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DarkRoseOtaku | 01-28-15, 8:50 PM
yes thanks BLEH

so crunchyroll FINALLY has kurobasu 3 but are about 2 weeks behind somehow

DarkRoseOtaku | 01-26-15, 3:10 PM
why would you think that the movie was credible?????

did u even look at any of the links and read anything?? see those screenshots of people talking about thier reaction and how muslims are being treated because of this movie??

ive seen many sources that state that Chris Kyle has in fact called them 'savages' in his book 'american sniper'

DarkRoseOtaku | 01-25-15, 11:12 PM
Chris Kyle can go fuck himself

DarkRoseOtaku | 01-25-15, 11:09 PM
lol alright

.....that movie is bullshit. It beautifies Chris Kyler as well. He has stated about how much he loved killing the Islams and how he'd love to kill more.
“Savage, despicable evil. That’s what we were fighting in Iraq…. I only wish I had killed more. I loved what I did … It was fun. I had the time of my life.” He’s also written “I hate the damn savages. I couldn’t give a flying f**k about the Iraqis."

Moreover, the movie is further pushing the idea that muslims are terrorists and islamophobia. people have been sent death threats simply because of what they saw in the movie to muslim families. I'm really disgusted.

DarkRoseOtaku | 01-22-15, 8:28 PM
that doesnt seem like a movie i'd watch

ugh gyms

I'm rather annoyed that only 1 of the anime i like is airing on crunchyroll that means i'll either buy a subscription to funimation or just watch illegally which i've been trying hard no to do anymore since i have a job and i want to support anime in this country >.>

DarkRoseOtaku | 01-11-15, 2:11 PM
im with mah bf now! getting there was really obnoxious cause one of my flights was 5 hours late. >.>

whats mad max?

yeah im reallllyyy bad at conversations. the person im talking to has to be really good at them for it to work.

ew school. i hope i'll never need to go to college again.


Im super excited for this new season of Kuroko and Tokyo ghoul! And of course more Parasyte!!

Johanathann | 01-06-15, 12:15 AM
Damn right I do, im gonna put that shit all over. I'm going to email every one I know like "hey fuck your shit, look what I just won"

Yeah my cat will do that a lot too, like just sit right on my keyboard. And then just give me that look like "wanna do something about it bitch" or hide im my closet then jump out and scare me. my dogs are all big cuddle bears though, took a nap on one of my dogs when i got home and my sister sent me this like an hour later xD

I love stuff like that with a big buildup, and I didn't know that but now I do. Seems like a long ways away, wonder why they're waiting so long to release it. Do you think of a setback? you know what,now that I'm thinking about it, that's kind of the standard amount of time shows take till a second season

Well on the EP you have, it's a bit weaker. Those are songs from the album a twist in the myth. A lot of people didn't like that album too much, honestly it's not too much my favorite either. but every other album of their's is phenomenal though

Well now Speaking of blind Guardian and build up's like in that Attack on Titan song.

Yeah that physics stuff is a bitch isn't it, Anything with law is just bad news, Fuck Newton and his gravity bullshit. It's why I can't fly, jk tho cause life world be hard without that stuff xD

Yeah we have made a lot of cool stuff but All the technology in the world wouldn't make time travel doable. Being advanced has nothing to do with doing something impossible

What would make you think I like them xD i'm known to bitch about everything. I'll probably rewatch the movies once I'm done with the books again(honestly don't remember too much of either) but I bet you i'll bitch about the LOTR movies too. I can already kind of see myself not liking them but who knows.

Hell yeah It will, you'll see. After like three weeks of eating well and exercising every day you'll feel great. What I personally do(did ;-;)is three days on and then break one day, and repeat. Once you really get into it you may even want to work out on your break day but it's important that you don't because rest is just as important when working out as actually working out is. You'll gain nothing if you don't properly rest every night and break a day.

