Yazawa, Ai

Yazawa, Ai

Given name: あい
Family name: 矢沢
Birthday: Mar 7, 1967
Member Favorites: 1582
Born in Osaka.
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood Type: B

Raised in Japan's Hyogo Prefecture, Yazawa grew up with ambitions to become a fashion designer, and as a youth enrolled in the Osaka Mode Academy, one of Japan's most competitive fashion schools.

In 1985, Yazawa made her manga debut in the pages of the monthly girl's anthology RIBON with the title 15th Year. While her tales focused on young love, but what captivated readers was her stunning sense of design. Since then she has gone to pen eleven more titles and has sold more than 100,000,000 books in Japan alone. Her title NANA was an international sensation, spinning off multiple movies, animated TV series, was awarded the Shogakukan Manga Award in 2002, and even inspiring talents such as Gwen Stefani. Paradise Kiss has been translated into 10 languages and is considered her defining work.
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mylovelyfate | 02-17-14, 6:30 AM
There's really no way of contacting this woman, I' sure, so let's just hope that she sometimes Googles herself and reads the comments.

I don't just want NANA. I absolutely NEED it. I've recently shown my sister, who's not into anime at all, and she adored NANA. We're both distraught over the fact that we may never know how this anime/ manga ends. I was introduced to this anime 2/3 years ago and I have not seen a better anime to date. It's enchanting. Lovely. Heartbreaking. Relatable. Beautiful. Tragic. Everything. This anime is EVERYTHING. It makes me tear up thinking about it. Even while writing this I have to wipe away the tears. Last night I looked for any updates on your well-being and to see if you've picked up the pen while seriously tearing for an hour. This anime has effected me like no other. I'm enthralled by the characters...the story. Ai Yazawa has an absolute talent for writing as though it is reality. I'm floored by her abilities. I would give just so much to be able to have a little bit of closure with this anime.

If you, by any weird twist of fate, see this, I hope you're working in secret only to do some Beyonce shit and stun the world when you drop your next chapters. I CAN ONLY DREAM.

pandinyaa | 02-11-14, 9:54 AM
i want nana.. ;_;

deem1939 | 02-10-14, 8:12 AM
Resume Nana .... please :(

Queen-Nana | 12-16-13, 8:38 AM
wish that she come back well .. and finis nana
i love her and love her work

Raisie | 11-18-13, 7:05 AM
After having read Nana and absolutely loving it I decided that I want to read some of Yazawa Ai's other works two years later. Now I'm not a huge manga reader but this woman is amazing! The stories, the art, and the amount of feelings and how realistic it all seems is just amazing. I hope she goes back to writing and drawing again, be it another manga or continuing Nana. Absolutely love her work.

Jody32 | 11-16-13, 4:41 AM
Please get better! I love your works!

rainbow_heart | 10-27-13, 5:46 AM
What's the latest news about her? Been waiting for the ending of NANA. I don't care if she'll just make a chapter or two, I just want to know how NANA will end. I've been reading and re-reading it for the past years, still, no new chapter. T~T

SuPerNake | 10-14-13, 7:13 PM
any information about her yet ?

jollyroger221b | 10-14-13, 7:09 PM
I wish I could say nice things about Ai Yazawa, but right now im just so angry with her. For the last 4 years (omg its been 4 years) countless NANA fans have waited for her answer as to whether or not she's continuing the series. I need some closure, geez. *this is me not getting emotional over manga*

Mirooo | 10-09-13, 9:30 PM
looove her, wish she can come of the best female mangake

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