Lee, Sun-Young

Lee, Sun-Young

Given name: 선영
Family name:
Birthday: Mar 8, 1982
Website: http://www.kineinaqua.c...
Member Favorites: 21
Birth place: South Korea
Blood Type: B
Zodiac: Pisces

She's well known for her doujin work.
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Deep Bloody Night
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Magical JxR
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Song of the Doll
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Vampire Library
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Remirem | 02-01-14, 6:29 AM
I loved Song of the Doll! It was tragic yet beautiful. I couldn't stand the ending though! Waaaah, I really shipped the ghost and Woo-hee! :'((

MsChii | 04-24-13, 1:41 AM

noeez | 05-14-12, 3:03 AM
deep bloody night is too good to be oneshot *_*

toyomiphan | 04-03-12, 4:31 PM
Her art work is amazing, and so astonishing i love it so much, and the story is just agh! lol xD i really like her one yaoi one, i wish it would be longer, and i really want more updates on Song of the Doll!! Its taking so long, and wow she only did three mangas! she should do way more than that. it is just that amazing!!! So eye catching and beautiful. *-*

muziqmaniac32 | 03-30-12, 8:45 AM
she is a greaatt artist... i wish she had more works i cant get enough of it :)>

MillaMaxwell | 10-15-11, 11:25 PM
One of the best artwork I have seen. Thank you for creating Woo-Hee, one of my favorite characters ever. ~

nienna81 | 04-29-11, 8:35 AM
incredible artwork!!!!

blue-y | 02-24-11, 12:09 AM
I love her artwork!

kari_ignisha | 02-04-11, 8:18 PM
amazing ARTWORK! I, love Long of Doll.

Orulyon | 01-16-11, 10:55 AM
Deep Bloody night was great *.* and Dollhouse is amazing!

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