I listened to the whole album while reading before work and I've had so many different songs from there stuck in my head. I think war of the thrones was the last song I listen to before I went to work cause that song was stuck in my head bad xD

I was on Back booth and started singing "all I have a feel is! All I ever see is! Walls they fall! When the March of the others begins!" And didn't realize that the mike was on because the person hadn't driven away yet xD they were probably like "what the fuck?"

Then later when I was doing fries I was like
"all I have a feel is! All I ever see is! Rise and fall when the war of the thrones shall begin

Leave a fee for the tillerman, the tillerman leave the river behinddeeeiinnd"

Ok I need more BG now, get me in the mood for reading my books hehe

Well of course, I mean if it's a serious relationship and you've been dating for like a year then you definitely do need to work those things out but you shouldn't start a relationship thinking about stuff like that xD

You're still thinking like the first person you date is going to have to be your soulmate. *smack on nose* no bad Caleb, get that out of your head.

Well wavelength is all good and all... Just when you find a girl that you like, go for it and have fun, live life. And the time will come for you to start thinking about stuff like that later

Well I have now, they started doing animations too now huh, that was pretty damn funny. They should make more of those, it's fun when you can make your own format to make your own little story.

I'll have to start on a basis of what I'm interested in and I don't even know that much yet. I need to start researching all this but I don't know really where or how

Beat me next year huh? Suuuuuurrre you will(in the absolutely most sarcastic voice you could think of) I agree to that and I don't think there's any room for you to say "I'm not" when it's anything I want huhuhu you better get that mouth ready for me xD

Oh wow that show is already over, Felt like just yesterday I was watching the Second episode. I'm definitely getting crunchyroll back with my next paycheck, I have a lot to catch up on xD
And I also just realized that The last thing I ever updated was pyarasite like 3 months ago xD i've definitely read some stuff since then. I need to go back and remember all of it so I can put it on my list. The reason I have this list is so I don't forget what chapter in on, then I go and forget to put that on the list and now i have to remember for the list. It should be the opposite, the list should remember for me

Johanathann | 01-05-15, 11:40 AM
But before that, i just have to say my cat is such a cutie. She all cuddled on my bed and shit.

Oh it's a great album, they started experimenting with using orchestra as sort of the frontal noise. They started using orchestra in their music a bit more and more since the album imaginations from the other side but they made it the main instrumentals with guitars as the backing in two songs on this album (Sacred worlds and wheel of time) and they said they're going to experiment with that sound more on the new album.
here i'd recommend listening though it again from about where you left off, it only gets better every time

Really? Well I'd give those albums a listen then. I've already started with all the albums I got for Christmas. I only have like one more to really listen to

In something likes steins gate they were pretty much re-creating another version of the entire universe starting from a certain point every time they went to the past. I would also say the idea of world lines definitely doesn't exist

time travel is completely impossible.

Because Time doesn't exist, it's a made up human concept to count the earths revolution around the sun. Moving within it is completely impossible because it doesn't exist.

Time travel is science fiction because it's basing itself upon a human concept and not a law of the universe

Going forward in time may be (technically) possible if you slow down the speed of time for yourself but going backwards in it will never happen.

As you can tell it's not a very shades of gray subject for me, It simply just does not exist.

Don't even get me started on the hobbit, I rather liked the first one because it went along with the book A decent amount and changed itself up every now and then to spice it up for the only moviegoers. The second and third ones were trash though.

The casting, acting, music. All that was good but the script was just shit xD

I'm really excited to see that one, it definitely looks exciting. Already see people complaining about how big movie company money is going to crap all over this and take away The plot xD what do you think the original mad Max films were people?? You didn't go see those movies for the plot(which doesn't even really exist)

Also the second mad Max film had the longest chase scene ever for a while there. I think they may try to out do it with this movie, from what I seen of the trailer and from when I've heard, the whole movie is a big car chase. Have to say, it looks pretty exciting

Sounds like an exciting list of resolutions to me, if I was to think of a New Year's resolution for me off the top my head it would be to stop being a fat ass. I'm hoping sooner or later I'll finally start working out again xD

Oh I love that song, it definitely has a memorable riff. All the songs on that album are great so I'd recommend that too huhuhu

50% Off? At my work we don't get a discount on the food but it's 100% free when you're on break. You can Get whatever you like

What's with all this preparing for marriage talk?? Ugh reminds me of my friend, he said he doesn't want to date anyone because he doesn't want to get married. saying stuff like that is like saying you don't want to walk because your not gonna walk across the world. It's just thinking to the farthest extreme for no reason.

