Nishikata, Mai

Given name: まい
Family name: 西形
Birthday: Nov 27,
Member Favorites: 30
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Blood Type: A
Gender: Female
- Loves tomato pasta and cats. Also likes the universe, stars and the sea.
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A Small World
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Daikyouen Musubi
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Hana no Kishi
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Lip Smoke
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Sweet Black
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Toretate Crazy!
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Venus Capriccio
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Modification | 03-14-12, 10:28 PM
All of her stories are adorable~
Also i LOVVVee her style of art (:
Keep it up! You don't get enough credit~

AmeriLA | 03-03-12, 12:33 PM
cyboy's so great!! i totaly love it!! the art's great and the story too! you're awesome!

Maora | 06-25-11, 6:26 PM
I've read Sweet Black and Venus Capriccio, they were okay I guess (I own Sweet Black cause it was cheap since it was used). I just started, and ♡LOVE♡ Hana no Kishi.

pearlescentsky | 04-08-11, 8:41 PM

Krad-sama | 04-05-11, 10:08 AM
I'm in love with " Hana no Kishi " Manga
it's really great =)

Orulyon | 03-05-11, 3:22 PM
awesome art, love all of her works~

ShoujoChrome | 02-19-11, 10:47 AM
I love her manga ; 33 especially
Venus Capriccio && Hana no kishi.

LilyMocca | 12-13-10, 6:25 AM
I like Sweet Black and Psiboy :DD Kiyo-chan is soooo cool ><

Vikkitoria | 08-29-10, 7:39 PM
Wa! I first read psiboy; it was amazing! Waiting for more! Venus capriccio is great; reading it now. And sweet black! Just finished like two minutes ago! XD love her art! And all her storylnes are original!!!! With a touch f cliche. :P waiting for more!!!!

Pantsu | 08-14-10, 2:21 PM
really nice art style <3

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