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xXjondudeXx | 07-27-14, 11:37 PM
I started getting back it to my music groove. I found new bands already.
One is Faun, they're a German folk band. I need more folk music so that's good that i found another one I heard this band a while back but i just ran into them again. I'll show you the other band i found today later

ehhh save edition doesn't seem cool enough, i'd want a complete series box set. They're so gonna make one, any thing to milk it. I think our conversation is plenty gay enough to proof your not against it anymore haha but yeah crazy thing how religion controls peoples minds and judgment. People just come to love their religion then don't wanna see obvious fault in it. Like how weeaboos love anime and refuse to see fault in it at all(remember when i was like that, then again i was like 10 years old)

Well your grandpa sounds like a good friend to me. Just like i was saying, It's nice having someone like that who you can talk to like that. You'll find a friend like that, just gotta put in the effort. Just yesterday me and my friends had a great time and all we did was sit there in the hot tub with some beers and talk xD

You know, an anime like Attack on Titan getting an anime adaptation was an extremely rare thing. But look what it's done, look how popular it's gotten. I think it's starting to become a even more common thing. Your getting anime adaptations for shows like Parasyte, Tokyo Ghoul and Mirai Nikki(a lot more just the three on the top of my head) The problem with how mature it is isn't as big of a problem anymore. I think it would big with how mature it is along with how long it is. so unless it's super duper popular(which sadly i don't think vinland saga is) it wouldn't be getting an adaptation

I don't really like fairy tail but i have no reason to hate it. But yeah i thought the dub was good for it, all the voices sounded great to me. Eh i just didn't like it, i haven't heard the English roar. Now if they were going to change it they might as well have gotten someone like johan hegg, John Gallagher, Sean Beasley or Jon Vesano to do it. That'd be one hell of a fucking roar xD

Jaggy...probably, A lot of songs on that album have horrible lyrics. It's cause they barely know English and mess up a lot. That's my second favorite album by them but it's still the same stuff. Simplistic riffs covered up by high-end power cords to make it sound more metal but whatever it still sounds awesome. btw i may seem a little hard on sabaton lately but don't worry i still think sabaton is awesome it's just their fan base. They have such an annoying fan base, those people are like the weeaboo's of metal. My ex-girlfriend was one of them and it was annoying, till now i have a bad taste in my mouth when i hear sabaton. but don't worry, i would just talk crap cause of that alone. I mean every thing i've said about them is true. But there is a lot of bands i love who i can say the same thing about....those bands just don't have annoying fan bases xD

so I've been looking for an anime to watch. Yep, that's right i said it haha well i'm in the mood to watch one again but there is just so much i don't want to watch. I finailly decided on D.Grey-man but i'm like on episode 50 something of that show and don't really remember it well enough so i'm just gonna read the manga up to the point i was at then switch to the anime. Then back to the manga agian cause it's way farther then the anime is

Well i was still just hanging around looking at all the pagan/folk bands and i found this outstanding folk metal band. I'm really loving these guys, His voice is so well trained and just at the perfect pitch. Then you have that great riff, I seriously want to see this played live. I wonder if they can pull it off cause...damn xD

Well I'm gonna look more into these guys and read more D. Grey-man but right now i think i just want to go to bed xD I'm so tired

xXjondudeXx | 07-24-14, 12:18 AM
duh, cause your trying to seduce me. What else could it be xD They all say eden so i get confused ;-; but yeah i will, though i won't have the money right away so it won't be till around the time you get back that i buy it

ohh that's bad news bears for me, well i was thinking i may not even buy AOT at all so i guess it's good. Maybe i'll just wait for a complete series release. You don't get why religious people are against something xD that's nothing new. you act like they've had a reason to be against something before now xD

Yeah it could be a bit nerve racking but it pays off to have a friend. Trust me they're great, especially the one's that are there for you when your girl friend turns into a major bitch xD Don't worry, i'll be there for advice when you do. Hell may be hard but fair. for every friend you get, i'll make another friend to hang out with outside of school. So i'll have to do the same thing.

you sound like every teenager in the world to me haha Hunter X Hunter is the only thing keeping me from completely cutting out anime, it's all i've watched for weeks. I think it's even helping me slowly get back into it. Well, that and james(my British friend) I would love to own hunter x hunter!! I would even pay like $200 for an import haha but lets hope it doesn't come to that

hmmm really I'm pretty sure we talked about this before, i'm sure what i said back then would have been a lot more of an answer that you'd be looking for. cause all i think right now is Anime Is a televised form of animated entertainment and had no part in my growth as a human.

well it's two o'clock and right now i want to either play monster hunter, watch vikings, watch HxH, Read some manga, or sleep.

well i have no clue which one to do, I'll send this message then figure that out. Wonder if there is anything else i want to say.... umm can't think of anything, see ya

xXjondudeXx | 07-23-14, 11:54 AM
i don't know too much of their stuff either but i love all the songs I've heard by them. I love their music but damn are they chessy xD

Yeah last time i got an email that said "1236peter just bought you Eden of the east volume one" and i was like, wow thanks for the spoiler. I think i'll go buy something from chrunchyroll. Yeah, they are pretty pricey. You could go work at the air port. just as a baggage handier and get free flight for you and family. My cousin does it and he goes all around the world.

Good, cause collectors addition sounded pricey, No No No haha we have plenty of crime just most likely less of it and we have non in the neighborhood where i live. Go like a town over then i'd be worried enough to lock my door. We have good and bad places like anyone, I happen to live in a good place.

Nah that's a myth, girls don't care enough and you'd fap more. I'd advice it, if not your act like a horn dog when your around her and you'd get blue balls(stress on your balls do to long periods of sexual tension without release)(hurts more than you think) I would fap every time before i saw my girlfriend, It helps so you don't act honry(and more of a gentleman) and keeps you from having sore balls when your around her xD

haha no not psychological issues, more like powers. Like omg omg when this scene finally came i was fanboying so hard I've been wait for this!!

By the way if your wondering about the cover art of At The edge of time. That is the great pyramid of Meereen, The solders in front are the Unsullied and the dragon is
Drogon, The largest and most aggressive of Daenerys's three dragons(though they are technically wyverns)

I honestly still think your just bored and need to go do something, get out of the same daily routine(that's what causes the actual disease of depression. Not just a Mental Disorder) Like anyone would go crazy if they didn't go out and hang with some friends or something at least once a week. But a vacation would work well, once you get back. talk to your coworkers at micky D's. Get to know them and go out with and hang out with them every once in a while. Anyone around your age then you like just ask "hey wanna hang out Friday or something" you could use some time out having fun with friends

Yeah it sucks cause the second part of the arc was amazing but the first part wasn't quite there. It like take the arc from a 10 to an 8 or 9. yeah, It's kinda crappy a lot of the time. It would be either of them, viz did the first series....but i'd hope it would be better then that one if they did 2011 too. But like you said, I would be watching it subbed anyways so who cares)

Well if you control what your kids can and can't watch based on your biased views then of course your kids are going to grow up not being able to think for themselves. You always did it for them. There just breeding ignorance

hmmm nah really doesn't happen to me, I could care less either way. I've had people tell me anime is porn and i usually just agree. When people come over i just tell them all my anime is porn. But you already know i do that xD My mom has never cared about my anime and on the off chance she does ask. I just say it's porn

I wrote this whole thing while i was stuck here waiting for the Verizon guy to come install the new internet and tv. Like 4 hours late now. We are getting Verizon FiOS Tv plus speeding up are internet a lot. Are current upload speed is: 2% and down load is 10% and their speeding it up to upload:50% And download 50% that's a hell of a lot. By the way upload And download are ways of measuring internet speed

xXjondudeXx | 07-18-14, 1:55 AM
(this message was written completely on my phone, so if it is full of typos and thank auto spell correct and the fact that I am too lazy to check over it)
Yes I have that album, it's pretty good. They're satire band so they dress really goofy and what not. They're pretty much a band that exists to make fun rhapsody of fire xD but rhapsody is still funnier because they're so serious, like they're not trying to be chessy as hell. They still hold to the goal to being like the cheesiest band in the world, like seriously go look up a picture of rhapsody of fire. You'll either laugh your ass off for an hour or cringe harder than you've ever cringed before. And if you're really brave then go look at a music video by rhapsody of fire.... But I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy. I still remember the day Amanda showed me the rain of a thousand flames music video....god it was so awful...ohh so awful..

