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Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan
Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan
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Seitokai Yakuindomo*
Seitokai Yakuindomo*
Yesterday, 12:04 AM
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Nabari no Ou
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Lingerie Panic
Lingerie Panic
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Yakimochi Lingerie
Yakimochi Lingerie
Yesterday, 12:29 AM
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Needless Zero
Needless Zero
Yesterday, 12:14 AM
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Oldmangenryuusai 12 hours ago
Ehm.. My bed? xD I'm not into ass, so but into ladies. xD And my familie, i.e parents and siblings. I have to take a 30 minute ferry when I work in the capital, twice a day. Sometimes I work on a somewhat remoteish island, where I have to take the same ferry, drive to capital and then another 2 hrs ferry. When the latter is the case, I stay on that island monday to friday. :P Money, money
Tsueno Yesterday, 3:57 PM
Did you go to small ones? It's expected in any anime con though but it'll make them look bad though.
Rii-bu Yesterday, 3:34 AM
We could do both!

I've been gone for quite a whie, there are many things we could talk about~ :3

And what was the old topic about...?
Sorry, I forget very quickly ; w;
SoulBrother_ Yesterday, 3:30 AM
Yeah. I got that much.

For a girl it's spaying... It's more expesive than neutering a boy cat, but not terrible. Especially if you can find a animal rescue-type organization to do it; some of them have discounts.

Here's one (It comes with a loli):


Maybe the mousepad...

Get Shrekt. I imagine what you look like with your Miku onahole.

It sucked ass... Almost like it came from The Philippines.

*Facepalm* No. Sluts, Manny.

*Double facepalm* The Mexican guy in Bleach.

I haven't gotten there yet. Only on episode 6.

Girls und Panzer der Film is stellar btw!
SoulBrother_ Jul 21, 7:32 PM
Yeah... We've had quite a few. Banished? You ever hear of spay and neuter? Or you couldn't/ wouldn't.

That's how boy cats are sometimes... Or so I hear. This kitten is the first boy cat we've had since I've been old enough to notice.

Yeah... Wish I had a Miku phone case.

Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

It wasn't always good, believe me.

Fast women, Manny!

Yep. Needs more Chad though (I watched the dub... Sato, was it?).

The end of the episodes are the best part. The loose-cannon idol and anime-themed karaoke. I couldn't believe when she was singing the Dragon Ball theme.
Tsueno Jul 20, 3:20 PM
I've never ran into cosplayers who didn't want to be caught on camera. But yeah if you want to cosplay you should expect to at least be asked to take pictures.
LegendaryNapkin Jul 19, 11:59 PM
You know what, I realized I never replied to your comment :/ sorry.
Well if you're mad I don't blame you it's been a little over 2 months that's pretty bad.

You're right no people can be the same, although they can come close. But individuality is important too.
Well idk that's not really how they go about it in my church but yeah I can see what you're saying. Although honestly I never even go to church so I'd hardly say I'm religious. If someone asked me my background yeah I would say I'm catholic, but I don't actively practice it.

Oldmangenryuusai Jul 19, 4:14 PM
I disagree. :) Having something to look forward to every week is what keeps me going*

hmm, I just looked Sakurako-san no Ashimoto, looks promising!

Yeah, I work 11-12 hrs aday, so I'm figuratively fucked when I get home.

Tsueno Jul 17, 7:47 PM
lol though there are some really good cosplayers and fun panels.
SoulBrother_ Jul 17, 1:12 AM
Well... We just got it and it's two weeks old. Our other cat is about 3 now and scared of it mewing. lol

I mean... It is shaped like a phone case.

IDK... http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/shrek-is-love-shrek-is-life


Ours works well.

Them 'well-travelled' types.

Educated, maybe. Aware is another. Face-palming is very likely.

And i like that you have that Lucky Star banner thing up now that I'm watching the show.
Tsueno Jul 16, 11:51 PM
They're fun even though the merchandise there costs a lot.
SoulBrother_ Jul 16, 11:40 PM
Last time I talked about washing my computer, but I actually had to today because a kitten pissed on it...

I thought that your new avatar was a phone case at first lol

Also, since you asked, my soul element is Shrek.

Dragnim Jul 16, 1:32 PM
V's lil sis


Well neither am I. I just admire and respect her as a voice actor, musician and person, thats all. Tbh she ain't really my type tho hahaha lol.

Kamen Rider Kuuga

Well ... I doubt it will work on me ... :D

No, I meant KR Gatack lol
Dragnim Jul 16, 1:23 PM
Part V

Well its like a magical girl parody but that would be stretching it. The main girl is crazy and makes the most adorable faces lol. It was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot. Season 2 is currently airing as well so there is that.

Yea yea I know ... but that little clone of the yellow dude just puts me off so I'm not gonna watch it, oh well. xD

Well here hoping for even better times to come, but true they were!

Tbh I don't like everything, only the stuff that make me feel nice inside, thats all. xD

Oh ... well be ready for a blast when you get to seeing it, that show was the SHIT back in 2013. Damn that was a good anime watching year for me. And boy the music gets even better with each season.

Tbh I've only seen her Madoka, Victorique and Hibiki! (Madoka being my least fave and Hibiki being her *hands down* best role so far) That or I'm too much of a fanboy. :P

Your relationship with your So

It was filled with nonsense (like always) ... so now its better.

True I agree, but idk man, their xenophobia, close minded society, pop culture kinda puts me off. Japan feels, how to put it ... a depressing lonely place to be. Just doesn't feel right to me. :/

Well ask the question then?

Well I have this:


An interview with the creator of the manga, guess what the ending wasn't a good one for Punpun :|
Also this analysis:


Yeah, I asked the same questions ... a total kick in the balls/feelz huh?

Strangely I was playing this song on repeat for the last 3 volumes or so back then, it was very fitting ... the whole album is actually incredibly fitting with this manga tbh. :P
I kinda feel a void that refuses to go away (its been like 8 months now lol), seriously fucked me up back then and I hate Punpun for that, damn. x/
Dragnim Jul 16, 12:51 AM
Part V

Well too lazy for that. xD


I know, you seen Star vs the forces of evil btw?

Xiaolin Showdown the newest or the first? I liked the first as a kid.

Damn ... those were my faves, I also watched old mecha anime/ transformers back then too ... and everything I could find on tv honestly. Jack inspired me to draw a lot of monsters ... and to imagine bloody fights in my childhood games xD

never was an Avatar fan ... I liked more sci-fi focused stuff tbh.

well ... you are right, both are good.

lol xD

Idk man ... I've been following it since its beginning and it was that mainstream at all back then, but now, yes, I see your point.
Thing is this one started Aois career into making her more popular from what I get.
pls don't tell me you stopped before G ... where it gets GAR! xD

yeah, lol.

I can't handle those ...

I guess ... well good for you then, don't fuck things up. (most people do) xD

I don't remember xD

well good luck

same here ... but it doesn't help at all ... I feel like shit atm

True, but I don't glorify Japan. They did a lot of fucked up shit as well ... every country has but still.

Who takes too much profit?


Well what do you think now of Punpun once you have finished it? Are you depressed? :D