Chinen, Yuri

Chinen, Yuri
seiyu awards
Given name: 侑李
Family name: 知念
Birthday: Nov 30, 1993
Website: http://www.chinenyuuri....
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- Name: Chinen Yuri
- Nick Names: Chinen, Chii, Chirrel
- Birth Date: November 30th, 1993
- Zodiac: Sagittarius
- Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
- Blood Type: AB
- Height: 156cm
- Weight: 42kg (94lbs)
- Hobby: Dancing (Jazz since he was three) and Soccer.
- Favorite Color: Green
- Disliked Color: Orange. Because it makes his head hurt when he sees it
- Favorite Home Activity: Watching the Anime Channel.
- Favorite Cartoon: Tom and Jerry
- Favorite Japanese Anime: Dr. Slump
- Favorite Subject: PE because he says he is really good at gymnastics and it makes him look like a hero when he is doing flips. He also likes Social Studies.
- Disliked Subject: English (He wonders why he has to learn it since he is Japanese.)
- Favorite Song: Hitomi no naka no Galaxy by Arashi
- Favorite Foods: Gyoza and Cucumber
- Disliked Foods: Mushrooms, Celery, Green Peppers, Shellfish and Eggplant.
- Favorite Sweet: Ice Cream
- Favorite Flavor: Vanilla
- Type of girl he likes: Quick thinker, Can dance and sing with him, Always happy, Nice, and Cute
- Strong Point: Challenges are what make him a stronger person.
- Weak Point: When challenges become too difficult/extreme, he throws them away.

Chinen Yuuri entered Johnny's Entertainment on June 4th, 2003. He debuted with the group Hey! Say! 7 which was later integrated into Hey! Say! JUMP on September 24th, 2007.