Gray, Katharine

Gray, Katharine

Birthday: Nov 23, 1981
Member Favorites: 17
Alias: K.T. Gray

Works: Mostly with Geneon.
Resides: Washington State
Occupation: Voice Actor/Musician
Voice Acting Roles
Victoria, Seras 
Victoria, Seras
Hellsing Ultimate
Victoria, Seras 
Victoria, Seras
I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
Shinzaike, Yoshino 
Shinzaike, Yoshino
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_Vincent_ | 12-13-14, 10:31 PM
I thought she was great in Hellsing Ultimate. I've not seen the original, so I can't speak for that, but if it's the same as Ultimate, I'm not seeing the problem.

LordDeathAngel | 12-01-14, 8:44 AM
Her voice acting of Hellsing was awful.

cairobaby | 09-12-14, 2:02 AM
:( I'm sorry to say it but you have completely ruined my experience of the anime, I just can't stop getting distracted by your over the top "uhhs" and "ahhs" and dialogue without genuine emotions
It's not personal though, cos you have a great voice and your songs are so soothing and gentle.... but VA really isn't your thing tbh, at least from what I heard in Hellsing

elkensteyin | 07-19-14, 8:28 PM
I really don't get all the nay-Sayers here. Quite possibly one of the best English bubs I've ever come across. It's just too bad she's only ever done Hellsing.

Welcome2Oblivion | 06-16-14, 4:50 AM
That voice is one of the most terrible voices i've heard.

Coloneltreavy | 04-24-14, 11:07 AM
Awesome accent. Loved her voice :)

skuka | 04-12-14, 12:36 PM
Terrible British accent.

xdz | 03-08-14, 11:58 PM
My god your English accent is terrible

AkatsukiUlquiora | 03-30-13, 4:53 PM
She as an awesome voice but...I don't know I didn't feel like she did much of a good job

XTApocalypse | 12-26-11, 9:34 PM
I have. Have you ONLY talked to British people? Accents vary in level/thickness. Honestly, I don't care for those extremely thick British accents that get to the point where the "T" sound starts getting removed from words. It sounds ugly and unpleasant to me - not dignified at all, perhaps even less so than a regular American accent.

A moderate British accent is my favorite of all time, though - I think it's much more charming than either an American accent or an extremely thick British one. Not only that, but I think Gray has a lovely voice that fits the accent extremely well. I never said anything about its authenticity or whether it was how people who lived in Britain spoke - just that it's my favorite. I think she had a lovely voice and a lovely accent. Is there something wrong with that?

On that note, just because it's not as heavy as the dialect used by people who LIVE in Britain and hear a certain pronunciation all around them every day of their lives, doesn't mean it's not a British accent. Just a different dialect. Hers is the type of accent you might hear from someone who grew up in Britain and moved to America for a few years, or vice-versa. Somewhere between raw British and raw American.

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