Harada, Takehito

Given name: たけひと
Family name: 原田
Birthday: Unknown
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An artist employed by Nippon Ichi whose art has been featured in video games such as Disgaea, Phantom Brave, and Makai Kingdom. His art style has been described as "crazy and bizarre" and features everything from cute pre-teen demons, to freaky pigs in royal clothing. His signature character, Pleinair, has appeared in Disgaea and Phantom Brave.

Along with his work for Nippon Ichi, Harada has published several doujinshi under the name of Haradaya. These include his kipple series and a Pleinair Handbook, which consist of short stories interspersed with various illustrations and fanart.

Doujin circle: Haradaya (原田屋)
Alternative names: Harada Yuuichi, Haradaya

Twitter: @HARATAKE
pixiv: #6425
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zetsu_shoren | 08-31-14, 12:16 AM
Never knew he was involved in manga.

VampireSaya | 07-21-14, 11:05 AM

ZeroBurningblade | 08-09-13, 2:11 PM
ty for making stylish designs for nippon ichi series

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