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07-17-14, 10:03 PM
December 4, 2011
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Inui | 02-23-13, 7:52 AM
dat hentai

LEGOF | 12-11-11, 2:35 PM
Ku ku ku... She's one of the best imouto I've seen in a long time.

Redfoxoffire | 12-11-11, 12:54 PM
And you seem like a poor troll.

Zucco | 12-11-11, 12:19 PM

Inui | 12-11-11, 11:30 AM
I am going to watch it. ;(

Inui | 12-11-11, 11:23 AM
We managed to not get +1 yuri couple in a show where almost anything is an implied yuri couple... instead we have the same favorites (kyouko by far the best imo)

Fail lol

Inui | 12-11-11, 11:15 AM
My compatibility with Zucco is rly rly high so ill at least try it. I've never not liked a zucco rec.

Btw, who was your fav in yuru yuri?

Inui | 12-11-11, 11:07 AM
Cuz he wanted to show it to me... Only reason we didn't give it a 1 is cuz of laughing many times.

Penguindrum is bad???

Inui | 12-11-11, 10:47 AM
Mars of Destruction should count as negative anime time.

And I think Izumi is the only person on earth to have a rewatch of it.

Zucco | 12-11-11, 9:47 AM
Ive been away for awhile, but the parting of Merry was well done. I actually felt bad for a boat LOL.

and f inui.

Sentenal | 12-11-11, 12:08 AM
Thriller Bark starts off slow with some funny Luffy moments, but the end gets good once they go on their counter attack

Sentenal | 12-10-11, 8:00 PM
lol@ that picture.

It does. The manga has these things called "Cover Side Stories", where on the cover of each week, it will show a single panel of various side stories happening around the world. The stuff with Buggy's Adventures before Logue Town and Coby/Helmeppo were original manga cover side stories. After that, they didn't do any of them until later on with the separation stuff.

CP9 guys apparently all went to some town, and worked to get money to pay for Luci's hospital bill, and then fought off some Marines, or something. Also, in a different cover side story, Enel conquered the moon.

Inui | 12-10-11, 7:59 PM

Inui | 12-10-11, 7:51 PM
Code Geass R2 was that x26 for me. :(

Rewatching Higurashi Kai atm. I have to rewatch my 10's cuz everything else isn't good enough after rewatching all of my 11's in a row.

I gotta see Mars of Destruction. I HAVE TO.

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