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Deadman Wonderland
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Akatsuki no Yona
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Oyasumi Punpun
May 22, 11:38 PM
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Houkago Idol
May 22, 11:38 PM
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Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
May 22, 11:36 PM
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_marianne_ Yesterday, 8:50 PM
Paanong forked road? Yung parang sa pic ba na yan? Yung tipong dalawang daanan tas d mo lam kung saan ka pupunta?

Oo naman d ako susuko hahahhaha sana... hahahaha

Lapitin ako ng troll? D naman. Ikaw lng naman troll sa mga kaibigan ko e
Ay may isa pla.. pero d mo nmn kilala kaya d ko na babanggitin

Gets ko na yung sinasabi mong s and m
Sadist at masochist pala. Paano mo naisip na sadist ako huh? yarou domo jk lng

>Ganda mo lol XD<~~ ito na siguro pinaka sincere na compliment na natanggap ko sa buong buhay ko hahaha

Oo nga na salbahe ako

Baligtad? Hmm ganto kasi yun diba merong tinatawag na flashback sa mga palabas?
Ginamit ko yon dito sa comment hahaha
Seidou_Takizawa Yesterday, 6:37 AM
ahahah i see, i'm actually a big fan of dementia ^^ but yeah the only Yaoi i watched was Boku no Pico and was enough to scar me for life >.< XD

Np was my bad, i shouldn't had gave such a vague asker.

Oh similar to genshiken? :D
Sunsa-Chan Yesterday, 6:07 AM
Here we don't really care and people don't tell anyone they have a fuckbuddy. Even if they did tell, we don't care. As long as no one is getting emotionally hurt we couldn't care less.

Well that's 10 more videos than I have XD

Just finished the 2 OVAs of Angel Densetsu. It's awesome! :D
Dragnim Yesterday, 3:39 AM
Part X at the moment YES!

ok,ok! ~

Yes, exactly! Hence sexual exhaustion (google that up). What is most fucked up is that you are not even having sex, but self-pleasuring which that keeps your motivation to pursue mates even lower and is very destructive in the long run.
But focusing on that is even more destructive so lets stop talking about sex? x|

I know, I know moving on ~

Yeah, and still its so hard to stop. Thats why I need to find some hobby to keep my mind away from porn and fapping cause I just don't know when to quit. As I said, just like drinking, not everyone can do it. ;/

Yeah, basically too much of a good thing is not good, that is all ... x]

That was nice.

Well I'm screwed in the way that I wasn't attracted to real life girls (only 2d) and ignored them. But I'm looking on fixing that.

Well ... now I need to find a job and a purpose in life. I'm not lucky AT ALL!!


This is gold!

Yes, very cool indeed, but are the rider armors cool as well?

ok, I get that etc, and have read it before. But still how dose female domination especially one portrayed in pornography good to you, thats what I was asking?
It basically switches the roles between men and women, exaggerating everything, to the point you got girls fucking guys with strap ons, tell me how is that not destructive to both people in it?
Girls contrary to what they want you to believe want men who are dominant and can take care of themselves (its in their instincts for survival), not pussies who worship them and lick their ass, the reason I kept getting female attention when I was ignoring them and basically kept telling them to fuck off and leave me alone (it wasn't much but it still was there) was because I was showing them that they can't have me and that in itself triggered interest or smt. Of course all of this was lost when I got overly needy and emotional, I suspect porn for that. And another thing that I came to realize was that dominant women are very,very unattractive. There is nothing wrong in a girl having character, knowing what she wants and spirit in her, heck I find that attractive, but when they come to the point of controlling and abusing you, then you got yourself a real fucked up problem.

Yeah, sadly. :|

Exactly, they should switch to being more feminine, and less boyish. Nowadays society is kinda de-harmonized in that regard. You see more and more girls trying to act like guys and the other way around. We should just follow our nature or smt. :|

Well I think its the other way around. When you find a women who motivates you, and not destroying you then you have basically found nirvana, sad thing is its very, very rare, and hard to do so. :P
I want my dick to take a rest, he deserves it!

Same here, I want to be a cyborg actually, and who knows ... the future is near after all ... :D

pffff ... The winged Dragon of Ra was cooler! xP

Well if you work on it you will succeed, didn't CWG tell you the same? You attract what you want deep down!

Yeah, I want that too! Hence the reason I'm building self control! I want to travel the world one day, and have adventures and see the ocean! Just like my mama did when she was young.

they have a new album and made a vid about Strike ya know. That song in particular "Kensei" is a killer. xD

Yeah, I love them. They got me in anime years ago.

About MAL comments, and anime viewing. :|

Well I meant they don't show any on TV anymore, but back when I was a kid and growing up anime was everywhere in Bulgaria. Oldschool mecha, Sailor moon and many others where airing on every national television program, DVD's were selling, games, ya know how it was. The thing is the last channel stopped airing anime in 2013 and now has become just for kids. Nobody watches TV as before and they basically have removed the cartoon/anime section. But a good thing is that pirating and turrents are kinda legal here, so everyone gets their anime from there, and thank god. Otherwise we wouldn't have much exposure whatsoever. Its the younger generations which suffer the most though. :/
In a way I think anime has become less known to be honest, if you compare it to the 2000s craze when it was everywhere. There are still conventions here every year though.

Yes, yes you did.

lol that gif made me laugh xD

btw why didn't you say anything about my name change and updated "about me" section?
Dragnim Yesterday, 2:19 AM
Little v

Well Winx is basically a rip-off of magical girl anime. W.I.T.C.H was my favorite though, it had cool action and was basically more aimed at guys than all of the others I mentioned, from what I remember at least.

Yeah I know it was cool, and same.
Why you send me this ... my mother almost saw it! I preferred Clover as best girl though.

