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December 19, 1994
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May 2, 2009
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Dearly Beloved
~ A boy with a loving heart who fought the darkness to save his friends.
~ A boy with a hungry heart who fell into darkness but found the light.
~ A girl with a peaceful heart who guided her wandering friends home.
~ A boy with a heart light as air who fought the darkness that was his own.
~ A boy with a heart strong as earth who took darkness into himself to save his friends.
~ A girl with a heart deep as water who tirelessly searched the shadows for her friends.

Six hearts, dear, and beloved.

~ A boy with a shattered heart who made the most of a life he wasn't supposed to live.
~ A heartless shell of a man who burned with the fire of true friendship.
~ A girl with a copied heart who kindled the fires of two hearts.
~ A man with a heart dark as the night sky who can only see the light beyond the Door.

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skuj | 02-03-14, 7:50 PM
(✿◠‿◠)Vomic Newsletter(◡‿◡✿)

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Continuing with the "Best of the year" - thanks to you guys we were able to select some of the best animes, seiyuus, characters, couples and OPs & EDs of the year 2013. Now try to make your selected fave WINNERS!!! and claim your prize ^.^. The BEST of 2014 (2nd voting poll) is currently running in full speed in our forum and will remain open till end of Feb, so those who of you who have not yet voted there is still plenty of time to think and vote, but do it ASAP, as our card makers are already brainstorming the themes that the winning cards are going to have >.< HURRY!!!
~Pick 3 of 10 - in every category~

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How old are you? (well at least as a seiyuu fan) ;)
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xSilvermoonscar | 02-02-14, 6:40 AM
Oh I'm sure you will get in somewhere near.
That's exciting.

I also wanted to let you know that Steve was looking for one in the beginning go August, not in July. I'm not sure when. I have to ask him.

xSilvermoonscar | 02-01-14, 6:24 PM
Where are you going for the internship?

xSilvermoonscar | 01-25-14, 10:52 AM
Ok, Awesome! ^ ^

xSilvermoonscar | 01-25-14, 9:03 AM
boop beep beep boop boop

xSilvermoonscar | 12-16-13, 9:20 AM
//throws a peacock at you.
Here, it's your new chicken.

xSilvermoonscar | 12-12-13, 8:02 PM
You've clearly thought this through...

xSilvermoonscar | 12-10-13, 1:33 PM
Mwhaha! You shall live on, I shall make you immortal.
So you can always remember the day when you lost your beloved chicken.
//evil snickering

xSilvermoonscar | 12-07-13, 2:43 PM
//throws your chicken into another dimension

xSilvermoonscar | 12-06-13, 2:05 PM
Ah. You're going to like it.

xSilvermoonscar | 12-04-13, 9:26 AM
Because you need things.

xSilvermoonscar | 12-03-13, 5:00 PM
Oh wow, you're going to love it. (I hope! ^ ^')

xSilvermoonscar | 12-03-13, 2:59 PM
Haha. But that's really awesome.
Cool. Ah, that's fine I was sick & hanging out with Connor. The food was awesome though! :D
I can't wait until break!

P.S. I just ordered your christmas present and let me just say that you're going to love it.

xSilvermoonscar | 12-02-13, 5:47 AM
You're getting up there! And I wouldn't dream of it.
How was your break?

xSilvermoonscar | 11-17-13, 2:58 PM
97 days. //whistles

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