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August 15, 1995
October 21, 2010
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Greetings, I'm Brittany, your average 18 year old, anime watching girl. I love action, romance, shounen, and fantasy animes. I like some slice of life/friendship animes but the plot usually develops too slowly for me to enjoy them :P I went to AMKE 2011, 2012 (cosplaying as France from Hetalia for a day), 2014 (cosplaying Misty from Pokémon one night, and Lucy from Fairy Tail for one day), and ACEN 2014 cosplaying Misty from Pokémon almost everyday :)
If I rate something a 7 or 6, that usually means I hated it and I'm trying to be nice. It's hard for me to completely hate an anime, and I feel bad if I give it a completely bad score, especially if it's a popular anime. If I hated it a lot, even if it is popular, it will get lower than a 6.
You may leave a comment on my profile, if you wish. I'll try to get back to you the next time I log on :)

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Nikoru-san | 11-15-13, 2:17 PM
wtf is this, you started watching Inu Yasha? Do you know that that's like my first anime ever and watched it constantly when I was in grade school. I've seen random episodes all over the place, I've been wanting to watch the whole thing.

Nikoru-san | 10-21-13, 8:07 PM
Brr-nrr-nrr look at chu, Brr-nrr-nrr almost to 100 completed anime!

Nikoru-san | 07-05-13, 10:15 AM
omg I haven't watched anime in an entire month. I think we need an anime cram WEEK.

Nikoru-san | 01-10-13, 6:50 PM

Nikoru-san | 12-30-12, 9:27 PM
wat now

Nikoru-san | 12-16-12, 10:43 AM

you changed your picture.

Nikoru-san | 11-26-12, 12:38 PM

I know you will like this! It's the unaired episode of Acchi Kocchi. Click on the fucking picture :3

Nikoru-san | 11-25-12, 11:17 AM

You would like this anime a lot. It's such a Josei! It's soo freakin' cute. ugh. But watch this:

Sakamichi no Apollon

Nikoru-san | 11-13-12, 8:22 PM

you have time for tonari no kaibutsu-kun but not haibane renmei. you shame the elephants.

Nikoru-san | 11-04-12, 8:46 PM
Oh, you watched up to episode three too. I see how it is.

Nikoru-san | 11-01-12, 7:05 PM
Finally!! about time girl.

Nikoru-san | 10-29-12, 7:02 PM
your url thing still leads to a dead end, you need to remove a http you have two in the address http://http//

Nikoru-san | 10-11-12, 5:37 PM


Nikoru-san | 09-26-12, 7:21 PM
that's it i can almost no longer wait, we need to watch angel beats together. asap.

Nikoru-san | 09-19-12, 9:49 AM
ay gurl i'm in da library, mm ya feel it? mm

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