I say Go meet people and have fun, and if you like someone then date someone or fail trying and be a more confident person cause of it.

don't think of reasons why you should of shouldn't date people, just go out and enjoy life

I haven't played the last of us since the subway part xD i'm not one of those people that plays video games in a big rush to beat them. I just play a game when I feel like playing it. I haven't felt like playing the last of us much lately though

Yeah I really like that song has a great Ballad, just like the song after it. Valkyries, love that song and the lyrics.

"When the battle is lost! And the slain ones are chosen! Valkyries will guide us home!"

You just wished for something that would piss off a lot of people, Them going filler xD that's Extreme. Honestly I've just never seen a reason to hate the story, I mean I liked it and thought it was fine.

Yeah I did notice that the issue at hand seemed to change a lot haha well that's alright I'll still listen whenever something up with you. And i'll take you up on that offer

Yeah that is one idea, though I don't think English teachers are as hard to come by in Scandinavia as they are in Japan. Every Scandinavian country is a lot more English-speaking than Japan but I like your way of thinking. I'm going to have to thinking a more potential jobs

alright here is shelf one of shelf one

here is two

Here is shelf 3

Here is 4

First Shelf

Total of the first shelf
shelf one of shelf two

shelf two if shelf two

shelf three of shelf two

full shelf

total for this shelf

total for both
So i declare myself

and yeah, we'll see about next year huhu

DarkRoseOtaku | 01-03-15, 10:50 PM
I sleep whenever i dont work or when i have to use the bathroom or super hungry. I'll even sleep rather than playing ff xiv. Trying my best to just do shit but sleeping just feels gooooood.

I didnt even bother. dragging the hobbit out into a 9 hour movie is really dumb. i liked the first movie but the second was dragged on too damn long and of course the changes that i knew of kinda annoyed me. my family went to see the newest one and i def didnt go.

I'm really not actually. I only watch ones that I REAAAALLLY want to see. not ones that just simply seem interesting. Even when i rent movies i kinda just forget about them.

sorry about not replying for a week. prolly just too lazy.

fishergirl16 | 01-01-15, 9:23 PM
Whenever there's a huge twist in an anime like they did with Aldnoah, people always call masterpiece. That's why I originally didn't like Attack on Titan, because when Eren "died" everyone flipped out. It's really silly, honestly - especially when that twist is all about shock value instead of plot progression.

The performances in Your Lie in April are definitely must have been so much work to animate that shit, lol. Looks great though, really brings everything to life. That's how a classical music show should be done.
To be honest, the motivational speeches Kaori gives kinda make me laugh. It's just so melodramatic. Same with Kousei's monologues. It is a beautiful anime though, through and through.

They're totally going down the "romantic interest has a secret terminal illness" path, though, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Hopefully it's not too generic. I bet it's the same disease Kousei's mother had too, lol.

Thanks for the order on the Fate series. :) I'll watch it when I get the chance. liked Akame ga Kill? Heh. Sorry, but I totally disagree. I really watched that show for the lolz. It's a generic shounen, through and through, and it thinks it's interesting because of the deaths and gore, but it's really not. All the characters have barely any character development until - boom - they're about to die and their life story unravels. I found it really hard to care about any of the people in that show, when there's no time to grieve and reflect. Also, the comedy interjects at very inappropriate moments...
I just feel like random character deaths have been a trend in anime lately, and have been held up as "character development," but in the end, they're just a new fad.
Heh, sorry for trashing the show you like. ^_^; just have been annoyed by it. I also couldn't stand how quickly Tatsumi rebounds from Mine's death. That was totally uncool.

