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Family name: たぐろ
Birthday: Unknown
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Twitter: @TAGRO
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Hen Zemi
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Hen Zemi (TV)
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A Lot Of
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Agade Bebe
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Don't Trust Over 30
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Hen Zemi
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Hentai Seirei Seminar
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Himawari Den!
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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
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Sargasso: The Unknown Space
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Sekai Series
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QueueQ | 04-28-11, 3:42 AM
Love Tagro and Hen Zemi but really don't like Panty & Stocking, so thats 2 positives and 1 negative = Leet

Sharron | 10-04-10, 12:25 PM
Capability to do both Americanized and Japanese cartoons?
This man deserves recognition.

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