Takatsuki, Noboru

Given name: ノボル
Family name: タカツキ
Birthday: Jan 21,
Member Favorites: 28
Blood Type: A
Gender: Female
Birth Place: Osaka, Japan
Zodiac: Aquarius
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Adeiro Yuugi
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Ai shika Iranee yo.
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Café Relish ni Oide
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Okusan no Mousouteki Nichijou
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Ore no Kokoro ni Fumikomu na!
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Renai Shinan!
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Risou no Are, Sagashitemasu
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mochachan | 12-12-14, 5:11 PM
I really like her works. Especially the art and characters. But it bothers me a bit that the stories could go on a lot more and develop incredibly but then they just end. :( I wished so very much that T x S and Café Relish ni Oide would have continued! Still recommend her nevertheless. n_nv~

mamezo | 02-05-14, 4:29 AM
Love her!!! I was a little disapointed when it was told that he turns out to be a she xDD but still I love the stories

Ana | 01-31-14, 3:21 AM
Amazing art!

Squatta | 12-15-13, 1:57 AM
SuBLime also says they are female. I wonder why people thought they were male?

Kaizoku_Mugiwara | 11-05-13, 6:25 AM
I really wish some of the scatilators would work on these series. They are really good so far, but some of them haven't been updated in 2 years.

Ashi-nyan | 10-19-13, 1:26 PM
Yeah, because September Scanlations is a believable source. Not that MAL is...
But anyway I love sensei's stories <3

Thebigofan | 10-08-13, 9:23 PM
According to September Scanlations, the mangaka is female not male. Anyways I like her art - it's very cute.

nnero | 04-20-13, 9:02 AM
Wow, he's a man! Didn't think so :D

Sarah18550 | 01-30-13, 11:45 PM
Aside from the great art style, I enjoy the humor of this mangaka.

Naoki23 | 01-17-13, 5:33 AM
I love him too. I have to check out his other mangas ASAP

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