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05-10-15, 5:44 PM
May 2, 1993
Orlando, Florida
September 26, 2011
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Hey, my name is Mark. I almost always watch anime subbed.

Anything i rate a 9 has gripped me to the edge of my seat.
A 10 has me feeling post-anime depression. Why did it have to end!? :l

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FunnyGames | 01-01-15, 6:40 AM

I wish you all the best this year, so all bad will left behind in the old year!

FunnyGames | 01-01-13, 6:08 AM

FunnyGames | 12-03-12, 2:08 AM
Oh, I see... I hope you're doing good there!

xXCookiedippXx | 11-24-12, 9:06 PM

FunnyGames | 10-03-12, 3:13 PM
So you're alive or not?

FunnyGames | 05-08-12, 12:46 PM
Wait, don't re-watch, I don't see it as a wise choice. If you really want to watch something good, then watch Mawaru Penguindrum -> the mystery there is awesome!

By the way, I finished Higurashi Kai, well, it's also great, happy ending! :)

FunnyGames | 05-06-12, 8:28 AM
Several hours of work, but worth it! :) At last finished my new anime list style! :)
I'll start watch Higurashi Kai.

FunnyGames | 05-04-12, 12:05 PM
I watched Higurashi, well, to tell the truth, at first, I didn't understand the story (not that I'm now), but I understood that this anime is dived to arcs.
But the problem is, that each arc is showing a different view, I can't tell what really happened there.

I liked the anime although, I do hope that in the second season I'll get the answers and understand the story. (Don't explain, I want to try myself)

You know, at first I thought giving it 9, but it's a bit better, so I had to give it 10.
Only Story and Enjoyment are 9, all other are 10.

FunnyGames | 04-21-12, 4:29 AM
*Month Used Wisely* 30 days in "Completed" category- xx/xx/xx

Completed category:
Days: 29.99

FunnyGames | 04-12-12, 3:39 AM
Hey, do you have MDL? I do: :)

If you'll open, then add me as a friend! :)

FunnyGames | 04-10-12, 12:56 AM
No problem, but first of all I have to catch up with Fairy Tail.
Looks like you have a lot of work, I hope you're doing fine!
Well, I don't have PS3, and I don't really like playing it. :P (I tried at my uncles place)
And I do understand what you mean by getting an itch to watch anime, I sometimes also losing it.

Meanwhile, in last week, I had to work on my project and project book, so I didn't really had time to watch anime, even thought nowadays it's a vacation, but because of the project, I didn't had time to enjoy it.
Fortunately, I have finished it yesterday, so I have a little vacation till Sunday. (If you didn't know, in Israel Sunday is our first day, at some countries it's Monday).

FunnyGames | 03-30-12, 6:39 AM
Yeah, I saw that you're not watching much of anime lately.

I really liked Another. The opening is also great.

I'm planing to watch Higurashi as my #200 anime in my anime milestone. :D

FunnyGames | 03-29-12, 5:44 PM
Hey, few news.

First of all, I watched Another, very good anime, I liked it.

Secondly, I created a new style for my anime list, what do you think of it? (The old one went to manga list).

Redwrar | 03-10-12, 1:58 PM
holy balls you were right, black lagoon is the shit. :D

Redwrar | 03-08-12, 7:53 PM
also, add me on msn if you wanna talk anime ( I hate talking on this thing.

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