If you have a wish list updated then I'll just go buy you something from there. By the way just a heads up but it won't be too much of a surprise when I do. I didn't want to really spoil it for you last time but whenever you buy something for someone from Crunchyroll, they send an email telling to the person you bought it for telling them what you bought them xD yeah kinda ruins it. Sorry, a Birthday blowjob does sound cheaper but plane tickets are just far too much and I'm already like 18 days late xD look at me bringing logic into It.

So limited-edition for part one and collectors edition for part two. Got it... I know they will be in stock for a while since it's a popular show but I'm still worried because I don't plan to buy it for a long long long while...

Well then I look forward to the next time you house sit at your uncles house. That's still a weird thing to me xD well this is Texas so I guess it's pretty calm. No one around here gets people to housesit for them xD heck we don't even lock the doors when we leave a lot of times. We do get people to watch our dogs and turtles but if not then we wouldn't bother.

Yes I guess that's just a good thing about Metal, I mean not all that is an absolutely perfect but a lot of it is. Like I would hear at least one song on ever Amon Amarth album that is kinda plain. But the rest are amazing. Then like we were saying with rock, you'll have like one or two good songs on an album, four okay songs and the rest are just meh

You can try but you'll probably never find a girl that thinks the same way as you. Girls just don't think the same way as guys. You can find a girl that Loves anime and is really crazy about it but you still won't think the same way as her. It's a tricky thing -_- and very tiring

Well it's still an amazing song but I probably need to show you another song by them already xD Good, Do watch Vikings I'm in the middle of season two right now.

sex?!? Sex!? Who cares about some sex, it has an amazing storyline with complex and dynamic characters. It doesn't even have that much of it, not like it's random ecchi stuff either. It's usually part of the storyline. Well anyways, game of thrones is an amazing show, I wanted to rant with you about it ;-;

Well since you insist on being a square I have the perfect blind guardian song to show you.
This song is based on George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series.(game of thrones) It tells the story of Bran Stark, a key character in the series. It's called voice in the dark. just sit back and read those amazing lyrics

Well now I got my little laptop which can't even run Minecraft without frames dropping after a couple minutes. But I'm thinking of going down to fry with about $800 and building a really awesome tower. Then I won't have to buy PS4 either, i'll have faster computer and something to game with

Ahh so you like hump the pillow and blanket, nah can't say I've ever done something like that. Wouldn't want to ruin a good pillow and blanket with it so if I did do it I'd pull out before I was done.

Living in the age where almost everyone has taken/sent a nude before. I commend you on that feel. But that was more towards puberty aged anyways like 5 years ago. Now a days I'd never want to take a nude or something like that..and would have no reason to.

Damn right it does, I like me some good old blow jobs. And I always keep tally xD

Well she sounds like a good manager to me, so far this summer has been amazing as far as weather goes. It's been staying really cool here, like low hundreds and 90's. I love it. Last year it was like 110 every day.

Your sister watches one piece too? I haven't watched or read that show on so long. The anime past where I was in the manga..and I was caught up(at the time)

I honestly didn't get most of that xD but it still sounds cool. I was planning to watch sword art online two and I will sometime soon. So you went and looked at boats then listen to some metal. Sounds like a very eventful day to me.

Well I haven't really seen that many humanity is about to become extinct Animes(or that many Animes at all) so I couldn't say. But I've never seen that much of anything so I always just say my favorite. Like with Hunter X Hunter. I would never say that's the best shouden anime cause I haven't seen every shouden anime in the world so I just say it's my favorite shouden anime, Cause it is! Know what show does give me that all hope is lost feel. Watamote, anytime she gains a bit of hope she just loses it terribly. Now that is what I call a soul crushing show xD

I know right!?! wasn't this arc just amazing, it's one of my favorite ever. The sad part about it is that it's so perfect but it's faults are such simple easily fix things. Things like I'm spending a whole entire episode talking about elevator. That type of crap. So I would say the main fault with it is how it's dragged on at some parts. I love sending that emo hate of his whenever he was in his full-grown man form xD epic and kinda funny. Good thing about it is that he had a short shirt to match his short shorts xD still Love it whenever he grabbed his severed arm and shoved it through pitou

Yeah I hope you keeps going, too bad he grows with his foot. I'm joking it's not that bad... But still sometimes I think Togashi should just do the story and let someone else with actual *cough* skill *cough* do the drawing. I've had no desire to buy anime or manga in the longest time but whenever I look at my five hunter x hunter volumes I really REALLY want to buy more.

Speaking of Hunter X Hunter I hadn't thought about this in the longest time but is anyone ever going to licenses this show. I guess it's not popular enough in America for how long it is, wouldn't really turn a good profit.

not much happening with me, I applied and got an interview at hobby lobby but they wouldn't hire me unless they cut my hair so i was like cut that. So now I'm going to apply a lot at Walmart and sprouts. Besides that my whole summer has mainly just been girl problems. So fuck all that noise. I would like a redo in which I care as much as I do now. That would be amazing xD things will would have gone way better that way xD unfortunately that can't happen. So pretty much wasted all my summer just for us to break up anyway. But he did remind me how cool my friends are. I've ignored them a lot the past year so I can be antisocial and watch anime and save money to buy anime. I guess you can just really tell who cares and who whenever you care a lot for someone who doesn't. I'd say that's all for this message, I really need to go to bed's 4 am

xXjondudeXx | 07-06-14, 9:06 PM
Ok so i got A Night at the Opera hard copy and it just shipped
Your estimated delivery date is:
Thursday, July 31, 2014 -
Thursday, August 21, 2014

so worth the wait, I have it digitally. It's the original and in great quality which is rare, the one i bought will probably be the remastered but i don't care. Just as long as i own it physical plus the remastered isn't that bad....the originals just better. By yeah...the original just like doesn't exist anymore. My girl friend gave it to me and she got it from a friend who apparently bought it somewhere but she has no clue where. I can't find it anywhere digitally of physically. But i have it in good quality so i'm good. I just wanna own the cd

btw in the last message i was saying that i had manga randomly there and i never showed you a picture of it, I can also use this to test if pictures started working again cause i think they are

Artwork, that's always good I guess. So are all four characters based in the same world?
Sky Pirates huh sounds like that one treasure planet movie. ohh so a different time.. same world, That answers my question from earlier. well this Gloamglozer guy sounds pretty metal, Well me and a friend are going out tomorrow so maybe i'll stop by the library and see

ahhhh i'm trying to think if there was anything else i wanted to say while i'm writing this but i can't think of anything...knowing me i bet i will think or something i wanted to say the second i send this. well i'll just end it now

xXjondudeXx | 07-06-14, 3:21 AM
kinda late to writing this but i got the perfect song to get me pumped
WE'RE BLOOD BOUND! this always gets me pumped. I'm just gonna listen to a lot of HammerFall. Genocide is next. Hammerfall may be kinda cheesy but it's like a manly cheesy

