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FictionJunction (フィクションジャンクション) is Japanese composer Yuki Kajiura’s solo project. It is not a pseudonym that Kajiura uses when she composes soundtracks. To date, all such collaborations have consisted of a (female) vocalists, aka Utahime, with Kajiura on the keyboard or the piano.

Current Utahime:
KAORI (also has solo works)
YURIKO KAIDA (Also has solo works as KAiiDA)
YUUKA (solo work as Yuuka Nanri)

Other Utahime (currently rarely or not performed as "FictionJunction"):
ASUKA (performed only in "Everlasting Song". Currently Aira Yuuki)

KEIKO and WAKANA are also part of Kalafina with Hikaru.
KAORI is also part of Sound Horizon.
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El Cazador de la Bruja
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Elemental Gelade
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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny
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Ookami Kakushi
add Theme Song Performance (OP)
Pandora Hearts
add Theme Song Performance ("Parallel Hearts")
Sacred Seven
add Theme Song Performance (OP, "stone cold")
Tsubasa Chronicle
add Inserted Song Performance
Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Season
add Inserted Song Performance
Tsubasa: Shunraiki
add Theme Song Performance
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StormViruz | 11-09-12, 7:32 AM
Stonecold is awesome!!

Matas | 09-16-12, 6:15 AM
Their concert at AX LA was amazing. <3

Obihiro | 06-09-12, 11:29 PM
Needs moar collabs with Kajiura.

tsubasalover | 06-05-12, 9:41 AM
Previous =/= Former. YUUKA rarely performed together as FictionJunction (going solo now, so it's separated).

harumiharu | 04-15-12, 10:57 PM
Yuuka is not a former uta-hime. Get that straight in your heads. She was also part of 'sing a song', the FJ club's theme song.

Anyway, Kajiura's working with Kalafina too much. We need more FictionJunction.

xTrollingGirl | 08-18-11, 2:16 AM
''Their OP for Sacred Seven is the only good thing about that show.''


kaiba-kun | 08-13-11, 2:29 AM
Love their voices!
and their songs r just everlasting master pieces!!

Samu-tan | 08-04-11, 2:55 PM
Their OP for Sacred Seven is the only good thing about that show.

LunaYoshi | 07-25-11, 8:06 AM
Parallel Hearts and Stone Cold are stuck in my head. ~~

tsubasalover | 06-05-11, 9:27 AM
YUUKA is currently working solo (not as FictionJunction YUUKA anymore). That does NOT mean "Disbandment".

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