Triple Booking

Triple Booking,

Given name: トリプルブッキング
Family name:
Birthday: Unknown
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Group consisting of Hikasa Youko, Satou Satomi, and Yahagi Sayuri.
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nanyatimz | 09-14-14, 6:01 AM
Keep your faith!

Very good trio... :-D
SYD for S3 <3

Ray_Light | 01-28-14, 5:20 AM
Oh please, make them more popular
They should own their own concert xD

Kurobozu | 01-12-14, 3:34 PM
SYD2 OP is the best!!!!

BloodRequiem | 01-08-13, 7:58 AM

Naoe-Riki | 10-07-12, 4:40 PM
@firath - Whaddya mean? The Three Sisters Youkai tale was probably just a gag, the real feature of the commercial was the song Jounetsu no Hana by Triple booking, which is officially a Seiyuu group consisting of Hikasa(haha Akiyama Mio what I'd like to call her), Satou(Ritsu of K-ON or Otome of Mayoi Neko) and Yahagi(Sairenji of To-Love-ru and Noa from MM!). Coincidentally(haha, probably not), the studio used Idol no Akahon characters for introducing the group of triple booking, which is another manga by Ujie Tozen.

Ddustz | 07-21-12, 8:07 AM
SYD OP is definitely one of my favorites. XD
I love the beats and how they always put that after Ousai Academy Student Council rules scene,, The first 4 seconds of the OP sure won it! I'm always like, "LOL wut!? :D", and then comes the OP! Epic!

aznbrzn | 07-09-11, 9:48 PM
ooooohhhhhhhh no wonder the voices sounded very familiar. i knew hisaka was definitely singing. awesome song!!

firath | 04-25-11, 5:51 PM
i don't think the two are related
if you check each actresses profile youll notice that they are all the same age
rather than the significantly different ages of the triple booking from idol

Ej_2 | 04-22-11, 8:05 AM
hahahaha i really like suzu-chan!!!!!

Des | 11-18-10, 11:07 AM
There you guys have a pic of them :D
(Put together by moi)

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