Ahh yes your birthday, I still need to get you something. But i didn't see anything new on your crunchyroll list last time i checked. Well i do know something else in mind that i could get you but i don't know your address and all that. Yes i saw that on facebook, But i think you already know that by now. Years back before FUNimation got any rights to hellsing they only place i could find the original geneon hellsing ultimate dvd volumes was at FYE but the only one i got was volume 4. I put off buying the rest for a years then FUNi made the announcement, glad i didn't but the rest

Yeah i had to change may anime around a lot just for toradora, Basically my anime was taking up the exact amount of space on my shelf but some of it are filler(like the LuckyStar boxes) and soundtracks so just Put the sound tracks on too of my box sets.
I have been having a problem with my manga though, I I have to start double stacking my manga again now that my second shelf is full but I don't have enough manga to stretch across the whole shelf so I have a pile of manga just sitting there

I remember seeing that show advertise in a RightStuf magazine but to be completely honest is that interesting whenever i saw it. But I guess I was wrong. Yeah I fucking hate that time stuff. It goes by so fast, it's annoying how it does that all the time -.- well I also wonder what will change with me I the next year, I guess I'll see

really now, see if that's the case then i'm glad i haven't bought attack on titan now. I'll go buy that one, wait is it for part two or 1? cause then it doesn't matter if I've bought it or not. Yeah having close friends like that are just great. Like me and john are so close that we both know are usernames and passwords to like every website. Dunno why, just cause i guess. Like i told you me and my girl friend were going though some troubles. I had to say something to her but it just wasn't something that could come from me so i used cho's account to say it to her. It's nice in situations like that, And cho uses my crunchyroll to watch anime all the time xD

I have magic jack at are house and it sucks, we can never get it to work. Ohh well we never use our home phone anyways. We all just use our cell phones but yeah call me when you can. I believe you have my phone number cause i gave it to you a while back but it was kinda useless cause you didn't have a cell phone. Btw if you do get one of those cell phone thingy thingy majiggers, get an iphone so we can imeassage & facetime. Heck even an ipad would work

haha and you did exactly that, You bought sabaton's first two albums and a lot of other albums. And yes i did say first two, the re-armed version of metallizer comes with all of metallizer(the second album they recorded but it was relied at a later date)(also most of it is just re-recordings of songs from their first album) and all of fist for fight(which is their first album. So it's kinda like you bought two albums with that one. Btw did you get The art of war RE-ARMED too? I saw it on there and that's my second favorite album by them. That's album is awesome

Ok so i went and looked and yes..yes you did, good. Lets see Equilibirum, Rekreatur thats an amazing album, your gonna love that one and it. The album i have also has a extra disk with acoustic versions of some of their songs so if yours comes with that too then you'll love that too

then blind guardian Another Stranger Me, It's a single for Another Stranger Me from the album A Twist in the Myth. The song is about a dude with dissociative identity disorder who discovers his multiple personalities and ties to find his true self and a solution. I said dude cause i'm not sure of the specifics but i've heard it's about Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (been a while since i read that) anyways the single comes with All The King’s Horse (which is a bonus track on Japanese version of A Twist in the Myth) then Dream A Little Dream Of Me which is a Ozzie Nelson cover. And the demos of Lionheart and The Edge, Both tracks from A Twist in the Myth. Then also the music video for Another Stranger Me. so thats a lot of 1.79 and a lot for a single. That's like the length of an EP

Rhapsody. Frozen tears of the angel, and From Chaos to eternity...umm well i have some songs from these albums and they're pretty good. I can't really tell you much, I don't know much of rhapsodys new stuff. Now Sea of Fate and Reign of Terror from Frozen tears of the angel are great. Especially Reign of Terror. That song is fucking wild, like dark wild..almost black metal like, i love it. here just listen to it

and Hammerfall - Steel meets Steel for only 7 bucks....thats justs a great fucking deal. I mean it comes with so many songs and not only that but all there best songs. Which is a great thing if they're one of the bands that have some iffy songs. Like something bands you buy an album by and every song on it is a great. Then others you buy the album and a lot of the songs are great but there's some that are just okay and not really that great. Not gonna lie though(i'm not saying this just because I love metal) this happen a whole lot more back when I was into rock/alternative and barely has happened since I've got into metal and i don't know if hammerfall is one of those bands. I have a lot of their songs but i don't have a full album. Well anyways that sounds like a great deal, plus the album comes with 4 exclusive tracks. The Abyss, Last Man Standing, Hammerfall v2.0.07, Restless Soul

I still don't know what the tour edition is, like I said it sounds like a live album. What I think it probably is, is the CD that also comes with a live album(either audio or DVD) either way i do know that Manala is a great album.

Ohh btw now that you have all these albums i would very highly recommend (if you don't already) that you go download I have all my CD's burned onto there and i love it. It's pretty much the best way to listen to music and trust me i'm a veteran when it comes to listening to music. And don't worry it's free and i don't think it does but if you have to make an account then just do that too(yes it's also free) plus having an itunes account is great cause there is a lot of songs that are really cheap on itunes that you can't even find anywhere else like the Jiyuu e no Shingeki - Single

Yeah christian girls are crazy, poor guy watching football in the basement. But all girls are just fucking insane they just don't think the same as guys. And trust me Their all insane. If you think there is a girl that isn't then try dating her and you'll see...

only listened to it twice?!? well i bet that's at like nine times by now and you already feel the magic.
No fuck that, You need to watch vikings and Game Of Thrones. Yes the others are good and i'd like if you watched them but you NEED to watch vikings and Game Of Thrones, Yeah i got a lot to watch too. I've been wanting to start playing video games again too. I want a PS4, lot of games i wan to play

Not really, I don't think any communist nation is interested in taking america. Well If we did go to war, china wouldn't get involved either way. We give them all their money and we'd kick everyone else's ass. It would be basically the whole world vs Russia(and N. korea..but they're not a threat) I think nukes is all i would worry about. Cause if they shoot a nuclear weapon then we have to shoot one. Then all their allies have to shoot them. and all our allies have to shoot them and then it's bye bye earth. We went though 60+ years of being on the brink of war with Russia but we never did cause we knew that would happen.

wife?!? 0.0 ahh hell no. I'd never wait that long..good luck with that. I'd have sex with a girl after just a couple months, Just as long as i love her. But i've never been in love with a girl i've dated that's why second base is as far as I've gone.

It's not like i was serious when trying to get you to xD but for the recorded, I don't shave my balls. Just above the dick. and it will grow back 10 times over by the time your in the coast guard. I don't know what they do in the cost guard but in athletics in school we don't look or talk about each others junk in the shower xD

So how far is she in Code Geass now? I forgot that show existed. How much anime has she watched now, I remember you telling me she was getting into it more. Only three months?? that sounds pretty damn new to me 0.0 so what was the update on the Fourth of July?

Pillow and a good blanket? Going to have to be a bit more specific about that cause I have no clue what that means xD
umm I really don't adventure too much with it anymore. I use to when I was younger but now it's just grab it and go. I've even taken videos of myself to see if I can get off to it later(big self-esteem boost to know that you're hot enough to get off to yourself) and I'm not really doing anything when I watched them. nothing fun...just get the job done. Now that you have me thinking about it I should go back to my Phone and find those videos. I'll send them to you xD nah but anyways I need to go find them and delete them. That'd be awkward if someone else came across then while looking through my phone.

