippie music and being with them and such. I've always kinda been one but I just found out who I really was after graduation I guess.

Kannei | 07-16-11, 11:05 PM
working well im clumsy sometimes

mahollo | 07-16-11, 5:24 PM
Hah music festivals.. but I guess you already know. Yeah I shall tell you if I get lucky. I've never been to summerfest (is it one where you camp out?) at Electric Forest one of the stages was in the forest with lights all in the trees and everyone camped in a big field. It was awesome haha. You probably wouldn't like the music since it's all dubstep and hippie bands though. And yeah I'm going to start going to them a lot during my summers now that I got money.

mahollo | 07-16-11, 3:15 PM
Cause I'm going to try to be a writer hah I decided I needed to do something for my future instead of just being lazy lol. Hah you and your business.. Have you ever been to a music festival? I just went to one called Electric Forest and now I'm a total hippie lol. I think you would like them.

Kannei | 07-16-11, 2:43 PM
good so far exept that i nearly broke my finger while working :D

Shourin | 07-15-11, 3:51 PM
Ah, yes, I know XD Yasu. <3

Kannei | 07-15-11, 1:55 PM
hey ;D

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