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DarkRoseOtaku | Yesterday, 3:08 PM
i swear i freaking wtrote something! ugh!

Dont give up! it took me 10 months after graduating college to get a job. XP

its...certainly looks violent lol Im waiting for Age of Ultron!!!

Sooo Friday was my bday. it was a meh day. went to ihop.

Archeologist | 04-22-15, 6:19 AM
you should also listen to this Falconer song - yeah,her vocal's pretty good although i prefer vocals similar to Tarja's.

i don't think it's possible to compare such different bands like Equilibrium and Windir. Actually, Windir is a black metal band. it is clear after listening to riffs. the electro part is considered to be an outro,and i didn't like that outro i think it kind of ruined a great song. anyway, Windir created 4 albums and from them all we can hear development and diversifying. these 4 songs are from different Windir albums :

Archeologist | 04-22-15, 6:10 AM
maybe you could pay for some people connected with voice acting to get you a job? yeah,i suppose that's a good idea.will you go to college? and,will you try that?

why did you want to join military? military is risky. it's not only doing some exercises or learning how to use guns or drive a tank, you can be send out to a area in which conflict is evolved and that might be dreadful. well,you can never know, for instance if you were in an ambush or something and there was nothing else left to eat but milk and eggs you'd be in a complicated situation. if working in shipyard pleases you and if you are sure that you will find nothing better,you should seek a career at this field.

you mean these people simply take advantage of their situation and continue to get money? well, this problem is common in my place. most likely 40% people of my country keep on using the social allowances although they can work and have no psychical issues or diseases. you mean,people go to hospitals even if they are not seriously ill?that's odd. yeah,USA is truly a rich country which gives a lot of possibilities.

at such case you should definitely listen Turis Fratyr. from where did you buy that album?how much did it cost?

haha,you seem to be crazy for Attack on Titan. what do you like about it so much nevertheless? how much that sword cost? it's cool.i saw these pictures well.

DarkRoseOtaku | 04-19-15, 8:00 PM
well good luck with the internship!!

You seem to be moving up rather quickly. my sister was stuck in the same position for 2 years and they never gave her a raise despite what the contract said. she obviously quit and now just sleeps in her room and doesnt make an effort with her college classes >.>

I started watching <url=> "Shinsekai yori" i really like it. the art is a bit different but its a rather creepy show. im only 6 episodes in and I'm told it gets better.

I just saw the madmax trailer as im typing this lol. Im sitting in the tv room.

Archeologist | 04-17-15, 11:11 AM
maybe connections could help you?i mean,your friends,relatives might somehow help you to get in anime industry? and you could definitely record your voice and send it. what would you loose if you did that anyway? although Righstuf can only offer something you are not fond of but it could be a good start. maybe after working in that field you might find an opportunity to try what you want?

are you planing to work in shipyard for a long time? i don't think that it's a stupid law. they are many people who live under poverty line and can't pay for healthcare so does it mean they should die and everybody should let them die? well, of course there are a lot of people who live poor due to their laziness but some people can't work due to diseases.

you mean you haven't heard Turis Fratyr album?damn,you should try it,it's great. have heard of these guys earlier but their not my type. i'm not so fond of power metal, but i listen to some bands. my favourites are Ancient Bards, Blind Guardian and Falconer.ever heard any of them? i think you might like them.try this : , , . it's normal that you are not so fond of dm and bm since it's normal to have one or two favourite genres. anyway, i suggest you to try Windir :

Archeologist | 04-16-15, 10:32 AM
well,working in anime industry is promising and if you like this field, you will definitely succeed in it. haven't heard of this company,i'm not some kind of rich american or scadinavian who could afford buying anime. perhaps you could try both things,and working in anime industry and acting? if you try both,you will see at which sphere you are better at.

shipyard?damn,that's a hard occupation. besides its benefits, this job must be quite physically hard. it might cause some injuries or something like that.even if healthcare in USA must be great, any kind of injury is not pleasant.btw,i've heard that government/hospital or something pay for people who try new remedies or try to live a healthy life and lose weight or so? is all this true or a scam?

yep,these guys are great.although i prefer their first album. Erdentempel is a great,but it sounds like an ordinary folk metal album. older albums of Eqiulibrium have an unique atmosphere.

DarkRoseOtaku | 04-14-15, 8:16 PM
I've never seen any human die but had a few of my babies die in my arms (guinea pigs). its not too fun. and then of course theres the animals from work too.

i actually dont know what the shipyard is. can you briefly explain?

i think weather in the northern part of the usa is messed up. it doesnt care about seasons and likes to change weather and temperature in a blink of an eye.

So my foster cat went to Petsmart for another month and yet again she wasnt adopted. :( looking at the roster, it seems that cats are either adopted immediately or return to their foster homes. this is getting really depressing.

Archeologist | 04-14-15, 12:57 AM
you are lucky that you have a temporary job with a good payment. what job do you want to have in your future?

i prefer black and death metal. for example,Windir,Nokturnal Mortum,Infernal War,Vader, Minas Morgul, Summoning, Unleashed, Mork Gryning, Asphyx, Demigod ect. i'm sure you haven't heard any of those. and,i also like Eqiulibrium just like you.

DarkRoseOtaku | 04-10-15, 5:27 PM
a car pft

thats one thing about human medicine that urks me. if the best thing to do is to let someone pass, they just have them naturally wait and die while full of pain meds and that only helps with the physical pain. in animal medicine, we dont just sit and wait. we quietly and quickly put them down so they dont have to suffer.

still dont have results. he wasnt told to call and make an appointment so after a week of waiting he called and the receptionist told him. >.>

we're getting warmer here but the humidity already is collecting in my room >.>

Archeologist | 04-09-15, 10:13 AM
nothing good. how about you?

a one common thing is very, what bands are your favourite ones?

DarkRoseOtaku | 03-26-15, 5:27 PM
i got a car yesterday, so far its good.

aww im sorry about your grandmother.

im afraid that i'll die slowly and painfully in a hospital just begging to die. : i guess dying slowly and painfully for a while from an accident or whatever would be worse

aw geeze. sorry too hear that too. my bf wanted to join the airforce but can't because he has poor hearing in one of his ears due to a kid attacking him when he was in grade school. it recently got worse and he just got an mri done today to see if he's getting a tumor.

DarkRoseOtaku | 03-22-15, 4:27 PM
so ive been looking for a car for a while. found a few that i liked but they were either too expensive or had leather seats or someone snagged it before me. its frustrating.

DarkRoseOtaku | 03-08-15, 3:31 PM
uuhh. no. tried to be social but no one came to the meet up i planned sop that was a fucking bust.

its a nice ass day outside and it makes me cry because i want to spend it with my boyfriend but i cant.

DarkRoseOtaku | 03-04-15, 6:07 PM
so are the grills no working or are they gross and need to be super washed?

i always want that dang blooming onion there but it feeds like a family of 5. also i don't like steak. i'm a rare species in this country.

DarkRoseOtaku | 03-01-15, 6:42 PM
lol EVERYONE is saying i look like the bionic woman. lo unfortunately it doesnt give me super strength. XO
this particular brace just prevents me from completely straightening my arm, which is when my arm is most likely to dislocate. im going to have it on for a month to let my muscles tighten up.
i haven't tried my knee brace yet and it would take me a year of wearing it to see if it does prevent any dislocation. it doesnt move that often thankfully.

ur old schedule sounds like its the same though lol

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