Good xD I'll hold you to that, I'll make a list of how many you owe me for whenever I see you. With that anime reference I got one so far

Well I'm tired and it's super late so I'm going to bed now, I'll read/reply to the rest tomorrow

xXjondudeXx | 06-27-14, 2:59 AM
Well I'll get this started now, I have a lot of time cause I'm waiting for game of thrones to buffer a lot.

I'd never do that, I don't judge bands like that. Not to say that I wouldn't say that though. If Sabaton or any other band gives me a reason to hate them then I won't ignore it, I'll say exactly that.

Aye, same. I've never bought something for the industry...I've never gave damn honestly. I've just wanted to own the show. I've wanted to have the show I love in an awesome box set. I'm definitely going to have to buy Game of thrones. I'll buy the season 1-2-3 box set...maybe. I may wait, season four just ended so season four box set will come out soon and that also means that season 1-2-3-4 box set will come may be a while though. It would probably be smartest to wait for the series to end and then just buy the whole entire series in one box set but...that's just so much waiting.

"I am a perverted eccentric genious pedophilic (not a real word but I use it to mean that I am kind of a pedophile) otaku metalhead who also has homosexual tendencies. You and I do not have a lot in common. " - Caleb Kellogg
sorry but that was just too perfect to not quote xD otaku metalhead who also has homosexual tendencies. Sounds like your describing me. But I do feel for you, friends are a great thing to have and I mean real friends. not ones that would try and black mail you, you don't need people like that in your life. I may have grown apart from all my hangout buddies but I still have my best friends. It's impossible to grow apart from real friends. I love my friends and I can tell them anything, it's nice to have someone like that in your life. More reason I think you should move down here. You seem like you'd be a real friend. I may have not ever talk to you in real life...or even video chat or phone call but I can just tell it. your parents would love it here. More then plenty of christens and churches on every corner. And if not you can live with me.

Ohh and on the subject I do have a phone and a Skype and your more then welcome to call me anytime. I just realized you never have.

Yes both those songs are re-recording of songs from earlier albums and on their earlier albums they sung more about that stuff. Heck, they use to be a fantasy power metal band. They started singing about all the military history stuff with Primo Victoria

Religion is a big and sensitive part of a persons life, so if I don't have the same religious views as someone I'm dating then that really would not work out.

Damn straight, you need to learn to love it. But yes you'll tell me when you hear the magic in it. How many times have you listened to it now?
I'll show you another song by them soon enough

Well sounds like you'll get back into anime soon enough, you still sound plenty interested in it to me. Well a lot more than I am at least. Maybe should do or watch something else besides it, take a little break for a while and then get back into it later. if you have Netflix there are plenty of great shows you watch on there
ummm lets see you can watch shows like Game of Thrones, Banshee, Vikings, The walking Dead, Supernatural, Breaking Bad
Those are all good shows, Once i'm done with Game of thrones i'm gonna go watch season 2 & 3 of vikings(think season 3 just ended or it's still going) then i'm gonna catch up on Banshee then start watching The Pacific. I'm excited for it all

Remember back around when you first started watching anime and there was just so many shows to watch that you had heard of. So many popular good higher-rated shows and you were so excited just to go and watch them all. That's how I feel and I love it. There's so many shows I just want to go watch that I've heard so much about. Well I definitely need to watch orange is the new black, lot of people telling me to watch that one. Ohhh and dexter, that show looks good. Spartacus looks interesting.

America's always not liked communism but I honestly don't see us going to war with any of them. Well Russia's a bit iffy right now. nowadays with all our treaties and what not, going to war with any country would mean a world war. You can't declare war on a country without their allies all declaring war on you. Any wars that have happened since World War II have just been more police work. And now there is nuclear weapons. so if you're going to go to war with a country, why waste time pointless battles when you can just use your biggest most effective weapon. Good thing no ones been eager to end the world.

Well STDs are not as common as these books try to make you think. Plus I live in a very residential suburban area. No one around here is gonna have an it's Texas, I don't think there's a single STD in Texas xD but yes you need to live in a more trashy place to really be worried about STDs but I'm not saying you shouldn't be weary of them. Don't go sleeping around, I only advise sexual relationships with girls you love...... Or know well and were caught in the middle of a moment with... Anyways don't go sticking that cock anywhere that looks too dirty or is unknown. Only send that that little one eye'd monster into clean well-known territory

Yeah that's about the only good thing about turning 17 and it's not like it even matters, I've been going with friends to Rated-R movies since before i could even drive. I've looked old enough since i was 14 so i could just buy a ticket and not be asked for an ID and before that when i didn't look old enough i'd just buy a ticket to a not rated R movie that showed around the same time as the rated R movie.

I do love the stories and theme of their songs...not always so much the lyrics themselves..they're very simple and full of grammar mistakes. But I won't hold them to that, they don't know English very well. but I agree, knowing the meaning behind a song makes it a whole lot more enjoyable. I don't know the meaning behind far from the fame and that's one of my favorite songs off the album. I'd need to go look it up.

I love how it all looks like you're in Vietnam, YEEAAA 'NAM BITCH! Is it a newer or older game? If it's new then they probably still have a lot more to add on to it

Well with that album I do know I love metal machine, all of their Metal theme songs are awesome. Like metal cure. Damn do I love those songs

Well I think your parents know you do, they've never caught you but like you said everybody knows every man does it, It's part of growing up. They may be Christian but i bet they know that no amount of Bible quotes can stop a teenage boy from doing that xD

No high fives!! I only accept sexual favors, food, money and bad puns!

Btw did you ever get that one Japanese war movie that you showed me the trailer to?

XD You can't threaten me with that, your only cheating yourself out of magic by not listening to and then there was silence. But I don't know.. children's books just never really interest me. I guess maybe sometime this week I'll go down to the library and check it out but if it's anything like Eragon or Percy Jackson then I don't want it. I don't mind if they don't have blood, sex or violence. It's just Children's books usually seem to lack complexity.

sounds like some pretty interesting ideas but I don't see a need for some xD I think I'd rather have the Gurren Lagann be more like a dragon Ball Z or Naruto game. If you haven't played them then they're kind of like Street fighter or mortal Kombat but from first person. Ahhh I love DBZ games, Dragonball games were always amazing.

don't really have any extra thoughts right now so i'm done. see ya

xXjondudeXx | 06-26-14, 12:29 AM
I feel you man, The pain of all that work gone to waste is horrible. It's just like a big "fuck you" but there is no one to blame the "fuck you" on so it makes it even worst. It's like your flipping yourself off.

I feel i shall tell you now, With metal i'm very opinionated. I've always kept it from you cause i was trying to convert you. But i think I've kinda done it enough to where i can say what i want about bands.

Well it's true for the most part but not completely, When you buy straight from japan it gives money more directly to the show but most the time half the money is part of the sellers re-sale price. so you give more money to a random Japanese dude then you do to the companies. American sales my not really give much money to the companies that made it but it's not like it doesn't help the show. Plus if that show sells really well in America then licensing any other part of that shows franchise is going to be a lot more money since the Japanese company knows that the higher demand for it.

I think all those people are just retarded for acting the way they do just because their belief in a higher power. It's just immature and ignorant to me.