Last of Us is literally life. I have no other way to explain it. It hurts to even call it a game, because it's so much more than that to me. It's just this world that sucked me in and my imagination is always living in it. Heh, I sound crazy. xD But yeah, it's just perfect. I'm replaying it, and I think I'll just have to keep replaying it over and over. I'll never get tired, lol. Lucky, you have a PS4! There's nothing I really want on that system so I'm waiting for either FF15 or Uncharted 4. Whichever comes out first!

New season of Gintama?!?
No. Effing. Way.
Now I can't wait...

Yes, break-ups are not fun. We've been dating for three years, which makes it even worse. I feel like I need the break, though. Maybe we'll get back together. But then again, I have a huge crush on a close friend, and he told me his feelings for me a while back. It's scary, but I think I might want to start something new with him. He's a strange person, though. While my ex is super social, this new guy is pretty much a loner. It feels very special though, because I'm basically the only one he's opened up to. Hopefully, things work out. ^_^
Don't worry that you've never dated anyone. I think that's a good thing. Dating is a lot of emotional burden. Since you're single, you've learned how to get by on your own, which is a skill I wish I had. I rely on others too much.
Yeah, your idea of love is pretty unrealistic! But I've heard things like that can happen, so don't give up hope. :) I used to feel that way as well, but after going through break-ups, it's hard to keep that innocent mindset.

For anime romance though, you can't beat Tomoya and Nagisa.

Haha, your friend Johanathann has my middle name in his username! (My middle name's Johana.) That's really funny. ^_^
Happy New Year to you too!
Got anything exciting going on?

fishergirl16 | 12-31-14, 6:36 PM
I would always fall asleep during Aldnoah episodes...there's always one anime every season that I totally can't stay awake to watch, and Aldnoah had that title for whatever season that was. :P Story-wise, I didn't like it much either. It tried to throw a twist at the end, and of course people started calling "masterpiece," which was lol. Music was pretty damn awesome though.

I was mostly on a break fall season too, like you. ^_^ Omg, I just caught up with Your Lie in April too! Hah, it was great. Since I'm a musician though, the show annoys me a bit from time to time because it makes the performances seem much more amazing than they really are, usually by not letting the viewer listen to the performances of any other participants besides the MCs.
It's just a bit exploitative, but only me and another niche group of musical people would notice that, so it's totally whatevers. My favorite performance was Emi's though. The emotions behind her Etude Op. 25 No. 11 really brought the piece to life, and the tension/rubato was incredible.
I also think the whole relationship between Kousei and Kaori is incredibly magnetic. It's so sexy to watch them, hehe! It's rare that you can really feel chemistry between characters in an anime.
Makes me wanna be someone's Kaori. <3

I didn't watch Fate/Stay night, since I really haven't watched anything of the other series. The chronology is too confusing to day I'll marathon them all, lol.
I'm finishing up shows I was behind on, like Akame and SAO and Wolf Girl...other stuff.

I've been totally, mind-numbingly obsessed with the Last of Us lately so that's pretty much all I've been doing the past few months, aha. It literally took over my life...I see zombies everywhere! Only now getting back into anime and other videogames, heh.

I am excited for 2015!
My boyfriend (I suppose ex now o_o) just kinda broke up with me though, so that's a bummer.
But I'm hoping for a new start, you know? :D
How about you?

I apologize, this became rather long... ^_^;

fishergirl16 | 12-31-14, 3:39 PM
Yes, I love to listen to BGM in anime!
Attack on Titan's soundtrack is definitely epic. Right now, I'm a bit obsessed with Aldnoah.Zero's soundtrack. Can't get over the opening and second ending. Just such incredible melodic writing.

