Matsumoto, Tomo

Matsumoto, Tomo

Given name: トモ
Family name: マツモト
Birthday: Jan 8,
Website: http://idukidiary.blog6...
Member Favorites: 45
Birth place: Osaka, Japan
Blood type: A
Gender: female
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Beauty Honey
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Bijo ga Yajuu
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Bozu Love!!!
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Eikaiwa School Wars
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Seifuku Zukan
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That Summer
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_cyllo | 05-26-13, 11:32 AM
Totally love her style, her comedy :x her story is very addicting but the ending is always a cliff-hanger, and thats sad :))

beefsteak | 04-24-13, 6:03 AM
her ending...

It's .... argh. It's beautiful on its own way but really, it makes you crave for more.....

evelyndepaula | 05-22-12, 1:05 AM
way the storys she makes have no kissing?
but is aolso so adicting!!!!

shoujokun | 10-10-11, 2:34 AM
Her art and stories. ♥
I love her characters. They don't piss me off with their stupid actions unlike a majority of other shoujo mangas. :)

Iriya28 | 10-01-11, 6:53 PM
love her work!

Yuukia-Chii | 08-07-11, 1:38 PM
I Lufff aLL Her wOrkz (> w <)b <3
I hOpe She'LL Give Us mOre :3

kkaras | 11-21-10, 3:55 AM
i love her light style and "strange love" stories... strange because sometimes there is not usual perception of love... it's inside you... so her works for me -
the unusual romantic <3

ultime | 02-05-09, 4:34 PM
her art is amazing!

Asuka-Eva-02 | 12-15-08, 2:50 PM
I love her style, it's different. like midorikawa yuki.. her works always give a unique atmosphere.

Shishou | 10-19-08, 5:04 AM
I cannot believe no one else has commented on the fact that Matsumoto Tomo is one of the best manga-ka in the world. <333
I really like her works. . .Beauty is the Beast might be my favorite one. Not quite sure, though. lol

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