History lesson on the Christian Crusades? Mainly they were just constantly fighting with Muslims and force evangelizing heathen countries. Basically if you believed in a big religion that wasn't Christianity they hated you and tried to kill you but if you believe in a smaller religion that didn't know much about Christianity they tried to force covert you.

Ahh yeah that sounds like a regular childhood sleep over to me. Ahhgg the less friends issue. I have that too right now -.- see basically with friends you kind of have to keep hanging out with them every once in a while and keep in touch. But this last school year all I really wanted to do was watch anime and talk about metal. Then the second half I was just focused on girlfriend stuff.

So whenever someone would ask me to go hang out or something I never want to spend money or go do something. Now I have a whole list of people I've kinda grown apart from, so much so that it would be awkward to just text them and say "let's hang"

And I never cared till now, cause now I don't feel like watching anime and I don't care about talking about metal. I just wanna Hang out and have fun with other people. But I limited that list of people and a lot of the people on that limited list are working or on vacation or something like that.

Dude you should like move down here so we can hang out xD the boredom gets to me.

Glad I can say the same, I don't really mind my Christian friends at all. But I'd never date a Christian....never. Atheist and pagan only. Me? Convert? XD Glad you gave up that dream cause that's never going to happen.

By the time you reply to this you should have heard And then there was silence 30 time!!! XD that would take so long....but yeah keep listening to it. A couple more times and you'll really start to hear the magic and this time you can follow along. Well this song has constant lyrics so good luck for the next 15 minutes

ahhh an Inhuman Rampage song,sounds just like though the fire and the flames...xD jk. But seriously dragonforce needs to learn to start putting variety in their instrumentals -.- this is why they have so many haters. I do like the lyrics though, their lyrics are always great to me. I need to get this album or at least more of it.

well it gets me pumped, which is good cause i wanna get this done tonight.

Yes i do get what your saying, But since i started not watching anime much i haven't thought really about it at all. It's not like i can't watch tv, I've been watching plenty of other shows. Well first i watched season 1 of vikings and it was great. Then i started watching banshee, I've really liked that show so far and right now i'm watching game of thrones. But i think i'll be getting back around to anime soon. I can just feel it, Lets hope it doesn't happen like right when school gets back in. I would hope for a little summer anime time.

Ummm I'm not really for communism, I don't really care enough to be against it. Though i am against every communist government the worlds ever seen. so if i were to have a debate..i don't know which side i'd be on...against i guess.

That is true but i'm fine xD They're isn't a single girl in my town with an STD and their all mainly virgins anyway.

Yes, i can't wait for toradora to ship already, i want to own that show already!!! aahh yes July 2 is coming up isn't it, Make sure you have some stuff you want on your crunchyroll wish list. ehhh Edge of Tomorrow, that movie would look good if it wasn't for tom cruise...I just don't like him at all

Really now? that was one of my least favorite on the album, The song didn't seem right for his voice. The instrumentals were a bit stupid too. But i have warmed up to it, My girlfriend still hates that song...with a passion. I love this guy though, Leslie Allen is a bad ass. I mean seriously he carried out 12 people.

I got the demo and played it for a couple days but never got the point, like you said all ya do is hit dirt and tree for hours most the time.

'MERICA FOR THE MUTHA' FUCKIN' WIN, dammit that game looks awesome. I may go on steam for the first time in a while and get that. I watched that video with vegta playing it like twice xD

Remember how a while back I bought all the Sabaton albums? Well I haven't really listened to them much at all since then but I just recently finally went and listen to Attero Dominatus and...I was bored.

I probably already told you I don't think Sabaton is the best band around. They're Just not that talented, and even though I really do like them a lot and their whole war theme sadly I'm not gonna sit here and fool myself, just cause I like them doesn't mean I can pretend their amazing. I'm not that type of person. I've always listen to their music because it was very simple and catchy, plus it's got that manly vibe to it. They do put on a good show live, they have a lot of energy and keep you interested. But they also miss a lot of notes...

But with older albums like this it's just not as catchy and without the cattiness they really don't have much besides the war theme to interest me. All the songs sound the same, the riffs are very simplistic and his voice is kinda ehh. I think this about their current music too but they're just more catchy now so I'm ok with it xD

Well joakims voice has gotten better, so that's one thing. Well now After listening though all of Attero Dominatus I don't have much hope from Primo Victoria but I'm still gonna listen to it all. there is some songs i really like off Attero Dominatus. Like Metal cure. That song is amazing. Well Glad their new stuff is catchier cause.....damn. Well I really like art of war, Carolus Rex and heroes (and kinda coat of arms) so their still good in my book. Cause They have songs off those albums that is pure talent and not just catchy instrumentals and repetitive chorus. Now let's cross our fingers that primo victora will be better.

High pitched? yeah i guess you could say that. Randy has that really deep growl and goes into high pitched screechs. Now i'm not too big a fan of some of the screechs but it does take a lot of talent and training to make your voice change pitches like that. hmmm i'll have to think of another song with some good examples of that but yes go listen to those two songs some more and tell me if you can hear it. and yes i love how much meaning is behind their lyrics, It makes the songs so much awesomer

Well that was a very beautiful story Caleb, it was so elegant that I think it brought a tear to my eye. It's funny how much younger kids learn that stuff now a days. Especially with the internet, puberty talk/video day at school use to be a big thing for kids cause they're learning all this stuff. Now they just laugh cause they already know it all.

I first stubbled upon porn and started a relationship with my right hand and my cock when I was only ten. Only ten! I wasn't even old enough to ejaculate! Geez my little nephew just turned 7. He's only a couple years away from it...that's so weird to think about. My little nephew who I watched grow up right before my eyes is gonna be locking himself in his room and rubbing it off to lesbians ;-; my other nephew is like 10 but I don't really worry about that one because he's a bit retarded. Like seriously I think the poor thing isn't all there...maybe he's just a bit slow.

I remember that episode and he started listening to all that shitty punk music like Green Day, simple plan, panic at the disco, escape the fate, my chemical romance and Paramore. All that emo stuff xD he was like the description of me all last week xD

steins; i want my bonus

woah that sounds pretty handy, i think i'll get it. Well there is less chance of a mess up now that our messages our one night reply size, cause what gets me is just forgetting to save what I've done for the day by emailing myself it so if i reply in one sitting then it doesn't really matter but i still want it just in case

Well it looks like the lannisters are about to go to war with the starks so i'm gonna get back to my show and finish this episode....then go to bed cause it's late as hell

lpjp200 | 06-24-14, 1:31 AM
Counter attack mankind is one of the best songs I have heard in anime. I'm talking about the first part though. The second part is alright. Psycho pass has a godly soundtrack. One of my favorite ones from it is Rakuen "wheatland". I also loved all of the OP's and ED's. Psycho Pass is just pure gold. Can't wait for the sequel. I didn't know you liked metal. I recommended you some metal before (nightwish) and I don't think you talked good about it though. I thought you just listened to dubstep and soundtracks. One of Nightwish's best songs: I stopped listening to metal a long ago though. Nowadays I just listen to soundtracks and japanese music overall.

Jlist doesn't have a lot of english translated VNs, the only good ones I see are Steins;Gate and Saya no Uta. Most VN's just aren't licensed in the US. (VN's aren't popular enough). If you want to play those masterpieces out there, your only bet would be to get Utorrent and download them from fuwanovel. Here's vndb's VN ranking list;fil=tagspoil-2;o=d;s=rating

Well for the Evangelion series, I did a research and understood it, but I still wasn't really a big fan of it though. I found it too depressing, slow paced, there wasn't one single character I liked, and the animation started sucking in the final episodes. Rebuild of Evangelion improved really hard though, it's almost flawless. Excellent animation, soundtrack and Mari is hot. 2.0 is the best one. Series was a 6/10 for me, movies a 9/10.