Sorry for the late reply! It's been super crazy with exams and then Christmas. Just now catching up with both anime and comments... you seem really awesome too though. ^_^ So glad you left a comment.

Johanathann | 12-30-14, 12:27 AM
Well blind guardian's new album is close to coming out now soon so we must celebrate with their last release and my Second favorite album by them.
I want to wait to buy it to see if a bigger edition comes out cause we still have more than a month for it to be released. Right now I'm getting the T-shirts see and keychain one then maybe also the earbook of a bigger Version isn't released. One good thing I have heard though is that blind Guardian is having a North American tour. There still planning it so they don't know when it's going to be or where but it's happening so I'm happy.

Crossing my fingers that there is going to be one in Dallas but if not i'm kind of willing to travel.(though it's not like I can just put off work and collage like that to go see a concert xD well actually if I plan ahead far enough I probably could)

Well anyways here is an amazing album, you'll love it.

See, I knew you'd like that movie xD they merged the science with the science-fiction very well. There are certain aspects of some of the science that is science fiction and in that field with things like the dimensions it's very hard to tell what is and what isn't science-fiction. The line very thin because that field is just so extraordinary. i'm sure if you got astrophysicist he wouldn't have too much of a problem diagnosing the difference but the most common people it wouldn't be a walk on the park. Also life the way it was complex enough to make you think but the same time it wasn't really too complex. In itself the film was pretty simple and went along the path of the story. Like if you're confused by something in it then you're either a bit dumb or not paying attention. Sounds mean but I say that Because it never throws in elements that leaves it up to up to yourself to fill in blanks or to gain your own comprehension of it. It tells you all the way through out the movie as you go. It basically comes down to them not understanding something that's told to them in the movie.(all my dumb friends xD )

Hmm so as far as you know now it's when you turn 18. Sounds all like a pretty good plan and I don't think you'll have any problem getting in unless you don't qualify in someway and I don't think that will happen.

You know what, I go back to my original statement we don't need a disclaimer, I was thinking about some more slogans though

If her age is on the clock she's ready for the cock.

If she's old enough to count, she's old enough to mount.

Okay never mind again we need a disclaimer....

Yep still only on the first volume, haven't gotten around to reading it online yet but I will soon

Well it's a good thing you can check off your whole New Years resolution. Even though most of them have to do with a crappy job like McDonald's >.> but yeah I'm happy you got all that done, and are thought with your depression thing

I've never really had a New Year's resolution, and off the top of my head I can't really think of one either. I got one for this year, get back in shape. I've been working to much to work out and only able to eat McDonald's. I only have a grilled Mcwrap with apple slices and water. But I feel like even that is making me fat -.-

Well as far as the pagan fest goes, I haven't put up the tour dates for this year but when they do(depending on the lineup) I may try to go this year

You sound like my other friend, don't do that type of talk, honestly if you just go out there and put a little effort and maybe finding a girl, It'll work out.

Now for me I personally don't think there's any such thing as the one. People are just people and you fall in love with who you do. Then even if they are the one, that doesn't mean your their one(And vice versa) or you could swear someone is the one but it just doesn't work out. All that stuff you see in the movies and anime and manga is over exaggerated Hollywood love. Stuff like soulmate is sorta big time BS xD

I('m not one of those jaded asshole saying love this fake, just that the love you see in those type of things is. )

from my past relationships I've found that you should never look for the one. You should just date who you do and let life go on.( If they really are you're one, then they'll stick around.)
And when you're in a relationship just let yourself have fun, and don't get too emotionally attached to anything, it's okay to show that you care but never jump head first into the word love. Trust me, a hell of a lot of people do that with their first relationship xD

That Charlie Brown link just took me on a YouTube adventure. I ended up watching a bunch of old songs like how the Grinch stole Christmas then watched the Frosty the Snowman movie xD

Speaking of the PS4, I have rather been enjoying it. GTA 5 is a lot of fun and I've been playing a lot of infamous second son(awesome game) I'd definitely recommend it. I also got watchdogs but I haven't gotten around to playing that yet. I still want a lot more games too like destiny, the evil within, far cry four, Dragon age, and definitely want to get the Witcher three when it comes out

Well I don't think that sale is going on anymore but even if it is I don't know if I'm participating this year haha I think I may hit up that last nuclear blast sale and after that and some concert tickets it's gonna be some major PC build saving up time.

