Kumagai, Kyouko

Kumagai, Kyouko

Given name: 杏子
Family name: くまがい
Birthday: Feb 14,
Website: http://kumakyo.blog59.f...
Member Favorites: 21
Blood type: O
Birth place: Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Twitter: @kumakyo_
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2 Kaime no Hajimete no Koi
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Ayakashi Hisen
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Hatsumei Princess
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Houkago Orange
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Ichigo Jikan
add Story & Art
Katayoku no Labyrinth
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Kirihara Mika no Yuuutsu
add Story & Art
Ojou-sama no Gohoubi
add Story & Art
Onee-chan Dorobou
add Story & Art
Onnanoko wa Koi wo Suru to Mousou Shichau n desu.
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Sorairo Ageha
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Stand Up!!!!
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eustacia123 | 04-03-15, 3:04 AM
Kawaii artttt and storiessss (≧∇≦)

MariaMaharani | 05-04-13, 3:52 AM
I love her comics a lot..!!! I'll wait for her another comics.. :) Love you, Kumagai Kyoko.. >_<

MsChii | 07-21-12, 6:43 PM
cute art~

queensemra | 03-02-12, 6:51 PM
her stories has so much emotion that i can feel it....
OMG love her ...pleaseeeee more mangas

queensemra | 01-14-12, 7:42 PM
love her art and the stories are sooooo cuteeeeeeee

abby415 | 09-27-11, 11:04 PM

Golden_Jewel | 08-22-11, 1:57 PM
i love Her So much <3 Her Art Is Awesome and The Stories soo CUTE ..!! :3

Beau-pon | 06-13-10, 7:36 PM
All the stories are sooo kawaii =3

ka-ki | 05-11-10, 12:09 AM
i agree
her art is really CUTE!~

amu_chan94 | 04-05-10, 5:16 PM
First comment!

Her art is so cute....!

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