Can you play video games then? I'm thinking of getting a Wii U soon, with Windwaker HD and Mario Kart 8. I really like Zelda and 3d mario games. Looking forward to the new Zelda game next year.

lpjp200 | 06-22-14, 10:30 AM
That one is good since it's 5000 IU. Sometimes stores sell vitamin d with only like 800 IU, lol.

There's too many soundtracks to name. It has the best songs from almost every anime out there. Gotta love music. It's love and life.

I've played through a few eroges. Umineko, Fate Stay Night and Rewrite. Most visual novels/eroge's aren't released in the US so you can't buy them but you can download them from That's the best website for VNs and it has everything you'd need.

VNs are basically.. imagine manga coming to life with amazing soundtrack and visuals. Sometimes they have actual gameplay. A lot of them have erotic or sex scenes so they're labeled as eroges. Clannad for example has lots of different routes and Tomoya has sex with all of the main girls. Clannad after story's masterful story came from the VN.

I recommend this one G Senjou no maou it's amazing, especially the story, and it'll probably blow you away.

Yupp, that song is from the original GiTS movie. I wasn't too fond of the movies. Too much psychological deepness, and I didn't understand most of it. Maybe if I rewatch them I'll like them. GiTS: SAC wasn't deep/psychological though. I loved SAC.

Magnesium is also in foods anyways. It's the most in brown rice. Brown rice is the healthiest food ever. It's also in nuts/almonds, tuna/most fish, and Bananas.

My new avatar is Misaka from Railgun btw. I still adore her.

lpjp200 | 06-20-14, 9:54 PM
That Akira song is pretty good. I love this Akira song more though

This GiTS song is in the soundtrack collection: it's filled with eargasmic songs like that. I'm pretty happy I found it.

lpjp200 | 06-20-14, 9:38 PM
Sounds awesome, hope you'll have fun. :3 you gonna take pictures?

Vitamin D deficiency really blows. Apparently it's really common. Which vitamin D pills are you taking? I really recommend the ones with 5,000 IU. Like This one. It has tons of great reviews. I'd also really recommend magnesium. It works really well with vitamin D, and it also helps against stress/depression, headaches and more. check this reddit thread about magnesium. Chelated magnesium is the best one. You might want toask your doctor first though.

I just downloaded a huge anime soundtrack collection and oh goooooooood. It's 5 gigs, has over 500 anime songs, it's pure gooold. Do you want to check it out? It probably has lots of songs from shows you've watched.

That news about Jojo really made by day complete. The train won't have brakes! She's from Baldr Sky, a Japanese eroge game.

lpjp200 | 06-20-14, 12:49 PM
Yo. Sorry for being gone again.. for awhile. I've been working hard in real. How's it going? I'm at like episode 50~ of Space Brothers right now. It's pretty beautiful. The last episode I watched was the one where Nanba almost died. I'm really taking my time with it though. I've been watching anime really slowly. I'm only watching Jojo:SC of this season. Speaking of Jojo:SC.. great news was just announced. It's gonna be 50~ episodes long! YEESSSSS! I knew MAL's episode count was wrong. Are you still watching Jojo? Last episodes have been so great.

Hope Yenpress does release the ToAru series in english. More people need to read them.

nelli1876 | 06-08-14, 8:58 PM
Woah hello, I'm getting off my ass for once. So. I'm going to have some...trouble with this one alrighty, I have to answer questions with no questions. Aite. Here comes my essay of sorts. It is currently 9:23 and lets see if I can do this.

Yeah well. You know what? WE HAVE 80 DEGREE WEATHER TOO! We just don't have know, spring....or fall. But whatever Caleb brag all you want. It's almost perfect weather for softball, perfect being about....75 degrees rather than 80.

Green Day is neither an "emo" band or a grunge band. A grunge band would be like Nirvana (if you don't know them, just look up Smells Like Teen Spirit). These guys are more punk rock. But either way, it's more preference than anything. I like most kinds of music, even pop, as long as it's not stupidly repetitive. Hell, I can even get into some rap if it's good, like Macklemore and Eminem are both pretty fantastic.

Oh my god. I need to tell you about this conversation that just went down between my sister and I. I'm still shaking my head honestly. So you know that movie/book that literally EVERYONE'S obsesses with, 'The Fault In Our Stars'? Well, she was just reading spoilers online and wow. I won't completely spoil it just in case you for some reason wanted to see it. But one person in the book dies of a form of cancer called osteosarcoma. She then found a picture of two stick figures or something on either Twitter or Instagram, but the person was missing a leg. She was confused on why it didn't have a leg, and asked me. Well, osteosarcoma is a cancer that can show up in your legs so it made sense to me. Pfft it just went like this (be prepared to shake your head):
Tia: Why is he missing a leg?!
Me: Because that's where osteosarcoma shows up.
Tia: WHAT NO, he couldn't have died from that.
Me: Why?
Tia: Because it's in his leg, how can you die from cancer in your leg? There's no organs by there.
Me: Do you even know what cancer is? Seriously.
Tia: Well yeah, it's a disease.
Me: It's rapid growth of cells.
Tia: So?
Me: So it can spread.
At this point I just gave up and said fuck it, you're just too dumb. But then she asked me:
Tia: Where does "normal" cancer show up?
Me: What the hell is normal cancer? There is no "normal" cancer. It depends on where you get it.
Then she just struggled to explain her point to me and it was fucking ridiculous. Oh man. And she's in highschool. Seriously shaking my head.

Jesus Christ it's been a while. But losing messages is fucking awful. Like especially when I'm writing them to you because these are so looooongg. I know how he feels. I mean I love sending messages, but they take so long to write, I only do them once in a while now. Like some nights I feel like writing more than others. I might send you letters over holidays and stuff like, your birthday next year and Christmas, and....Halloween. I don't know, those are just guesstimates. But hey! You know my address, send me one sometime if you want!

I'm not really great at telling people's birthday months, but I can do it sometimes. Right and left handedness just looks...natural to me. Like my Dad is left handed, and it's so obvious. What's really cool though is when people are ambidextrous. Hmm lets see here, I can definitely tell if people are bronies because c'mon. I could easily tell that my friend was one. I can tell when people are total weebs and or annoying fans by the way they look. Like if you see bright colored hair, that's usually a big warning sign, now I'm not saying that ALL people that have brightly colored hair are weebs or annoying, but...well actually no, I'd say that a good 90% of people who dye their hair those colors are definitely annoying. But I guess I'm just a people watcher and am able to pick up on these things eventually.

Oh man anime openings are easy. I hear them like 3 times and have them memorized. Fuck. Well, this is where I'd ask you what your favorites are...but well actually *****Tell me that on facebook****. Ah social media, it can be nice if used right. My favorites are....(gotta get my phone):
-Kakumeiki Valvrave (both)
-Any that are sung by American artists (Like Eden of the East's is by Oasis, and Ergo Proxy's is by..Monoral I believe)
-Any instrumentals (Bebop is really the only one that I can think of off the top of my head)

First of all, WATCH TANGLED. It's a fun, quirky movie and Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore play Rapunzel and Flynn, and they're great together. And now, well, I could show you some other music if you'd like. It's not really my specialty, but I know some pretty great songs. ***LEMME KNOW ON FACEBOOK***. I like this youtuber guy named Patty Walters and he does screamo covers/regular covers of songs and he's great.