Yeah, that stuff happens, what you're probably talking about is a personal issue so nothing to do with this but I just had a random thought

One Thing about work is that you see the work side of people. Someones work side may be way different then they are. Plus a lot of times like at McDonald's, you'll get rushing/stressful situations and you'll see how they handle it.

I didn't like or hate it, I loved them. The last two volumes and the last 2 OVA's, I love the way the story ended itself there. I thought It gave a good brush of humanism into alucard, something that it had gave hints at throughout the series but never had completely shown. Then when he completely release all his demons and showed his true self I was like "ohhhh Shiitt!!!!"

Well Alucard being emotional was explain for me, he had always hidden himself behind him being a monster to never face what he's done. And he waited for the day that he would die by a human like a monster should. Thus he viewed Anderson as almost like his savior. So obviously when I Anderson chose the path to becoming a monster himself alucard got pissed then when he died his hope kinda died with him. But it's also because of that but that alucard chose to faces own demons and what he's done. Thus spending shit ton of years letting go and killing every soul inside him.

And kohta had started making Hellsing the dawn to explain Walter going trader before volume nine and ten came out then got lazy and still till this day has not finished it -.-

But even without both those things to consider I still enjoyed what I was watching and really found no problem with it so I still give it a 10

That's good I guess...well honestly I've understand your conflict with any of that at all(to me it's just TV shows, watch them when I feel like watching them and don't when I don't) but all mind sets are different so if it ever happens again I'll be happy to try and help, even though I probably won't understand it all. I'll still do my best xD

Well duh, but I mean a way to live there if I do xD of course I'll save up money to get there. I need to know I could keep getting money while I'm there.(aka living there) i'm definitely going to college and in America too. So might as well go for some fancy entrepreneur or collage degree job. I also have to be able to get that job in Scandinavia

Yeah I've seen some of those, they look really cool. But really pricey...The ticket to Japan would be enough money for me, I'll just vagabond around Japan for a couple years traveling the whole country on foot and public transportation xD but yeah really does seem cool idea. I'd want to go on one of those tours someday too

Well I did spend just much money being Santa as I got from him so I don't know if I could count him being nice.... The holidays are all about giving and receiving though. The spirt of Yule I guess

Don't you mean happy Yule, a jolly winter solstice and a great new year?? XD

DarkRoseOtaku | 12-28-14, 11:50 AM
das a lot of stuff. i wanted to get my dad a crack gift but i never found the specific item i was looking for.

i have no resolutions. my resolution everyday is to stop being a sleepy wuss.

DarkRoseOtaku | 12-25-14, 2:15 PM
yooo images are too big. look at your comment on my profile or on com-to-com.

Well i woke up early due to pain in my abdomen and i don't know if it was because i ate crappy foods for the past 5 days, that i'm on my period or both but damn i was bloated and curled up in pain for over an hour.
I also had to go to work to take care of a dog and the other 2 employees live far away and basically rely on me for taking care of the boarding animals.
I am better though.

Presents wise i wasn't expecting anything. I knew that my parents wouldn't get what i wanted for christmas so i just asked for gift cards to restaurants to pay for dinner with my bf when i visit him in January. I got a $15 mcdonalds giftcard and a $50 visa giftcard. lol got an extra $25 from my relatives and $25 giftcard for itunes from my brother.
I also randomly got a magic bullet. my mom says i always asked for one????? when?????? lol

the vest gift was a sherpa blanket. its soft and cuddly. like my bf... i miss him OTZ

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