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06-23-13, 2:52 AM
California, USA
December 12, 2007
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IcyStorm | 05-31-09, 2:16 PM
Bahahaha, I think gia does a good job at doing what she does. I think it was just rather awkward, given my responses (I had barely done anything but watch animu all night).

_eternal | 12-28-08, 2:26 PM
After hearing that Epic Win came back a week ago and promptly forgetting about it, I finally remembered subscribed to your feed. You probably don't know me at all as I started blogging after you guys left, but nevertheless, it's great to see some old faces return to the community. I'll look forward to following your blog!

saturnine | 11-30-08, 8:52 PM
But of course. :D The internet deserves a better class of blogger, and I'm going to give it to them.

Day 1 and 2 aren't much to write home about, but Day 3 was pretty well done, I thought. About to install Day 4's work in a bit. Enjoy.

saturnine | 11-30-08, 8:07 PM
Psh, Kamina died and they got over it. You'll survive.

al|together 2008 is pretty good, btw. You should give it a shot.

saturnine | 11-30-08, 5:17 PM
Sounds like you need a punch in the mouth!

And people have forgotten about you. I'm one of the last remaining people who haven't, sadly. You should just branch out into other things and try and reignite that interest. Not really hard, just takes a bit of looking.

saturnine | 11-29-08, 3:27 PM
Here lies 0rion, dead and buried, R.I.P.

IcyStorm | 05-05-08, 3:53 PM
You needs to update this, yo.


kur0gan3 | 04-24-08, 8:34 PM
Hai! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

I'm actually finding out that MAL is a rather good way to keep track of what I'm watching, thanks to the MAL updater.

usagijen | 04-24-08, 6:25 PM
...and wow, you joined MAL on my birthday! :o

usagijen | 04-24-08, 6:24 PM
hiya 0rion!! thanks for accepting my request XD
and it's nice to see that you guys are back in blogging! can't wait to read about your thoughts on the ongoing Spring series! =D

midori- | 03-29-08, 1:10 PM
I wrote a review for Kare kano, I was wondering what you think of it since you rated it simliar as me... (ratehelp/unhelpfulif you want)

saturnine | 01-30-08, 11:21 PM
Relevant to your interests. As they say, "I LOL'ED".

( ゚ ヮ゚)つオナニー! 

heyheysayhey | 01-09-08, 8:04 AM
yay 1st friend! :D yoroshiku ne!

kenshin514 | 01-07-08, 7:34 PM
Even though, we know that this anime season doesn't look that good, but I want to know what anime you expected to watch in this Winter 2008?

Mine are: Gunslinger girls 2, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Zoku, H2O, True Tear, Shigofumi, Ayakashi, and Minami-ke Okawari

Maybe???: Aria the original, Persona

Marmot | 01-03-08, 1:02 PM

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