Ohmi, Tomu

Ohmi, Tomu

Given name: とむ
Family name: 大海
Birthday: May 25,
Website: http://www.petitcomic.c...
Member Favorites: 166
Also known as Oomi Tomu.

Birth place: Hokkaido, Japan
Zodiac: Gemini
Gender: Female
Likes: Monsters, Red Tea, Stamps, and Beautiful Ladies
Blood type: B
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Anata ni Hana wo Sasagemashou
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Barairo ma Hani La vie d'amour
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Kindan no Koi de Ikou
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Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou
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Kurotsuta Yashiki no Himegoto
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Love Cruise
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Majo no Biyaku
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Midnight Secretary
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Tsumi yori Amai Ai ni Oborete
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Zoku - Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou
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KyleXreX | 08-09-14, 11:00 AM
I love Midnight Secretary, it's a shame it was "finished" just at the interesting part concerning the baby with "great powers" I was kinda shocked when it ended so suddenly when they got married.

jasmine_ethel | 12-30-13, 7:31 PM
I love all of her mangas! My favorites were Midnight Secretary, Barairo My Honey, and the last chapters of Kindan no Koi de Ikou. They are all so creative, imaginative, and beautiful. Her work somewhat reminds me of the work of Yoshihara Yuki in some aspects. (:

MissMoon91 | 05-07-13, 6:05 PM
She's my favourite mangaka by far <3 I love Tomu Ohmi ^_^

night3angel | 02-01-13, 6:56 PM
i love her art and stories , amazing , sweet and lovely <3

Seraphoid | 06-26-12, 7:41 PM
I love her stuff ♥

olussia | 04-14-12, 4:50 AM
She is great ! I love her work <3 Midnight Secretary and Kindan no Koi de Ikou MY FAV *.*

MsDoooS | 01-28-12, 9:23 PM
I love her work so much

and I love that every men with some kind umm

like every men with animal -_-

did you get it

MillaMaxwell | 10-31-11, 9:27 PM
Finally an author to make josei with supernatural elements. My favorite is Midnight Secretary.

stuvi | 10-21-10, 9:55 AM
"Dear Santa or Ohmi Tomu... What I want for Christmas is a "dog" like Yato..." x)

SecretHanae | 08-21-10, 12:35 PM
I really adore her art&work.

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