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Toxicpanda | Yesterday, 3:11 PM
*hides under desk* s-s-sure, one day.

Toxicpanda | Yesterday, 1:50 PM
kyah : ) it's a beautiful moon today.

Toxicpanda | 08-18-14, 7:26 AM
:o *throws some doggy treats in front of me* go shoo shoo nom that.

Toxicpanda | 08-17-14, 3:07 PM
*siletnly pokes*

ABHISHEKV | 08-16-14, 7:03 AM
That's cool.

yoshino-cherry | 08-11-14, 10:16 PM
pure gold ^------^

Dragonymos | 08-11-14, 2:07 PM
It's all good. Only here sporadically myself anyways

yoshino-cherry | 08-07-14, 8:02 PM
thought xo XD peace on earth

Knightwalker08 | 08-07-14, 8:57 AM

Delivery from SCS
I'm really sorry for this late delivery >.< If you are rather new to the club then you can ignore the editions at the bottom orz
Also some of you changed their usernames so please check your new and old one.
If anything is wrong or I forgot something, don't hesitate to tell me ^^
ctrl+f to find you name

Lyfa | 08-04-14, 7:52 AM

Some of these editions are more then a half year old, I don't have an excuse for it thought :/, all I can say is... I finally finished them and they are here. If you still want the cards just save em, for the ppl who don't, just ignore or delete this comment please.
People that requested on several names please search for them all, people that changed their username, I tried to change it on the cards to but not all cards have your new username.
For the rest I wanna say ty all for your support, I finally got this all done, and I'm rlly happy :D, this should be everything I had yet to do ^^


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0namine1 | 08-01-14, 12:11 PM

FreakyMellody | 07-31-14, 5:47 PM
Haha...sve je moguce

Pa dobro Kazanova sta se radi kod tebe?

FreakyMellody | 07-31-14, 10:47 AM
U to mogu da se kladim, s obzirom da ja nisam ovde bila tacno godinu dana ;)

SarinaMoonshine | 07-30-14, 6:51 AM
Ma sva sam sokantna :P
Ok. A sta ces da upises? Masinski?

Kod mene su ti sve te kartice i slicna cuda rasporedjene delom u kompu, delom u lap-top-u, delom u jednom i delom u drugom mobilnom. I u svakom od njih je sve razmesteno po random folderima xD

Fairy tail nisam gledala. Malo sam samo bacila pogled na poneku epizodu prve sezone, i to onako u prolazu. Cula sam samo da je novi bas razocarao- vise nepotrebnog fanservice-a, manje interesantno - uglavnom sam vidjala takve komentare...
Sto se tice SAO II, odgledala sam prve 3 epizode. Prve 2 nista posebno, treca me je vec zaintrigirala i posle nje mi se cini da ce biti dobar poput prve sezone (naravno, ako tako nastave xD)~ Ali videcemo vec :p

Lyfa | 07-29-14, 3:27 AM

Sylph's CardShop Update
Hi everyone, this update is sended out to everyone who is still in the stafflist because of some major changes I'd like to apply in september, I know it's a big end away however as I have now ideas for it it's better to inform everyone on time. So here it goes.

End august I will be allot more busy as well, I even thought about closing my club, but that's an absolute no go, I just don't want it to end and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So there will be some major changes.
First of all the month august will be the last month there will be a monthly edition, and the weekly edition stated in august will also be the last. Instead we will go back to how we where a year ago where we had editions planned over the month. It'll be a big change but it'll be better in my opinion. If anyone would like to once make a monthly or weekly edition they are free to thought, if they'd like to organize one as a group they are also free, I just won't organize them anymore and I think that's fine.
The birthday editions will stay thought.

Second of all I'd like to totally revert back to how the club was before and also recruit ppl for the following positions: Updater, Recruiter, Newsletter Writer, Card Deliverer and Claimmaker.
And this is the reason I'm sending the newsletter out to every single staffmember, my question is do some of you maybe wanna switch position or add an position? I'd like to ask you all first before I'll recruit new people of course.
Because of this I'd also like to reconfirm everyone's position in the club
Everyone that's on hiatus has been changed to officer status until they are back active, I did this to filter the active from the inactive.
Staff Positions

Please really send me a comment, I'd like to know where we at :)

For the open positions hey will mean the following:
- Update the Newsletter Sign up List
- Update eventually Claimlists
- Invite ?? members to the club per month and name them in the staffchat
- Affiliate with other clubs
- Accept affiliation requests.
Newsletter Writer
- Know how a typical club NL looks like and be able to write one yourself
- Must be able to do it at least once per month.
- Same as cardmaker just for claims :3
Card Deliver
- Ready to deliver cardmakers cards at any time.

Now the rest from this update is mainly for the cardmakers only.
As I said in the start monthly and weekly editions will disappear, if you'd like to join them still before the end make sure to do it on time.
I deleted the Couple SE, no one was intresed and personally I was not either.
nakaimo added an edition ... uhm to see what it is you should check the upcoming thread list *shy face* >3>
For the rest the editions will remain the same as usually.
I'd like to ask if someone is intresed in being a claimmaker? Mikan5 will leave our club and we have no one anymore for the "claim a character" thread, if no one is intresed we'll just leave it closed :)

Now I'm doing ranting, I'd like to say all thanks for your support, let's get the club to 1k members and reach a second year anniversary :) you're all great!!

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