Oh please. You will walk outside with that shovel and come back inside 5 minutes later with Frost Bite. There is no alternative. Speaking of kotatsu things...I wonder if anyone's ever burned themselves on that giant ass heater in the middle.....hmmmm. But fuck the beach man, I wanna do some tubing. We went so hard on ours last weekend that it's now ripped and useless.

Yes. That definitely needs to be changed. I need to get people to play spoons with me and you and then we'll be golden. Also, you need to learn how to play smear so I can kick your ass at it. There's also a game we play called golf, that's pretty fun. Although it takes forever.

Make that 431 followers now! I got like 6 just over the weekend. But Hinata and Kageyama is a legit ship man. There's already fan art out there, the damage has been done. Ah, that show is so cute. It's a great feel good show.

Well Caleb. Ping Pong isn't an intense sport to begin with. I know what you're going to say now, "Ohohoho I play ping pong and it gets pretty intense" (totally read your mind don't deny me). And it's not a sport that's very intense to spectators like tennis or golf. Speaking of golf, did you know they made a golf anime? Because they did, it's called Dan Doh. Where's my hockey anime?! From what I've heard other people saying, this show more focuses on the characters and their interactions. If you look at it from that angle I hear it's fucking great. And I do plan on watching it when it's over with.

OHHHHHHHHHHHH. OHHHHH. OHHHHH. This fucking anime. I can't even. Like are they even trying anymore? I've been told that they take part of their episode to have the girls prostitute themselves for cheese cake. CAKE. Hah, moe girls gotta have their fix. It's like a drug addiction. This gets filed under SHIT LIST. Nothing can save this show from a one.

Lol. Figurines are the most expensive thing they've got. You're talking like 50-200$. I'm not even joking, a lot of these things are imports from Japan and fucking ridiculous. Bottom line is that everything's expensive.

Jeez, alrighty, I'm currently watching:

Baby Steps: My god, there's so much extra chit chat in between I just get so bored. If I weren't watching this with my friend, I'd have dropped it after episode 2.

Brynhildr: For fucks sake. That's all.

Haikyuu: Cute characters and pretty good sports action.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure SC: Now. *sigh* This is slowly turning into a monster of the week show. And these stand things are lame. The characters are essentially just yelling at each other while playing Yugioh.

Mekakucity Actors: JESUS. I honestly have the hardest time watching this show. It's so boring. I hate a good majority of the characters and the plot still has yet to show itself. What are you even doing anime? No, honestly what, I seem to have missed something?

Sidonia no Kishi:....Kind of. I'm still on episode 3-4 or something. I think I forgot to mark an episode down. But it's pretty great action, goodish characters, and nicely laid out mecha set up.

I'm giving myself a break this season from the pretty boy shows because....have you seen next season. Holy fucking shit, it looks awful. There's like 3 shows that I want to watch.

I liked the beginning of Shippuden I will admit. I liked when they first had Sai added to their...what do you call that little thing...their team, but the arc after that I didn't, and I quit after that. The thing with shounens and me is that I may drop the show, but I will watch ALL of the movies. Just take a look at my list, I've watched all of the Naruto and Bleach movies.

What good will fucking Sealand do us?! Man you gotta think bigger. Why buy so far away from the United States when we can just buy Detroit. And then eventually take over Michigan and later the States. I mean think about it Caleb. If we're able to gain control of Detroit, we could build it back up and make it thrive once again, and then that'll prove that we're able to do shit. You can then run for president of the United States and you have total control. Sealand'll probably just collapse soon anyway, we need lasting control.

Pfft class clown. Well I'd say we've got a good 30/61 of those in my grade. We like to call them....the rednecks. Krummi is definitely great at pissing the teacher off. It was quite funny though because we voted him Snow Week prince with another girl that hated him and HAAAAAA.

I get really excited when the band MUCC does anime openings. Because ah! I've got...21-24 songs by them on my phone. I also love One Ok Rock still, I've got more than 30 by them. Porno Graffiti is great as well. I still really love The Seatbelts (jazz group) and various other people.

Oh my I'm at the end it seems. Welp. It's been real man. NO actually don't listen to that, it sounds like I'm saying goodbye and I'm not! Just until summer's....over? I'm not sure when I'll write another message. But you can reply to this....somehow...whenever you'd like. Until then though.....FACEBOOK. *hugs* the only appropriate ending to this is "Talk to ya later". :)

xXjondudeXx | 06-05-14, 9:35 PM
Yeah that was a good show, I liked it. I gave it like a 7 or low 8. Forget which one I want with.

I hate those type of people like seriously -.- I run into fake metal heads like this all the time. Their so fucking annoying, it's ok when someones ignorant but it's annoying when their ignorant to their own ignorance(description of Americans right there) now I have ran into some of them involving anime related things too but I can't recall any of the conversations at all...I just now it's happened cause I kinda remember it.

Well that's a lovely idea but not historically back by anything. Damn dude that's like saying people became Nazis because they wanted to bring peace

Well The main source of violence during this time in history came from Christianity, the rest of the world at this time was just Christian raids and forced Evangelism.

Vikings might have been brutal pirates but the reason they were invading British colonies was because the king ordered all the pagan (non Christian) settlers to be killed. And at the end of all that most of the Scandinavian countries were forced converted to Christianity. Shit loads of Nordic mythology has been lost due to priest burning and destroying it. There's a lot about Nordic mythology people do not know to this day because of that.
The reason people were becoming Christian during this time was because how extreme the Catholic Church was, they scared people into their religion by saying if you don't believe it that you burn in hell. Ohh and It gave them pretty little Disney movie of answer of an answer to death, an afterlife. Yeah people really like that thing.

Yes I do love south park songs XD and surprisingly I remember all those, It's been so long, So how far have you made it in that show now? Ohh here's a funny song for you. It's even funnier if you've seen game of thrones cause then you get the joke

I can't say I was as bothered by the focus of the relationships as you so that wasn't taken into account of my rating on it. Haven't read that show in a long time either so I don't even know some of what your talking about xD but sounds like a well thought out conclusion of a score to me

Yes unbalance x unbalance is something you need to be reading already -.- but the hold your heathen hammer high makes up for you skipping that. Yeah I would like to go out and see as much of the earth as I can before I'm buried in it. Still like I said last time, that's not something I could do with my whole life.

You have to take all the core classes such as Math, English, Science and History but you are free to pick all the rest of your stuff. In my school you're required to have one athletics credit and two years of a foreign language.

Ohh yes sleepovers, when i was a kid me and five friends would get together and just party all night out in my motor home ohhh those were the times. Now a days were just like hey dude i'm gonna crash at your place tonight

Preachers of the Night is a good album, My girlfriend gave me the album on a flash drive(she bought it off iTunes) and I love it. But I need to buy the album officially already. Yes Mastodon are pretty damn good, I like how they give you an atmosphere like you were just saying about oblivion.

Yeah I never buy anything LE used because I know that would happen, They would only give you the disc and keep all the extra stuff or sell it separately
Of course I rub off on people well except becoming atheist, that was all you haha I actually never mentioned anything to you about religion when you were Christin. Did I ever even tell you I was an atheist? Hmm I don't remember

What I find weird about the age of all the characters in these shows is that they use to seem so old but now they seem so young. Like back when I was young and watching tv and anime all the characters would seem so old and they were only in high school and middle school. Now I look back on it and all the characters seem so young.

