Komura, Ayumi

Komura, Ayumi

Given name: あゆみ
Family name: 小村
Birthday: Jan 15,
Member Favorites: 59
Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Zodiac: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Name in kanji: 小村鲇海

Her favorite number is 22, and her hobbies include watching baseball. Obsessed with green tea.
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Full Dozer
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Hatsukoi Harinezumi
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He Loves You
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Hot Milk
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Hybrid Berry
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Joou-sama no Tamago
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Kenjutsu Komachi
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Mixed Vegetables
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Uno x Uno
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Usotsuki Lily
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Usotsuki Lily 0
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kiddygradelover | 05-18-14, 7:39 PM
She is so amazing. I accidently ran across Usotsuki Lily and im so glad I did, I can put it down. Her comments are also hilarious.

hallohallo | 01-22-13, 10:38 AM
I love youuu!! i just read at the special hapter that there was a spin off of usolily with Hinata as crossdresser and En as normal guy. I sooo want to read that!! i just don't know what it is called...

-Midori | 06-14-12, 9:26 PM
i loved usotsuki lily <3

Addicer_xx | 06-11-12, 11:18 PM
the stories are so funny yet dramatic
n the art are amazing

MelodicVirus | 02-10-12, 7:40 PM
:)<3Loved Usotsuki Lily.
Your art is simply amazing;)

MsDoooS | 02-07-12, 5:56 AM
usotsuki lily is the best

kurootetsuroo | 11-12-11, 3:25 PM
I absolutely love uso lily &gt;.

RealScreamer | 08-11-11, 8:06 PM
Finished reading hybrid berry & Joou-sama no Tamago....Her art is truly adorable. Love all her mangas & oneshots.

Usotsuki Lilly<3

sweet_chunk4 | 07-29-11, 6:11 AM
She's freaking amazing beyond words and one of the funniest mangakas I have fallen upon. Her jokes are hilarious and her art is stunning. Definitely one of my fave authors!! Her little comments are just best. :D

deets1 | 05-16-11, 6:09 PM
Her manga are GREAT. plus, I just love how she puts those personal-ish little blurbs at the end of each chapter- great way to get closer to her in a way, y'know? ^^ dude, she just rocks awesomeness. ^^

I started with usotsuki lily, and thought i liked that but then i started mixed vegetable and OH MY GOD i didn't know what i was missing. =p

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