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Favorite Anime
Zero no Tsukaima
Zero no Tsukaima add
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann add
Lovely★Complex add
Toradora! add
Angel Beats!
Angel Beats! add

Favorite Manga
DearS add
Samurai Champloo
Samurai Champloo add
Highschool of the Dead
Highschool of the Dead add
Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl
Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl add
Rosario to Vampire
Rosario to Vampire add

Favorite Characters
Harima, Kenji
Takasu, Ryuuji
Aisaka, Taiga
Koizumi, Risa
Noyamano, Ringo
Osaragi, Hazumu
Kanzaki, Kaori

Favorite People
Kugimiya, Rie
Kugimiya, Rie
Blum, Steven
Blum, Steven
Tachiki, Fumihiko
Tachiki, Fumihiko
Glass, Caitlin
Glass, Caitlin
Wittenberg, Dave
Wittenberg, Dave
McConnohie, Michael
McConnohie, Michael
Hoffman, Bridget
Hoffman, Bridget

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03-25-15, 6:29 PM
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July 15, 1991
Wollongong, Australia
October 17, 2010
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Time (Days) 136.7
Watching 17
Completed 328
On Hold 0
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Plan to Watch 457
Total Entries 802

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Time (Days) 46.4
Reading 36
Completed 66
On Hold 0
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Plan to Read 252
Total Entries 354

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About 1C3MARK
Looking for some more anime/manga to keep me occupied. Found something not on my list that you think I'll like, let me know :D

300th anime: IS:Infinite Stratos

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KurobaHime | 11-12-14, 3:28 PM

Crowlage | 08-31-14, 7:16 PM

GL Addicts!
Club Page!

Wimwinkle | 08-09-14, 1:23 PM

Cersei | 04-21-14, 10:30 AM
Slice of Life Club Newsletter

Note: Due to the club having so many members, a newsletter will not be going out to everyone after this round of the competition. If you would like to receive a newsletter informing you of when each new round starts so that you can go in and vote, please post in this thread. Thank you!

Cersei | 03-09-14, 1:57 PM
Slice of Life Club Newsletter

CloudKyon | 03-02-14, 10:40 PM
Been kind of quiet lately xD
So what have you been up to?

CloudKyon | 08-13-13, 6:00 AM
Its been awhile for sure lol..

Any changes recently? Like you started liking new genres? Character types? :3

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo live action
Really hoped for a anime though sigh.
Most of the ones Ive been wanting came out already
Kimi no Iru Machi (disappointed)
TWOGK 3 (good enough. Dont like how they skipped some imp parts)

CloudKyon | 08-12-13, 12:29 AM
Hello there! I remember we talked like last year?
I don't remembers. Haha.
Well, anyways. Trying to reconnect with people :3
So any anime you're looking forward to?

-Elly--chwan | 06-24-13, 9:12 AM
Would you like to join ??

Yukawaiichan21 | 12-24-12, 8:31 PM
(っ◥▶ ω ◀◤ )っ Merry Christmas and happy holidays~!! ♥
Christmas~! yey~! Christmas~! yeey~! Christmas~! yeeeeey~!! ♥

Yukawaiichan21 | 11-20-12, 9:02 PM
Yup, graduating~♥ :D

a lot already left TM so there's no way to contact them. ♥ D:
but Yu-chan will be online in TM on the last day before shut down. to say one last bye-bye to everyone~ :)

Yu-chan sees you started watching Ben-to. Yu-chan also started to watch it too. what'cha think of it? ♥ :3
the plot is crazy but the fight scenes are really cool~

Yukawaiichan21 | 11-15-12, 2:48 AM
Yu-chan's been doing good~♥ :3
Yu-chan was very busy with school since Yu-chan is graduating in march. ♥ how have u been? ♥

it really is too bad~ Yu-chan was excited coming back to TM~♥ D:
Yup, good thing we can still communicate through MAL and FB and YT. ♥ C:

Yukawaiichan21 | 11-11-12, 5:55 PM
Hey Hey it's been a while~♥ :3

Yu-chan just got back to TM and read that TM is closing~! ♥ D:
did you know that Ringo-kun? ♥


WeikaReis | 06-23-12, 6:19 PM
Would you like to join the Vocaloid Cards Club ? ;)

I Hope to see you there *-*~

SerasAshley | 04-16-12, 1:20 PM
I deliver newsletters for 3 clubs, Recommendation Club, Anime Recommendation and Help center, and One Divine. How have you been?

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