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01-01-14, 10:31 PM
July 8, 1993
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December 3, 2009
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Majeh-Sama | 10-05-11, 8:50 PM

SephiriAzure | 05-09-11, 8:31 AM
Hi, so I see that you're watching Winter Sonata, and I was just wondering it its worth picking up. I wanted to start watching it, but I'm unsure if I should. Just so you know I'm a big fan of romance and drama so if it has it, I'm usually fine with it. So what do you think of it.

Chereche | 08-29-10, 2:30 PM
Thank you so much. It really sounds interesting and worth watching. Thanks again!

Kep0v | 08-23-10, 8:54 AM

Statchana | 08-22-10, 8:16 AM
np X"D ♥ yup, u welcome ^__^= nthnx

chingstah | 07-25-10, 5:17 AM
yeah me 2 but it's more interesting like this right :D:D:P

tehnominator | 07-11-10, 11:00 AM
You probably won't like it, then. People love K-ON! not for the band thing, but because the characters are just so loveable and they try to make every day fun.

tehnominator | 07-09-10, 8:09 PM
Heh, no, I was bothering him about watching more classic anime, so it was me who started it ;)

I've seen a bajillion shoujo anime, and for me, Kaichou does not only do nothing new, but it does it so blandly that I cannot watch another episode. Usually with tired old stories, I can depend on the characters to keep me watching since nothing is really original anyway, but I don't like Usui, I don't like Misaki or whatever her name is, and their relationship puts me to sleep.

So it's has nothing to offer me at all.

tehnominator | 07-09-10, 3:51 PM
Well, I'm about 3 years older than you so I guess I would consider most anyone in the younger generation :P And I've been watching anime since I was 4 years old, so it kind of adds to that too.

tehnominator | 07-09-10, 5:22 AM
I know I'm getting old when people refer to Samurai Champloo as a "classic"-- to me, it's still that new, fresh anime it was when it was released, but I keep forgetting that many years have passed. The things I might think are classic might be like ancient history to you! But I'm glad to see younger people taking an interest in older anime. Not many of them do, which is a shame, because animation from the 80s and 90s were a special brand that just broke all kinds of boundaries in art and animation.

Anyhow, these are must-watch anime from the older eras. They were what people DID watch back when anime was something you could only get in your VHS/DVD store:

- Noir [2000s]
- Dead Leaves [2000s]
- Interstella 5555 [2000s]
- Read or Die + R.O.D the TV [2000s]
- Ghost in the Shell (movie) [90s]
- Ninja Scroll (movie) [90s]
- Memories [90s]
- Perfect Blue [90s]
- Macross Plus (OAV or movie, but I prefer the movie) [90s]
- Serial Experiments Lain [90s]
- Grave of the Fireflies [80s]
- Akira [80s]
- Top wo Nerae! [80s]

Now, I recommended a lot of movies and OAVs, but mostly because the 90s especially was an era where anime movies really had a lot of power and influence; now movies rarely make a splash outside the niche anime audience and if they do, they are few and far between and probably by Studio Ghibli anyway.

Osprey | 04-24-10, 8:47 AM
Naruto Rulez

Statchana | 04-18-10, 5:26 AM
loved r review of Naruto shippuuden >w< ♥ i so agree!!

"Overall this anime satisfys your every need. I really am astonished to see its rating i feel its VERY under rated and is a most see for all"

SephiriAzure | 03-29-10, 7:04 PM
Glad someone else feels the same way about naruto, because i think its a great show.

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