How so? It isn't too late. I was extremely asocial, depressed, and acting as an asshole but still managed to find a good girl friend in HS so everything is possible.

do you regret taking the otaku path? I don't! xD

Well you don't watch long running anime anymore ...

JUST DO IT! as the popular meme goes~

Didn't you know? Apparently Japan is a very unfriendly country towards otakus ... cause of past serial killer incidents, and social stigma, its a bad bad place! Stitch used to be one of my favorite movies/series back as a kid. That and Gold Robo! But the anime stitch ... no thank you.

There is a theory that he actually shows it ... during one incident, but I don't want to spoil.

Oldmangenryuusai May 21, 3:33 PM
yoyo, sorry for late reply. Been a hectic ten days since I moved back home for the summer. Uni starts again in September. Got back on the 13th, and started working on the 17th. Need the monies.

Boku no Hero Acedemia looks promising. Or it is. 4 episodes in. The others that I havent checked, but that I think I'd like are Mayoiga and Kiznaiver!

Shigatsu was tough too, but I saw it coming. I shed a few tears, but the anime felt so complete to me. One of the best animes I've seen since I started watching 6 years ago. A true masterpiece. I also loved to music. Just fantastic.

ah well, it's always nice to get the things you are nervous about over with.

Hentai? xD I havent watched hentai in years. I hate the censorship. I'm more into reading Dōjinshi, and original works too.

Dragnim May 20, 11:35 PM
Part X

No you didn't!

Oh, ok then. I was asking if she did any voice acting jobs for anime though.

Nah, I'll pass. I'm monogamous by nature ... the other way will just kill me mentally.

What is the point really?

Well it is basically sexual exhaustion (its real) that is the main problem, not healthy masturbation. Combine that with destructive pornography which is addictive by nature, and you are destroying both your body and mind. But here, this will do a better job explaining than me:

This blew my mind one year ago, and everything began to make sense, but hey I was in the pit of hell for years, you most probably don't have any problems, but its still interesting to know.

I will graduate after two weeks!! I will finally be free!!

well porn induced fetishes/sexuality

I don't remember and was babbling bullshit.
Have this quote instead:

I don't get it, explain? How dose female domination helps, that makes men into even bigger pussies?


Well if the fillers are handled with care and are actually interesting (like in D.Gray man) then I have no problem. Sadly most are bad, and boring.

thats doesn't change the fact that afros on girls are still ugly!

Romantic companionship. But I have come to terms with myself and prefer to stay single at the moment. I need to get my shit together if I don't want to live in this shitty excuse of a life for the rest of my days.

I can live a life which is true to myself and believes. Just because society has become degrading doesn't mean I will stay like that as well. Although I don't care about what the world has become, I actually want to see how far it will go. :D

Yeah, I used to play that game a lot as a kid, as well as Yugioh. I miss those days sometimes.

Well that is commendable! May you work on it, and make it into a reality!
I have a dream as well!

Yeah I know. Yeah, very cool indeed.

What about them?

I was busy this days with school. But as a whole I no longer have the passion I used to.

Hmmm, yeah. They don't even air any power rangers in my country, or anime for that matter. :(

You forgot about Little V << a reference to Uchidas Little boy <<< which in itself is a reference to World War II bomb which detonated over Nagasaki
Dragnim May 20, 10:35 PM
You finally started Punpun, huh ...
Would be interested to know how you feel about it?
SoulBrother_ May 18, 8:15 PM
I'm going in and you're coming out... going in, coming out... in, out... Sounds dirty!!!

We have stuff like that in nursing, firefighting, and a few other areas, but none in my field of study. We also have a program that allows students to use half of the school day to go to work.

Hmmm... Isn't there a big one held in the Philippines?
Taker6898 May 18, 6:22 PM
how did you know? :(
nicomaine May 17, 6:02 PM

dapat nung kinulong sya dati pinatay nalang haha jk

haha. at least...

Seidou_Takizawa May 17, 3:23 AM
You didn't refer hentai in your previous post, so is safe to assume i was saing i dont like yaoi too right? :)

You said you enjoy every genre by their respective standards, so i said im pretty much the same.

Ah i already watched Death Parade, how good is Outbreak Company? :D
Sunsa-Chan May 17, 3:16 AM
Portugal... Yeap European...

Yeah it's kinda like here. Now it's sunny. I can wear t-shirts but I have to wear them with a light jacket. What do you wear outside now?

Oh. It backfired then.
It's weird to be sexually frustrated when you're dating. I mean that's when you do it everytime and everywhere. Why don't you negotiate? Like we'll do this and I'll give you a massage or something like that.

Like 7/10. My Kohai made me watch it I guess. And this way we can cosplay the characters, me and her. For someone who has hentai on their phone, you shouldn't be embarrassed. XD
_marianne_ May 17, 2:57 AM
ang pathway ko sa success ay zigzag haha

advance congratulations sa iyo xD

oo naman masama talaga magtroll kaya nga tinigilan ko na

sige kinalimutan ko na

ano nga bang sinabi mo ?

oo nga e

oy saka wag mo naman akong sabihan ng kawawa
_marianne_ May 17, 2:15 AM
class. dapat may kukunin ako subj kaso err kilala mo naman ako laging pinaglalaruan ng tadhana
konti lng nag enrol 3 lang kami kaya wla no choice talaga kundi refund refund nlng bowset

d kita talaga maintindihan bahala ka sa buhay mo haha
hay nako sabi ko na sayo isang beses plang ako nakapunta sa convention tas umuwi din agad kami, diba kinwento ko na sayo pambihira ka, wag ka ngang alzheimer haha

oo "gets" ko naman

a bastaaa katamad mag enumerate hahaha