Hmm a rant on metal, I don't know, I guess I just need a topic because I'm at a loss. Yeah cause PS4's kick Xbox one's ass so the sales reflect that... Xbox one sucks ass.

Haha there was no surprise butt sex...never went that far 0.0 It was the puberty man, It drives those hormones crazy and we'd literally do almost anything in sight. But it wasn't all guys, Those girls were just as bad. Boy scouts and sex story. ..ohhh god was someone molested..ohh good just a circlejerk. Boy scouts have a bad reputation of the scout leaders being pedophiles .like the Catholic Church and the priest

I usually put more effort in to song, trying to add in variety and whatnot and showing you songs that are more catchy and not so long but i noticed theat i've never showed you some of my just favorite songs so i though why not just show him one of my favorite(if not my favorite) song of all time

AND THEN THERE WAS SILENCE BY BLIND GUARDIAN So listen to this song about 20 times!! I uploaded it my self because they didn't have the original version in HQ on youtube. See their recorded the 2011 and it was a monstrosity! NEVER LISTEN TO IT!! And they also remastered this album and it sucked. This is the one original and then there was silence and the only one you need to know. Given that it's like the best song ever. I want to show you all of this album since this is not only my favorite album by them but one of my favorite albums ever but I'll hold off for now and just show you this one. Ohh and i just literally uploaded this one right now

well ain't that dandy, Well i don't think you really have to worry. I haven't had problems with christens in a long while now, Like a 3 months now. I totally forgot their was such thing haha so i don't think you'll be getting any rants outta me about that

Well i still need to get deadman, magi and vinland saga. Well once summer starts i plan to start un-abandoning the best of my ablity. I hate to think(though it's probaily true) that me watching/getting all the anime and manga was just a faze. But don't you doubt that i still love all my anime and manga! I still love my shows, So I'm gonna get back into it. Buying, watching and all that! but I'm never gonna be as big on it as i was before..i can tell that. But who knows maybe i will

communism doesn't suck, People suck. communism is actually a very good idea but there is a human factor you have to add in. People are greedy and selfish.

OHHH COURSE IT'S GREAT!! It's an AMV with Children of Bodom after all
Ahh i just love those type of christens
"Pastor, why is the sky blue"

ahhh no no no i'm happy to consider myself a virgin, I don't to risk having a kid cause i loss to my hormones and peer pressure. Reading that now i did make it sound like that. The farthest i've ever made it with girls(and what i was referring too) is oral. Your mouth can't get pregnant after all xD


ahhh the toradora again, i need to get that money already, I'm at $10.00 right now xD well it should ship sometime next month, I really got to try to not buy anything till then. Not even AOT even though i really want to, my girlfriend is talking about it a lot since she started watching it

Varyags of Miklagaard indeed i love that song! Well I had another Amon Amarth song about Christianity that I really liked(it's a philosophical one like slaves of fear) but I was read your message about the Christian hate rants and I'm guessing the song would count towards that so I won't show you it. But there is another really good amon Amarth song that I think you understand more about now that you've read Vinland saga. Because you understand more about the slave system and all that. It's about a slave that's set free and is on his way back to his homeland. much like thorfin many boys and young men sent off on journeys (maybe become Vikings) and don't end up coming home till a while or at all. Again much like thorfin, many become slaves someway or another just by getting poor enough just sit back a watch the lyrics(warning, you May cry man tears)

ohh yeah how are you liking your sabaton shirt, I thought it looks cool as hell! i'm waiting for my equilibrium now, I got an email saying it shipped

But at the same time they don't really seem cliche at all. I guess is really up to you whether you want to do human or monster.

Ohhh do I know exactly what you mean! My girlfriend is obsessed with Minecraft and I hate it cause all she does is talk about that stupid game and play that stupid game. I sat there and watch her play from a good 30 minutes and absolutely nothing happened. I Don't get the fun in that game at all.

Damn...a good LOG song, to tell you the truth I have 50 songs by them and I love them all. Now obviously I can't show you 50 songs. I'm gonna have to pick one but I got a great one, Balcken the cursed sun!!
here just follow along with these lyrics as you listen to it, It make it even better (just copied and pasted them for the video haha)

"all I do while I'm here is watch anime, fap, eat, drink, (soda of course) write messages, and sleep." that sounds like the dream life! haha and if you posted some of your story's on a website like that then they probably would. But you have to do the write website for the write story. Something on 4chan has to be outrageously stupid(like this Shrek story)while something on a fan fiction site can be more serious

ohh speaking of fapping, it is a lot easier when you shave. Yep. xD ok now on to what i was saying. Basically nowadays it's socially acceptable among all groups to shave your chest and pubes, It wasn't just like ten years ago. but i normally don't man scape. I mean common..that's a lot of work but i shaved my pubes and damn is it awesome. First off pubic hair sucks, It's itchy, gets in the way and you get cum in there when you jack off plus no one finds it attractive any girl i've ever know likes guys shaven down there. Same with my girlfriend. so shaving pubes = awesome.

i didn't really know how low to go though, the first time i did my friend told me you can go a lot lower(he is like baby bottom smooth shaven all the time) so i found in between where it's not too short but is still out of the way. eeh i show you what i mean later...maybe somewhere a bit more private like facebook xD i just realized i wrote a bunch about shaving my pubes on here which goes on a public page....ohh well YOLO

anime is getting pretty main stream. everyone's heard of it in my school and everyone seen at least one show. It's changed a lot sense just my freshmen year. Just two days ago during my sisters at my sisters graduation the valedictorian(person with the highest GPA and grades in the graduating class had like a minute of her speech just about the anime club(she was the president of the anime club) and "best wishes to her fellow otaku" and all the parents where like..da hell is an otaku and all the kids knew what she was talking about. here is a picture, it was a big graduating class around 600 kids then around 10 people to every kid(moms dads uncles aunts cousins sisters brothers) so there was around 6000 people there. I thought that was a pretty good call out for anime but everyone knows what it is already anyways

ohh you knew a goth person, I don't like goth and emo's they're so...faggy and listen to that horrible music, probaily why they always cut themselves...i'd have to if i listened to that shit.
ohh Andrew W.K I remember this song, I heard it from AMV hell like 5 years back and i listened to it a lot.

ohh yes now this is a good song, I've never heard that one by the girl before. Now here is a great cover for ya by the why have you listened to And then there was silence at least 30 times yet, if so then there is a familiar voice for ya. This is a collaboration band between Iced earth and Blind Guardian

well my girlfriend is like on episode 14 or so of AOT and she seems to be liking it, We were sitting in my room today watching it when we made it to 14 i switched it to crunchyroll from netflix and she was pretty amazed by the difference in quality "ohhhh it's so HD!!"

so what's been going on with anime, I've been gone for a while now. But It's summer now so I'll have time. And this message is kinda short so maybe i can start replying to them again. They got to the point when i couldn't handle them anymore, i have a bit of a short attention span so it's hard for me xD

but yeah i did cut it a lot, after that first time when i lost the whole message...i just lost all motivation plus the conversation topics ain't relevant anymore. we already covered them on facebook xD

ohh and what's been going on with you and anime? your MAL has been looking pretty dead too, i feel like our conversation on facebook doesn't cover it all.

well i'm tired so i'm gonna go to bead, don't think I'm gonna give this a check over like i usually do so sorry if it's full of typo's and out of order xD

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