Yonekura, Kengo

Given name: けんご
Family name: 米倉
Birthday: Jul 23, 1975
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YONEKURA Kengo was primary reserved for the early hentai titles and yaoi doujinshi.

Alternative name: IMAMURA Natsuo (今村夏央), used for Fire Candy.

Doujinshi Circle: KyokenDINERz.
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Warau Kangofu The Animation
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Fire Candy
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Haitoku no O-niwa
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Kana: Imouto
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Pink Sniper
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Pink Sniper dj - Maniax
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Sweet Monsters
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Warau Kangofu
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Yellow Heart
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Mikiya | 06-19-11, 9:36 AM
I love her work in ROBOT. Excellent!

kuchitsu | 05-29-11, 2:37 AM
Fire Candy is pure shit but more hentai titles would be cool.

RenaPsychoKiller | 05-11-11, 10:50 AM
She's a female then? Good to know. I like her style.

OMGWTFLOLBBQ | 10-04-09, 10:58 AM
i like her hentai. Warau Kangofu is one of the best hentai manga's i've read

Danish | 08-27-09, 9:19 PM
I love her hentai.

purplsin | 07-10-09, 6:36 AM

Jasonbear | 05-17-09, 1:35 AM
I love Fire Candy and Yellow Heart! She's pretty damn crazy.

mugwump | 01-07-09, 7:01 PM
This chick rocks! When the hell is her nxt series coming out?! We need more Fire Candy!

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