Yamazaki, Kazuo

Yamazaki, Kazuo

Given name: かずお
Family name: やまざき
Birthday: Feb 12, 1949
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Director of films such as "The Five Star Stories", "A Wind Named Amnesia", and "The Slayers - The Motion Picture". He is however best know for directed the hit TV series "Maison Ikkoku" and "Urusei Yatsura", and the famouse OVA "Please Save My Earth ".
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Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte
add Director
Bronze: Zetsuai Since 1989
add Screenplay
City Hunter: Goodbye My Sweetheart
add Director
Five Star Stories
add Director
Kaze no Na wa Amnesia
add Director
Maison Ikkoku
add Director
Mugen no Ryvius
add Storyboard
Slayers: The Motion Picture
add Director
Tetsujin 28-gou (1980)
add Storyboard (Episode 26)
The Samurai
add Director
Tiger Mask Nisei
add Episode Director
Urusei Yatsura
add Director (Years 1984-1986)
Urusei Yatsura Movie 3: Remember My Love
add Director
Urusei Yatsura Movie 4: Lum The Forever
add Director
Yami no Matsuei
add Storyboard (Ep. 4,6,8,11)
Yume Tsukai
add Director
Zukkoke Knight: Don De La Mancha
add Episode Director
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tehnominator | 03-31-10, 8:19 PM
I would never expect this guy to have been the same director for half these shows... they're so different.

Prede | 03-10-10, 8:40 PM
A Wind Named Amnesia is a masterpeice. Someone needs to let this man direct again, for he is amazing.

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