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10-05-13, 4:03 AM
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May 28, 2012
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JCDRANZER | 06-17-13, 4:56 PM
How comes you don't add anything to your list?

rockappeal | 04-23-13, 6:33 PM
Thinking better deleting my posts wasn't needed indeed. Deleting them seemed like I said something wrong or something I regret which is not the case. But I was really fed up with everything.

Also, I'm not good at expressing my opinions so I understand if they couldn't understand them. It's totally ok to disagree but they were interpreting them in a completely different way (maybe it was my fault for not being able to explain myself in a clearly way). They were mentioning only pieces of my posts which didn't clarify what I was saying in the whole post at all. I felt like it would get worse and worse hence I deleted them.

The feeling I got with that discussion was terrible too, I felt like I committed some kind of hideous crime. And everyone was "looking at me" like I was the bad guy. That's another reason I why deleted them. And they were taking all on me, other people said something similar and they didn't seem to care at all.

But anyways, I understand what you're saying and now I'll be careful with these kind of people and also with my opinions. :)

rockappeal | 04-23-13, 5:01 PM
Thanks 9988, I did delete my comments because people would bring them up every minute and I would not be able to defend myself, like it happened while ago, people started attacking me calling me ass and ignorant because I tried to comment on someone's comment about my post, so I decide to delete them. I do understand them though, that discussion was being extended to an inconvenient length.

You understood accurately what I was saying. Thanks for defending me. Every time I tried to explain my opinions, I felt like people would only read/interpret them the way they want. So I was getting really tired.

Unfortunately I'm the one who would always admit "defeat", take my opinion to myself and always apologize even if I didn't anything wrong. A coward to be honest. :(

VioLink | 02-19-13, 9:20 PM
I like what you said in the BD/DVD thread. Most of the anime fans on this site are college students or younger and can't afford to pay 60-50(USD) for 2-4 episodes of a series.

I think it's nice that people do buy a lot of anime per season but berating people who don't is unfair.

Amon-Raw | 12-13-12, 8:04 PM
Nice seeing a persona fan of the first games

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