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09-11-14, 11:58 AM
April 6, 1992
Temecula, CA
December 19, 2007
58 (Find All)
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Hunter x Hunter (2011) add
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Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone. add
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No Game No Life add
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Time (Days) 47.9
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Completed 94
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Plan to Watch 18
Total Entries 142

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Unknown :(

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Unknown :(

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No manga to randomly pick.

Note*: Im not always on i nvr logout and dis is usually on another tab

My Self: 1/6 otaku, 100% filipino, and a tennis player 4 life

My Anime: Im usually pretty open in watching anime. I would say i drift over to the rom/coms;) (im straight) but thrillers like dNote and Higurashi r prtty interesting2. overall the anime has to have been in this millenia, older animation bothers me unless theres really good surrounding qualities like plot or music

My Manga: None as of yet. idk mangas dont give me the sound, color, and animation that really gets me hooked :( maybe eventually after all the good anime is out

My Asian Dramas: I watch occasionally but mostly korean tho, im not as fluent as i could b in tagalog T_T

My Games: I got a wii and wi-fi so if u have SuperSmashBB or Mkart message me to exchange friendcodes
Also playing Mabinogi (tarlach/ch3) as pnoyadawg

ADAWG's [color=#FF0000]PokePet

ADAWG Jr the level 5 Chimchar!

If u evr c my profile feel free to add or message, summer otaku-ness is boring @_@


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Soken100 | 07-29-13, 7:47 PM
I agree with one of your many reviews.

MilesEdgeworth | 05-22-13, 1:04 AM
Hey, just happened to come across your profile and I noticed we have Amazingly High compatibility so that's pretty cool. I see you're a fan of Geass and Clannad, both of which are some of my favorite series.

Sheia | 10-18-12, 10:23 PM

Sheia | 01-13-12, 9:08 AM

GOOD DAY FALC MEMBERS! This may be too late already but let us still greet you a BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR, at least. We’re having our very first newsletter to start the New Year. Hoooray~ We tried our best to shorten this as much as possible. And now, first things first:

FALC, as the name says, is a MAL club for Filipino anime lovers – pure or half – and for everyone who’s interested to know more about the Filipino culture. Visit once in a while and leave a comment here. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to meet someone in your area who’s pretty much the same as you – one who loves anime. We would really be glad to see the club alive with your comments. Don’t forget to be friendly, ok? Also, in here, you could find different threads that may catch some of your attention.

Here's a quick guide! Just click the buttons above. Each number represents a topic in the FALC thread.

Click the picture below to visit the chat. See you there~

ATTENTION: January 21-22 (Otaku Expo 2012)
Visit this site for the schedule of activities and click #7 if you want to meet other con/expo goers!

PS. There's a longer and a more explained version of this newsletter here if you ever want to see/read it that is HAHAHA Thank you for reading this one, btw. Have a nice day and take care minna~

oksi91 | 05-14-11, 8:17 AM

Hey Guys!
As there has not been any improvement with mass messages issue, Canon Pairings Club wasn't able to continue our tournament with the couples... Nevertheless, we want to continue it. The only way we came up with is MASS MAILING :) So, those of you who are willing to continue to vote in our matches, please send me your email address. I assure you, it will be used for matches notifications ONLY. If there will be a certain number of addresses which allow us to continue, we will restart the votings!! In case not, the waiting for the mass msg will continue..

P.S. Those of you who aren't aware, we also made a HUUUGE list of all known canon couples, HERE You are welcome to nominate more ;))

oksi91 | 12-06-10, 7:14 AM

Hey guys! We decide to bring back our club to life! We have made a pretty big list (with pictures!) of all couples we know HERE. Check it out please, and help us by NOMINATING new couples which we haven't yet noticed.The list will get updated everytime a new canon couple get confirmed!

EarthStar | 09-18-10, 8:15 PM

(Delete this and ignore it if you wish to do so)

Have a wonderful day/night.

- EarthStar9109

aaronluis26 | 08-27-10, 6:37 PM
Here are some new updates to the shojo beat! club.

(Delete this and ignore it if you wish to do so)

Have a wonderful day/night.

- aaronluis26

EarthStar | 08-11-10, 2:13 PM
Hello shojo beat club member! Since mass messgaes are down, I'm sending this message one by one to every (active) user's profile.

(Delete this and ignore it if you wish to do so)

Have a great day!

- EarthStar9109

Hayato_Gokudera | 06-20-10, 11:23 PM
Please join

(Ito ay isang Pinoy-Site, Come and Join!)

yen_otaku | 08-03-09, 6:05 AM
yo! wow its rare to see pinoy in this site but anyway nice to meet you,

oksi91 | 08-01-09, 8:59 AM

inn0centdem0n | 11-20-08, 8:50 PM

as i promise.. ;)
tHanx for voting or thanx for your coopeRation.. :0

inn0centdem0n | 10-29-08, 6:37 PM

yo! hmn.. marunong ka namn magtaglog dba?.. aha!
nagvote knba dun sa # 1 anime.. nde co kase maintndihan ung post mu kung nagvote ka or nilagai mu lang reaction or comment mu.. aha! gomen ne.,

Jaica-jeN_ | 10-25-08, 6:03 AM

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