Inomoto, Rikako

Inomoto, Rikako

Given name: リカ子
Family name: 井ノ本
Birthday: Sep 11,
Member Favorites: 10
Gender: Female
Blood type: 0
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Houkago Nyannyan
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Lovely Day: Boku to Kanojo no Nana Nichikan
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30-sai no Hoken Taiiku
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A My Sweets
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Baby Bitch!
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Body Talk
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Josou Shounen Anthology Comic
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Koisuru Karada
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Love Store Plus
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Momota no Hana
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Mou, Sou Shichau?
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Otokonoko x Otokonoko
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Seihou Tenshi Angel Links
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Shy Girl
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mamezo | 02-21-14, 4:59 PM
Love her!!!!!!!! the hentai is amazing! and the yaoi is mindblowing!!

Thebigofan | 08-28-13, 7:46 AM
She should make more yaoi.

sayanee | 06-30-12, 5:09 PM
Her art is kinda messy, but really beautiful. I wish she would make more yaoi.

hikari2905 | 07-23-11, 9:05 AM
Her H is so diabetes-inducing. Her yaoi on the other hand, brings back the angst inside me

Next | 11-26-10, 7:48 AM
I think some of her stories are quite poignant and I think the way she uses hentai techniques is genius. Most have the problem that they expect her stories to be that of the typical type of boy's love (shoujo or josei just with gay men), while her stories are more the true meaning of yaoi, "no climax, no point, no meaning", basically porn without plot.

duaa87852 | 08-20-10, 9:46 PM
all her work is so dirty I didn't like it =(
I feel stomach after I read " baby bitch "
the story is so silly and uncompleted -_- I mean .. ch2-3 it's sad kind of .. I don't know why I feel sadly about it =(

en_____ | 07-31-10, 2:14 AM

hopefully the link still works, its for MY KING.
and your welcome for looking up a yaoi i refuse to read, lol

Aoi_Neko | 11-25-09, 4:18 AM
I know she has this hentai doujinshi circle with BENNY'S.. tho' I'm only interested in her yaoi works, hey I love her style. I couldn't find 'My King' either.

lumier05 | 05-20-09, 7:16 AM
nice works but i cant find "My King"

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